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Wired+Wireless Data Sheets Now Available

Incremental Encoders: New Tech Note Explains Quadrature Counting

Easy Way to Learn about Remote I/O for A-B PLC Systems

Florida SNAP PAC System Class in Spanish

Wired+Wireless Data Sheets Now Available

Opto 22 Wired+Wireless PACs and brains

Data sheets are now on our website for the new Wired+Wireless™ PACs and I/O.

We're really excited about these new standalone S-series PACs, rack-mounted R-series PACs, and EB brains. Why?

  • They talk either wirelessly or on a wired network—or both at the same time.
  • They mount on regular SNAP PAC racks and work with all SNAP I/O modules.
  • They have all the same features as our standard wired versions.
  • They've got top-notch 802.11i security (WPA2-AES) plus backwards compatibility for older security standards (WPA-TKIP, WEP).
  • They're compatible with 802.11a, b, and g, so you get the flexibility to design your wireless LAN the most efficient way for your situation.

There's a lot more to know about Wired+Wireless. Take a look at the specs and descriptions. And as always, give us a call if you need more information.

Questions? Pre-Sales Engineering—Phone: 800-321-6786 or 951-695-3000
Email: systemseng@opto22.com

Incremental Encoders: New Tech Note Explains Quadrature Counting

Quadrature encoder channels

Do you use incremental encoders? They're often found in applications where control requires knowing a precise speed, position, or direction.

Our latest technical note explains how to use two-phase incremental (or quadrature) encoders with Opto 22's SNAP products to determine the positional information you need for your application.

Two quadrature encoders can be wired to a SNAP quadrature input module, part number SNAP-IDC5Q. The I/O processor used with the module keeps track of counts.

In the technical note you'll find wiring diagrams, steps for configuring and reading counters, and examples.

Read the Using Quadrature Counters Technical Note.

Easy Way to Learn about Remote I/O for A-B PLC Systems

SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley PLC systems

John Nichols of system integrator APEX Manufacturing Solutions was happy with his recent IO4AB WebEx demo. He wrote us:

"Thanks for giving us a web presentation on Opto 22's IO4AB product line. That's a really efficient way for our company to be kept abreast of your latest offerings. And, the way you incorporated live video, it feels as if we were in the same room with you...

"We consider ourselves experts with Rockwell ControlLogix PLCs and we saw a lot to like with the IO4AB product line.

"Specifically, by moving functionality to easy-to-configure intelligent I/O, PLC programming is minimized while PLC performance is improved.

"This provides benefits to us, the system integrator, that we can pass on to our end-user customers."

Apex Manufacturing Solutions is Wonderware ArchestrA Certified. They have extensive experience implementing control, monitoring, optimizing, and reporting systems in a broad range of manufacturing and process applications. For more about Apex, see their website at www.apexmfgsolutions.com.

To schedule your own WebEx demo, contact your local distributor or Arun Sinha at Opto 22 (phone 800-321-6786 or email asinha@opto22.com).

Florida SNAP PAC System Class in Spanish

SNAP PAC System class in Spanish

For our Spanish-speaking customers in South Florida, we have a hands-on class given in Spanish, starting on August 31.

Esta clase de Introducción al Sistema de SNAP PAC también incluye una descripción general de protocoles industriales y un taller de EtherNet/IP.

Clase en español: 31 de agosto - 2 de septiembre

Precio: $1,000 (Mándenos información sobre su proyecto y califique para entrenamiento gratuito)

Ubicación: Optomize, Inc., 2800 Glades Circle, Suite 115, Weston, FL 33327

Para matricularse o para más información:
Llame: (954) 349-1616
Correo electrónico: training@optomizeonline.com
Sitio web: www.optomizeonline.com/training


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