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New Video Case Study Shows OEM Application of Opto 22 Products

First OptoGreen Grant Awarded

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New Video Case Study Shows OEM Application of Opto 22 Products

PayWerks video case studyPayWerks Inc. manufactures toll-road payment kiosks, and the toll road business is changing.

Higher toll charges demand a more complex payment kiosk. To build it, PayWerks needed a tough, highly modular control system able to handle unlimited serial connections with ease, plus digital and analog I/O for sensors and the like.

In our new video case study, Opto 22 engineer Kelly Downey interviews Bill Foster, President of PayWerks, and gets a close look at how the kiosks work.

Now that they've solved the toll-road problem with Opto products, PayWerks is looking forward to other applications for their expertise in rugged outdoor payment kiosks.

Watch the PayWerks video case study.

First OptoGreen Grant Awarded

old Maui hydroelectric generatorWe're happy to announce that we've given our first OptoGreen Grant award to Makila Hydro LLC of Hawaii.

Makila Hydro will use their grant of Opto 22 hardware and software products to upgrade and automate an old hydroelectric generator at a refurbished sugar mill on the island of Maui, providing clean energy to local residents and businesses.

The grant application was a serendipitious result from a vacation trip to Hawaii by an Opto 22 engineer (see "What I Did on My Hawaiian Vacation" by Mary St. John).

Do you have a project related to renewable energy, energy usage, or sustainability that could benefit from Opto 22 products? Find out more about OptoGreen Grants.

OptoForums Want You!

Some interesting questions have come up in the OptoForums lately. The Forums are a great place to ask questions of others who use Opto 22 products, to describe your application, and even to share code or subroutines with other members.

Forum subjects include the SNAP PAC System, software, drivers and protocols, and others. And if you're a systems integrator, a Latin American customer, or a French-speaking customer, there are forums designed for you.

Anyone can read the Forums, and anyone with a My.Opto22.com account can post. Join in!


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