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Secure Strategy Distribution Protects Your Intellectual Property

Focus on: SNAP TEX Cables

Design Your Control System in Visio®

Secure Strategy Distribution Protects Your Intellectual Property

PAC Terminal Secure Strategy Distribution

When you download your PAC Control strategy (your control program) to a SNAP PAC controller, will it be secure from someone who might want to copy or change it without your permission?

Do you need to make sure that firmware upgrades for your SNAP PAC controllers are legitimate releases from Opto 22 that no one has altered?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you'll want to take a look at our new PAC Terminal Secure Strategy Distribution™, or SSD.

A special version of a PAC Project utility program, PAC Terminal SSD is sold separately. It requires PAC Project 8.2 and firmware 8.2 (or higher), and it also requires an upgraded version of the controller's loader.

PAC Terminal SSD encrypts your PAC Control strategy so you can safely distribute it, or you can download it to SNAP PAC S- or R-series controllers and safely distribute the controllers. Firmware updates are checked for a digital signature before they can be installed.

The new software is ideal for OEMs, system integrators, or others who are concerned about keeping their intellectual property, in the form of strategy logic, secure.

Because SSD protects your intellectual property, we treat it differently from other software: we require that you complete and submit a detailed registration form. The information on the form enables our Product Support Group to help you keep your strategy safe. Once you've submitted the form and purchased the software, we email you the software, documentation, and installation password.

Questions? Contact Opto 22 Sales by email or phone: 800-321-6786 (toll-free in the U.S.) or 951-695-3000.

Read the PAC Terminal SSD Data Sheet
Purchase PAC Terminal SSD

Focus on: SNAP TEX Cables

SNAP TEX cablesWiring field devices to I/O is arguably the most time-consuming and expensive part of installing your system.

SNAP TEX cables, introduced in our last OptoNews as part of the new SNAP TEX line of wiring and mounting accessories, help reduce this time and expense.

You can run SNAP TEX cables to our SNAP TEX breakout boards, to your own terminal strips, or directly to field devices. The newest cables simplify wiring to all 4-channel digital SNAP I/O modules and most analog modules with 4 channels or less.

  • Just remove the field connector at the I/O module's top and snap the cable in.
  • Top-of-module wiring connections are protected from dust and jarring.
  • Six-foot-long cables can be cut to any length.
  • Eight color-coded, 18-gauge flying leads are prestripped and tinned at the 6-foot length.
  • Choose straight-through wiring, or built-in odd or even terminal connections.

We're already hearing comments about how much faster installation is, and how easy it is to follow wiring from the module to the breakout board or field device for debugging and maintenance.

Watch the SNAP TEX video

Read the data sheet

See which modules, cables, and breakout boards work together

Buy the cables:

Design Your Control System in Visio

SNAP TEX in Visio

Here's an easy way to draw your SNAP PAC System architecture, whether you're presenting a design to someone else or just trying to visualize it yourself: use Microsoft® Visio and our free shape libraries.

SNAP PAC controllers, brains, software, and SNAP I/O are all there, plus power supplies and now all the new SNAP TEX cables and breakout boards.

Take a minute and download a SNAP PAC System Shapes file from our website. Two files are available for free download:

  • SNAP PAC upright images for Visio 2003 includes SNAP PAC system components shown in an upright position, as though the hardware were placed on a table top.
  • SNAP PAC front view images for Visio 2003 includes SNAP PAC system components shown in front views, as though the hardware were mounted on a wall.

Both files include left and right views as well, so you can visualize your system from the best angle for your purpose. See how easy it is to drag components to the drawing space and link them to draw your system.


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