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New Kepware OPC Driver for SNAP PACs

Airport Control System in the News

Watch for the New Opto 22 Website

Hot Tips from PSG: Don't Try This at Home

New Kepware OPC Driver for SNAP PACs

Kepware logo

Kepware has released their new Opto 22 Ethernet OPC Server, an OPC driver for SNAP PAC controllers.

Using the driver, you can connect Opto 22 SNAP PACs to your OPC client applications, including HMI, SCADA, historian, MES, ERP, and custom applications.

Kepware's driver is an excellent alternative if you are not using the OptoOPCServer for OPC communication, or if your system includes multiple vendors' products.

Kepware's new Opto 22 driver is also included in all of their OEM packages, such as those for Iconics, Wonderware, Intellution, and many more. In a mixed-hardware environment using one of these HMIs—or other popular industrial applications—Kepware's single OPC server with plug-in device drivers provides data from a wide range of controllers and systems.

Airport Control System in the News

Airport control tower

Both Design World and Product Design and Development recently featured a case study using Opto 22's SNAP PAC System.

In both articles, you can read how New Bedford Panoramex Corporation (NBP) developed a wireless solution for air traffic control towers to access and control remote field equipment, using SNAP PAC System components.

NBP provides Integrated Wireless Access Systems for some of the largest airports in the U.S.

Read the Design World article
Read the Product Design & Development article

Watch for the New Opto 22 Website

New Opto 22 website coming soon

It's almost ready—and you're the first to know. Opto's new website will be up and running in the next few weeks.

Here are a few of the new features you'll like:

  • New product selector to filter products and find the one you need more quickly
  • Architecture diagrams and agency approvals right on the product page
  • My Favorites list for products, documents, and downloads you often use (you add them to the list with one click)
  • New Watch section that sorts videos by subject and type
  • New sections that explain SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley and PC-Based I/O

When the new site is ready, you'll want to change any bookmarks you have to the current site. And please let us know how we can improve it further.

Watch for more information soon.

Hot Tips from PSG: Don't Try This at Home

PAC Control

Just kidding—but do be cautious using this tip from our Product Support engineers.

The tip comes from a recent OptoKnowledgeBase (KB) article you may have missed: "How to export and import control engines using the Windows registry."

If you're replacing a PC or needing to move your PAC Control strategy from one PC to another for development, you'll find this tip saves a lot of time and avoids errors—especially if you have several controllers associated with the strategy. Instead of typing in each control engine on the new computer, you can export the control engines from the Windows registry.

The need for caution comes from the potential for damaging the PC's operating system if you use the Windows registry incorrectly. So follow the steps in the KB article exactly and enjoy the time you save.

Read the KB article (KB80603).

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