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New Factory Mutual-approved Products Announced

Case Study: Fulghum Merges Allen-Bradley and SNAP PAC Systems

Welcome our New Russian Distributor

Attend an IO4AB Technical Seminar in 2009

New Factory Mutual-approved Products Announced

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When Factory Mutual approval is a requirement, you can count on us. We've just introduced several products with FM approval, including SNAP PAC controllers and brains, analog I/O modules, high-density digital modules, and breakout boards for 32-point modules.

Here's a handy hint: Whenever you see -FM at the end of an Opto 22 part number, that part is Factory Mutual approved.

And here are the latest additions to our growing list of FM-approved parts:

SNAP PAC controllers and brains

SNAP PAC mounting racks

SNAP analog I/O modules

SNAP high-density digital I/O modules

SNAP breakout boards

Case Study: Fulghum Merges Allen-Bradley and SNAP PAC Systems

Fulghum Industries

You've heard us talk about how you can integrate Opto 22's SNAP PAC System with a PLC system from Allen Bradley.

Here's a company that's done it.

Fulghum Industries manufactures debarkers, chippers, cranes, and other heavy-duty equipment for the wood products industry. In their woodyards, located near their customers' processing facilities, systems from different vendors often need to share data.

This case study shows how Fulghum integrated their woodyard equipment, controlled by the SNAP PAC system, with a stacker-reclaimer that had an embedded A-B PLC. Configuration was quick and easy, and no extra programming was required.

Read the case study.

Welcome our New Russian Distributor

We welcome our new distributor, IT & ATP, now serving Opto 22 customers in Russia. The company started strong in December, exhibiting at Automation 2008 in their home city, Saint Petersburg.

SNAP PAC System Video in Russian

In addition, IT & ATP has already provided a Russian translation of the SNAP PAC System video. Additional marketing and translation efforts are planned.

Contact information:

Leninskiy pr. 160 office 701
Saint-Petersburg, 196247
Phone: +7 812 363 01 30
Fax: +7 812 363 01 30<

Website: www.itiatp.ru
Email: mamoshin@itiatp.ru

Attend an IO4AB Technical Seminar in 2009

SNAP I/O and CompactLogix

See for yourself how easy it is to use intelligent remote SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley® Logix PLC systems.

Join us at a free technical seminar in your area and get all your questions answered—and remember to bring along an industry friend who's not familiar with Opto.

Here's our seminar schedule for early 2009. For information on locations or to register, contact the distributor listed below or email marketing@opto22.com.


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