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Join Us for Automation World's PAC Webcast

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SNAP PAC System Offers Motion Control

New Website Features You Don't Want To Miss

Join Us for Automation World's PAC Webcast

Automation World logoJoin us as Opto 22 sponsors the Automation World webcast “Applying Programmable Automation Controllers” on Thursday, June 14th at 2:00 p.m. (EDT).

This free one-hour webcast will explore the evolution and use of PACs in automation, as industry experts Ryan McCollum (Project Manager for IC Engineering) and Wayne Vander Galien (Systems Design Engineer at Advanced Energy Control) chat with Automation World Editor-in-Chief Gary Mintchell. McCollum will discuss the cost savings, consolidation, improved diagnostics capabilities, and other benefits his customers have realized by implementing PACs, while Vander Galien will explain how PACs work effectively in AEC’s energy monitoring and management applications.

For those of you who are mostly unfamiliar with PACs, Opto 22 Director of Training Alexi Gray will kick things off with a brief overview of PAC technology and how it differs from traditional programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Toward the end of the hour, webcast viewers are invited to participate in a live Q&A session with all our experts.

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Enter the Shoot This, Opto! Contest

By now we're sure you’ve seen some of our online educational and training videos. In addition to Flash demos on choosing the right PAC Project software and configuring SNAP PAC System components, we have a number of screencasts featuring real Opto engineers introducing you to PAC Control, PAC Display, and other topics.

Shoot This, OptoNow it's your turn to choose the subject of our next video!

If you've ever worked with Opto products and thought, “I wish somebody could show me how to . . .”, then you need to enter our Shoot This, Opto! contest. Go to the OptoForums and tell us about any questions, tricks, or features you'd like explained in a video or screencast.

If you come up with an idea we like and want to use, you'll get a free Opto 22 SNAP PAC polo shirt. We'll also be choosing three Grand Prize winners—one for each month of the contest (June, July, and August)—who each get either a Nintendo® Wii™ gaming system or a digital camcorder.

We think we’re really onto something with this contest, and Automation World Editor Gary Mintchell agrees. He recently commented on the “Shoot This, Opto!” campaign in his blog Feed Forward.

To participate, you must post your ideas in the "Shoot This, Opto!" forum. Get to work on your ideas and score some prizes!

SNAP PAC System Offers Motion Control

If motion control is important in your field, you'll be glad to hear about the SNAP PAC Motion Control Subsystem.

Part of the SNAP PAC System, the Motion Control Subsystem provides an integrated hardware and software toolset that's used with a SNAP PAC controller, running a PAC Control strategy, to control multi-axis stepper motors. The subsystem consists of:

  • Motion control module and breakout boardSNAP Motion Control host communication modules, which mount on the I/O rack alongside analog and digital I/O modules.
  • SNAP Motion Control breakout boards, each equipped with a Magellan™ processor chip set that outputs pulse and direction signals for up to four stepper motor systems. Since each host communication module uses four breakout boards, that's up to 16 stepper motors per module.
  • OptoMotion command set, a free library of motion commands. These commands are used within the PAC Control strategy to read and write motion process data such as position, velocity, acceleration, breakpoints, interrupts, and time intervals, and to execute motion-related actions such as smooth stops, stepping, and position adjustments.

Learn more in the SNAP PAC Motion Control Subsystem Data Sheet.

New Website Features You Don't Want To Miss

What's new on the Opto 22 website? Here are a couple of features you won't want to miss:

  • SNAP PAC System architectureThe SNAP PAC System Specification Guide, form #1696, has everything you ever wanted to know about the SNAP PAC System. Filled with diagrams and clear explanations, this guide describes system components, architecture from basic to complex, networking options, and installation. The guide also includes detailed specifications, comparison charts, and wiring diagrams for all system part numbers, from the essential PACPROJECTBAS control and HMI software to the obscure but useful SNAP-SCM-W2 serial Wiegand protocol I/O module. Click the link above or search on 1696 (the form number) to easily find the guide.
  • The SNAP PAC System Networking Demo illustrates networking options for the SNAP PAC System. Want to segment your control network from the corporate network, or daisy-chain distributed Ethernet I/O? Explore this interactive Flash demo and see what you can do with the two Ethernet network interfaces on SNAP PAC controllers and brains.


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