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We're Open During the Holidays

SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley: Software and Firmware Ready for Download Now

Green Power Plant Uses Opto 22 Systems

Our Thanks To You

We're Open During the Holidays

It's a different year this year. But instead of closing up early, we're here to help you most business days during the holiday season. And shipping is available through December 30.

To make sure you get the parts and support you need on time, here's our 2008 holiday schedule.

  • Mon, Dec 22 - Opto open; normal shipping
  • Tues, Dec 23 - Opto open; normal shipping
  • Wed, Dec 24 - Opto open; UPS Air & International shipping only
  • Thur, Dec 25 - Opto closed
  • Fri, Dec 26 - Opto closed
  • Mon, Dec 29 - Opto open; normal shipping
  • Tues, Dec 30 - Opto open; normal shipping
  • Wed, Dec 31 - Opto closed
  • Thur, Jan 1 - Opto closed
  • Fri, Jan 2 - Opto open; normal shipping

SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley: Software and Firmware Ready for Download Now

Ready to use intelligent remote SNAP I/O with your Allen-Bradley® Logix PLC system?

Download the software utility and firmware you need to get started now:

And if you're integrating an A-B Logix PLC system with a SNAP PAC System, here's the updated SNAP PAC firmware you'll need:

Want more information first? Read the technical note, Using Intelligent SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley Logix Systems (form #1799).

Green Power Plant Uses Opto 22 SystemsSotavento architecture

Can electricity really be produced with almost zero environmental impact?

Engineers at the Sotavento Virtual Power Plant in Galicia, Spain, think it can, and they're using Opto 22's SNAP PAC System to prove it.

Using wind power to produce hydrogen fuel, which burns cleanly, Sotavento provides 38,500 MWh annually to meet the needs of about 11,000 Spanish households.

Our new case study about the Sotavento plant describes this clean solution to energy production and shows how the SNAP PAC System integrates equipment from wide-ranging vendors by incorporating standard protocols such as Modbus® and Profibus®.

Read the Sotavento case study.

Our Thanks To You

As 2008 draws to a close, we'd like to take a moment to say how much we appreciate your business.


Yes, this is a different year, a year in which we've seen change on many fronts—some of it positive but much of it not.

When the economy is looking rough, it's good to know Opto is still solid, still manufacturing high-quality products here in California, and still offering free product support, pre-sales engineering, training, and documentation.

Count on us. We're here for you.

Many thanks for your support in 2008!

All of us at Opto 22 wish you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous 2009.


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