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Updated DNP3 Integration Kit Released

Welcome New OptoPartners

IO4AB in Control Design Magazine

Hot Tips from PSG: More About Nested Ifs in OptoScript

Updated DNP3 Integration Kit Released

Electrical substation

Readers in the electric utility industry will be glad to have our newly updated, free DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control.

DNP, the Distributed Network Protocol, was designed to achieve open, standards-based interoperability between electrical substation computers, RTUs, IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and master stations.

The DNP3 Integration Kit for PAC Control allows Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers, using PAC Control, to connect via an Ethernet network or serial port and communicate using DNP3.

The integration kit contains:

  • a set of PAC Control subroutines that are added to a strategy to add DNP events
  • an example DNP3 strategy containing the DNP3_protocol and DNP3_CROB charts that are imported into a strategy to enable an Opto 22 controller to communicate as a DNP3 Level 2 Outstation.

Download the free integration kit.

Welcome New OptoPartners


Our customers often ask us who can help them integrate a system or provide custom software or other services. Our answer? An OptoPartner.

OptoPartners help Opto 22 automation customers build systems and solve problems. We'd like to welcome these new OptoPartners:

OptoPartners are featured on our website and receive partner perks including updates, leads, and the recently released OptoPartner Resource DVD. (If you're a partner and haven't yet received your DVD, contact Kristie Allison.)

If you'd like to be an OptoPartner, email marketing@opto22.com.

Read more about the OptoPartner Program.

IO4AB in Control Design Magazine

SNAP I/O and Logix PLCs

All of you OptoNews readers have heard about our most recent product introduction, IO4AB—intelligent remote SNAP I/O used in an Allen-Bradley® Logix PLC system. The open standard EtherNet/IP makes it possible.

But why would A-B users want to use SNAP I/O?

We think Dan Hebert of Control Design magazine summed it up pretty well in his recent column, "Open I/O Systems Arrive."

We're still offering IO4AB seminars in a city near you. Look for more dates and locations after the first of the year.

Hot Tips from PSG: More About Nested Ifs in OptoScript

Opto 22's Product Support Group (PSG) develops some helpful tips as they work with customers who contact them for free product support.

Our previous OptoNews mentioned that a series of syntax errors may be caused by missing elements in if statements nested within other ifs in a PAC Control OptoScript block. We gave you some helpful tips to keep track of if/then/else/endif elements.

But if you do get that series of syntax errors, here's a good way to look for the missing element—a binary search for the broken if/else/endif:

  1. Comment out the guts of the outer-most if statement. Here's the basic idea, using /* block comments */ like this:IF code in OptoScript
  2. Compile again. If all your syntax errors go away, your problem is in that commented code.
  3. Matching ifs to endifs by their column numbers, comment out only about half that code, and compile again. If it compiles OK, the error is in the commented-out half; if the errors return, the problem is in the code that's no longer in comments.
  4. Continue commenting out half of the problem code until the missing element becomes apparent.

One last reminder: Anytime you use OptoScript, with or without ifs, we recommend you compile often and also save your strategy often. Compiling often helps you find errors while they're still small and easy to see--but it does NOT save your work.

Questions? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.


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