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Holiday Schedule at Opto 22

Use SNAP I/O with A-B PLCs: Technical Seminars in 2009

OptoGreen Grant Awarded

Hot Tips from PSG: OptoDataLink

Two Seats Available for Next Week's Free SNAP PAC System Training

Holiday Schedule at Opto 22

We're getting close to the end of the year and looking ahead to the holidays.

To make sure you get the parts and support you need on time, please note our 2008 holiday schedule.

  • Mon, Dec 22 - Opto open; normal shipping
  • Tues, Dec 23 - Opto open; normal shipping
  • Wed, Dec 24 - Opto open; UPS Air & International shipping only
  • Thur, Dec 25 - Opto closed
  • Fri, Dec 26 - Opto closed
  • Mon, Dec 29 - Opto open; normal shipping
  • Tues, Dec 30 - Opto open; normal shipping
  • Wed, Dec 31 - Opto closed
  • Thur, Jan 1 - Opto closed
  • Fri, Jan 2 - Opto open; normal shipping

Use SNAP I/O with A-B PLCs: Technical Seminars in 2009

Over 160 automation engineers like you have already learned how easy it is to use intelligent remote SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley® Logix PLC systems.

What could be better than feature-rich, guaranteed-for-life, free-support-for-life Opto 22 I/O?

Join us at a free technical seminar in your area and get all your questions answered—and bring along an industry friend who's never heard of Opto.

Here's our seminar schedule for early 2009. For information on locations or to register, contact the distributor listed below or email marketing@opto22.com.

OptoGreen Grant Awarded

The intriguingly named Lasers, Flames, and Aerosols (LFA) Laboratory at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), recently received an OptoGreen Grant.

Dr. John Garman, Staff Scientist at UCI, and six graduate students will use the Opto 22 SNAP PAC System in their research on coal and biomass combustion in large utility burners. They'll investigate ways to convert energy efficiently, control residual particulate matter, and collect naturally released toxins (such as mercury) in situ.

The LFA research will help solve complex problems of energy, air quality, and sustainability.

UCI's SNAP PAC System will:

  • control the coal feed rate of the reactor
  • monitor the series of thermocouples that feed back process control data
  • interface to the continuous emission monitors
  • log data on operating conditions in the reactor

Could you use Opto 22 equipment for your projects, machinery, products, or research related to renewable energy, energy consumption optimization, sustainability, or environmental remediation?

Our OptoGreen Grant program, started in 2007, provides Opto 22 automation hardware and software at no charge to companies and organizations who are working on products, services, or research related to "green" energy. Complete an application today.

Hot Tips from PSG: OptoDataLink

SNAP I/O and Logix PLCs

Opto 22's Product Support Group (PSG) develops some helpful tips as they work with customers who contact them for free product support.

Today's tips help you troubleshoot problems in OptoDataLink, the software that moves data between the Opto 22 SNAP PAC System and databases such as Microsoft® SQL Server, Access, and MySQL.

If you're using OptoDataLink and having difficulty getting data to appear where it should, try these suggestions:

  • Send your data to a text file in addition to the real destination. If you don't get any data in the file, the problem is on the source side; if there is data in the file, the problem is with the destination not accepting the data.
  • Note that the file destination automatically adds a timestamp, so if you see "2/23/2007 3:56:52 PM, '1'" in the file, that means a 1 was sent to all destinations.
  • Here's how to send data to multiple destinations: When you're configuring a new link, look to the right of the words "and goes to a." You'll see an Add button; click it to add another destination, such as the text file.
  • After you click the Run button to save the OptoDataLink project and start it running, go to the Run menu and choose Show Errors. Any errors that appear in the Error window can help you or Product Support figure out the problem.

Questions? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

Two Seats Available for Next Week's Free SNAP PAC System Training

Two seats have opened up for our popular SNAP PAC System training class next week, December 8-11, at our headquarters in Temecula, California. Next available class openings are not until March 2009.

Register online or contact Opto 22 Training to register for this free, four-day, hands-on class.


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