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New OptoDataLink Video Shows Easy Data Exchange with Your Company Database

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Hot Tips from Product Support

Turkey Trot Winners at Opto

New OptoDataLink Video Shows Easy Data Exchange with Your Company Database


We've got a new video for you, and it's a good one.

In the past, linking control systems to company databases so they can exchange data has been a chore or an impossibility.

But that's changed. Here's your introduction to OptoDataLink, which makes it easy to set up data links between the SNAP PAC System and popular databases like Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and MySQL.

The data elements you created when programming your PAC Control strategy, such as I/O points and variables, are automatically available in OptoDataLink. You just choose the ones you want from the list.

Let Alexi Beck Gray, Opto 22's Director of Training, demonstrate how.

Watch the OptoDataLink video.

Apply for Your OptoGreen Grant

Green FernsAre you working on some product, research, or service related to renewable or alternative energy? And could Opto 22 automation hardware and software help you achieve your goal?

If so, let us know. Our new OptoGreen Grant Program, part of our ongoing sustainability effort, offers grants of Opto 22 automation equipment to help customers in their own green initiatives.

Complete the OptoGreen Grant application to let us know what you're doing and how we can help. If you have questions about Opto 22 product capabilities or how products work together, just call our Pre-Sales Engineers at 800-321-6786 (or 951-695-3000), or email systemseng@opto22.com.

Hot Tips from Product Support

Opto 22's Product Support Group (PSG) develops some helpful tips as they work with customers calling in for free product support. Here are some hardware tips from Product Support engineers.

Voltage Matters

SNAP rackOne of the most valuable checks you can make on your system just takes a minute and a voltmeter. Voltage provided to Opto 22 products must meet minimum requirements, or Bad Things happen.

The voltage specification for SNAP racks (both older versions and SNAP PAC racks) is 5.00 to 5.20 VDC. If you're using an adjustable power supply, PSG recommends adjusting it to the upper end of this range (5.10 to 5.20 VDC) for best results, but make sure it's not over 5.20! Following this recommendation should help eliminate many startup, maintenance, and intermittent issues.

For SNAP racks, measure and adjust the voltage downstream of the fuse on the rack. This location takes into account the voltage drop across the fuse and makes sure that the I/O processor (brain or on-the-rack controller) and I/O modules receive the correct voltage.

PAC Project softwareSNAP PAC S-series controllers. Take note of the voltage requirements for your S-series PAC. The SNAP-PAC-S2 has an input range of 8-32 VDC. Earlier models of the SNAP-PAC-S1 had an 8-24 VDC input range, while more recent models have an expanded range of 8-32 VDC. Be sure you check the voltage requirement printed on the top of your controller before applying power. If in doubt, contact Product Support.

More about power supplies. For more information on using power supplies with Opto 22 systems, see form #1271, the Power Supplies Technical Note.

How Hot is the Environment?

No, we're not talking about global warming, but about the environment in your factory or location.

When designing a system, make sure that the environmental conditions are met. Check the specs on all hardware. While Opto 22 devices are made for harsh industrial environments, there are limits.

SNAP PAC controllers and brains are rated for an operating temperature of 0 degrees C to 60 degrees C, while SNAP I/O modules accommodate operating temperatures of 0 degrees C to 70 degrees C. Check the specs for other products you may be using.

If necessary, provide venting, air conditioners, heaters, and insulation to maintain a proper environmental temperature for your system.

Turkey Trot Winners at Opto

Opto 22 Turkey Trot Golf TournamentThe annual Turkey Trot Golf Tournament is over!

And the most amazing performance was turned in by Opto 22's founder, Bob Engman, who broke records with his four holes-in-one on the very last day of the tournament.

Kristie Allison reports on the winners in her latest blog entry.


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