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New Releases: IO4AB Learning Center and EtherNet/IP Configurator R3.0

See a Demo: SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley PLCs

IO4AB Video Highlights Analog Features

Hot Tips from PSG: More on Persistent Variables

New Releases: IO4AB Learning Center and EtherNet/IP Configurator R3.0

SNAP-IO4ABLC Learning Center

SNAP-IO4ABLC—Here's everything you need to learn about using remote SNAP I/O™ with Allen-Bradley® Logix-based PLCs.

This new learning center is all real Opto 22 products: analog and digital I/O, intelligent processor, rack, load panel, configuration software, and a step-by-step tutorial.

Learn how to configure functions like counting, a watchdog, pulsing, scaling, engineering unit conversion, clamping, and even PID loop control—all of which run independently on the I/O, leaving the PLC free for other tasks.

When you've finished learning, use the hardware and software from the Learning Center in your PLC system. And remember, product support and pre-sales engineering help are always free.

EtherNet/IP Configurator—We've just released the latest version of this free software utility for SNAP I/O used with A-B systems.

EtherNet/IP Configurator makes it easy to establish communication, configure I/O so functions are handled independently at the I/O level, and create assembly instances for no-programming data exchange with RSLogix.

Version 3.0 adds a cool graphical interface for configuring and tuning proportional integral derivative (PID) loops, often used in temperature control.

Download EtherNet/IP Configurator now.

See a Demo: SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley PLCs

CompactLogix PLC and SNAP I/O

If you're not ready to buy a Learning Center but you're curious to see intelligent remote SNAP I/O in action, here's how. Just schedule a Web-based, remote demonstration.

Opto 22's Arun Sinha will demonstrate how to use SNAP I/O with an A-B PLC and answer all your questions. The demo uses WebEx technology, so you can see everything on your own PC.

To schedule a demo, contact your local distributor or contact Arun directly by email or phone:
Phone: 1-951-695-3079
Toll-Free (in the U.S.): 1-800-835-6786
Email: asinha@opto22.com

IO4AB Video Highlights Analog Features

IO4AB video part 3: analog functions

Part 3 of our video series on using intelligent remote SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley PLC systems is ready to roll.

Part 1 set up communications. Part 2 demonstrated digital (discrete) I/O features.

Part 3 highlights just a few of the intelligent analog functions in SNAP I/O. See how to:

  • Scale analog readings
  • Provide values in engineering units with no programming
  • Read maximum values in RSLogix
  • Clamp analog output values

Watch the video now.

Hot Tips from PSG: More on Persistent Variables

PAC Control

In the last OptoNews, we talked about why you'd want to use persistent variables in your PAC Control strategy. Persistent variables maintain their last value even when you update the strategy.

Opto 22 systems integrator Barrett Davis of AutoMate in Pacific, Missouri, sent us a related tech tip. He writes logic in the Powerup chart to set initial values for persistent variables and to make sure they are reset if the controller's RAM is cleared.

Barrett uses an OptoScript block in the Powerup chart to check each persistent variable and initialize it if necessary. Here's an example for three persistent variables:

Persistent variable code snippet

Another method is to create a persistent integer 32 variable as a true/false flag that indicates when initial values need to be set. When the strategy is first downloaded, the value of this flag variable is zero. Write logic to check whether it is zero; if it is, move the correct initial values to the persistent variables. Then set the flag to any non-zero value. If the controller's RAM is cleared, the flag is automatically reset to zero.

If you use PAC Display, you can set a variable to trigger a PAC Display recipe download with the initial values -- and set an alarm, too, if you wish.

Even more important, with PAC Display you can configure a recipe upload to capture the current values of persistent variables, for example before planned maintenance such as downloading firmware or replacing the controller. Both of these cases would clear battery-backed RAM. The recipe upload captures values before RAM is cleared, and you can then download the recipe when maintenance is complete.

Many thanks to Barrett Davis for this tech tip!

Questions? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.


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