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Integrate Optomux with the SNAP PAC System

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Does Anybody Use a Mouse Pad Anymore?

Integrate Optomux with the SNAP PAC System

Optomus Integration Kit The new Optomux Integration Kit for PAC Project makes it easy to talk to Optomux I/O—B1, B2, E1, and E2 brain boards—from a SNAP PAC controller using standard PAC Control commands.

Like our Allen-Bradley DF1 and Modbus Integration Kits, the Optomux integration kit includes PAC Control subroutines you can call directly from any flowchart in your PAC Control strategy. The kit also contains an example strategy to help you get started.

Using the subroutines, communication with Optomux I/O is similar to communicating with PAC I/O. The subroutines support serial communication on all four brain boards as well as Ethernet communication on the E1 and E2.

Download the Optomux Integration Kit.

Hot Tips from Product Support

Modbus/TCP Integration KitOpto 22's Product Support Group (PSG) develops some helpful tips as they work with customers who contact them for free product support.

Here's a tip from our PSG engineers about reading and writing data in Ethernet-based I/O with PAC Display.

Our legacy serial-based FactoryFloor HMI, OptoDisplay, could access I/O data only through the controller. One of the advantages of an Ethernet-based system is that our newer PAC Project HMI, PAC Display, can access data directly from the distributed SNAP PAC brains and I/O.

Accessing data directly reduces the load on the controller and improves scanning throughput and efficiency. In fact, PAC Display is set up by default to access I/O tags directly from brains and I/O. That's what you want it to do—unless you're using the second Ethernet interface on the controller to segment your I/O network.

Dual Ethernet Interface Considerations

Remember that the two Ethernet interfaces on your SNAP PAC controller are independent: they have separate IP addresses and are required to be on separate subnets.

If the PC running PAC Display is on ENET 1 and the I/O is all on ENET 2, PAC Display can't access the data directly . (By the way, if PAC Display is configured to scan through OptoOPCServer, it's the PC running OptoOPCServer that needs to be on the I/O network.)

You can solve this problem in either of two ways:

  • If the PC with PAC Display (or OptoOPCServer) can be on the I/O network—ENET 2 in this example—either move it there or add a second NIC (network interface card) to the PC and put the second NIC on the I/O network.
  • If the PC with PAC Display (or OptoOPCServer) needs to be separate from the I/O network, configure PAC Display to access all I/O data through the controller, just as it would on a serial network.

If you're using SNAP PAC SB serial brains, of course data from them is accessed through the controller, too.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Product Support.

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Does Anybody Use a Mouse Pad Anymore?

Jam PAC'd mouse padWe think they do! And here's a great-looking mouse pad that colorfully details features of the SNAP PAC R-series rack-mounted controller and SNAP I/O.

What protocols does the PAC R-series include? Can you get an analog module that provides isolated loop sourcing power? The answers are right there under your nose—er, mouse.

The Jam PAC'd mousepad is just one of the Opto items offered for sale on our website. Other OptoGear includes shirts, a mug, and a keychain flashlight.

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