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Article #TitleRevisionReviewed
KB87351OptoDataLink: "Database INSERT transaction failed/Number of values and fields not the same" when Single Sample option isn't selected 1.05/17/2018
KB87333OptoDataLink: Beta version B9.6d Build 0010 may duplicate records1.05/17/2018
KB87317PAC Display On/Off (discrete) button may not blink1.05/17/2018
KB87311PAC Display Runtime crashes if Enable Alarm Point EMail option is selected but email settings are not configured1.05/17/2018
KB87305PAC Display Runtime crashes when opening a project that has a string table tag with no index1.05/17/2018
KB87297PAC Display may continue to log files in Directory Path "Name" after the path has been changed to "project directory"1.05/17/2018
KB87293PAC Display Runtime: SuperTrend scale may not match pen selection1.05/17/2018
KB87384Kiosk accounts are logged out after 2 weeks even though the "Do not expire" option is checked1.05/11/2018
KB87386groov View system log may show missing values for control engine errors1.05/11/2018
KB87274Events do not work if the groov View project has run with no tags configured1.05/11/2018
KB87320Gadgets may be very slow to receive updates in groov View R3.5a or R3.5b1.05/4/2018
KB87299groov View displays Unicode escape sequence instead of the correct character1.05/4/2018
KB87151Video gadget may be updated at a rate different from the update period.1.05/3/2018
KB87213Some newer SNAP PAC controllers and brains MUST use PAC firmware R9.5g or higher1.04/11/2018
KB87292PAC Display Configurator does not save configured recipe directories if they are entered manually 1.04/2/2018
KB87155groov: Node-RED flows are inactive (won't run); Node-RED status is "Errored" 1.03/28/2018
KB86029OptoDataLink stops processing links; error log shows "Error in link... Reason 0x800706BA"1.03/27/2018
KB87280PAC Display: "Error while reading window" message when upgrading from PAC Display R9.3d or lower1.03/27/2018
KB85958PAC Manager Status Write function does not store SNAP-SCM-CAN2B module configuration to flash1.03/20/2018
KB87269Opto 22 groov Data Store Node-RED nodes do not work1.03/20/2018
KB87200OptoDataLink: Selecting "Send Unique Id" without selecting "Single Sample" fails on Access databases1.03/14/2018
KB86907groov View for Android times out on Nougat and Oreo OSs1.03/14/2018
KB87021groov View mobile app doesn't automatically log in, even though username and password are configured in connection settings1.03/14/2018
KB87035Creating an Archive Project may cause PAC Display Configurator to crash1.03/14/2018
KB87108PAC Display Configurator may crash if you delete an alarm point in an alarm graphic1.03/14/2018
KB87100Opto aPAC may not list points when using a SNAP PAC S-series controller1.03/14/2018
KB87101Opto iPAC may list digital points configured on S-series controllers as analog input (indirect)1.03/13/2018
KB87227PAC Display Runtime: Values in table control may not update correctly after recipe downloads1.03/13/2018
KB87243Saving a project may cause PAC Display Configurator Pro to hang if Primary Scanner Node field is blank1.03/13/2018
KB87154Controller may become unresponsive or reset when two charts use the same communication handle in a subroutine at the same time2.03/13/2018
KB87004In redundant systems, the "I/O Unit Ready?" condition always evaluates as False2.03/13/2018
KB87240PAC Control reports "Invalid storage format" when opening a strategy on Dropbox1.03/8/2018
KB87235Windows Fast Startup (Fast Boot) can cause issues with PAC Display, OptoOPCServer, OptoDataLink, and SoftPAC1.03/6/2018
KB87205PAC Display Runtime: When you edit a value in a table, sometimes the wrong element is changed1.03/5/2018
KB87208PAC Display Runtime: Can't edit some of the values in a table object1.03/5/2018
KB87214PAC Display Configurator may crash when upgrading from R9.0c or lower to R9.4a or higher1.03/5/2018
KB87216PAC Display Runtime Pro may display values as # or may stop updating tags1.03/5/2018
KB87221"Allow Multiple Instances to Run": Closing PAC Display Runtime Pro may also close another instance1.03/5/2018
KB87145groov View forces you to change your password every time you log in2.02/23/2018
KB87136groov View fails to launch and recommends installing "groov version null"2.02/23/2018
KB87051groov View: OPC-UA device tags aren't in alphabetical order2.02/23/2018
KB86890groov View: Numbers greater than 999 are missing commas in Trends2.02/23/2018
KB86714groov View pages with over 100 gadgets may be slow to load and update2.02/23/2018
KB86542groov  View: Page menu items are greyed out after About page is displayed2.02/23/2018
KB86009"groov Box or Server cannot be reached" when groov  View page uses tags from device configured with IPv6 address 2.02/23/2018
KB85792Unable to hide groov  logo on the groov  View login page2.02/23/2018
KB86765groov View: Trend gadget displays yellow triangle; information box reports a "groov Box or Server cannot be reached" message2.02/22/2018
KB87190Alarm > Priority Filter levels are always visible on the PAC Display Runtime menu bar2.02/19/2018
KB87188PAC Display Runtime may hang or crash when opening a project with many JPEG graphics and alarms on the same window2.02/19/2018
KB87141PAC Display Runtime: Instead of alarm point information, printed alarm logs show the characters: *.*s 2.02/19/2018
KB87134PAC Display Runtime: Recipe uploads can take increasingly more time to complete2.02/19/2018
KB87130PAC Display: "Text > Size..." command doesn't change the font size of a TrueType font 2.02/19/2018
KB87126PAC Display: A window's size and position doesn't change when you reconfigure the X-Y positions, width, or height2.02/19/2018
KB87119PAC Display Runtime may crash during startup when performing Reload History Alarms2.02/19/2018
KB87117PAC Display Runtime: Detailed alarm graphic incorrectly shows "warning" color and persistence timer when alarm point is not in a state with persistence2.02/19/2018
KB87112PAC Display Runtime: Detailed alarm window displays multiple persistence alarms for the same alarm point (and operator can't acknowledge them)2.02/19/2018
KB87111PAC Display alarm window may not open for subsequent alarms2.02/19/2018
KB87110Configurator may distort SuperTrend graphics if you change window properties many times2.02/19/2018
KB87109PAC Display: Configuring a window's Minimize, Maximize, and Restore control handles doesn't always work2.02/19/2018
KB87107PAC Display: New window appears behind (and may capture graphics of) changed window2.02/19/2018
KB87082PAC Display Configurator incorrectly identifies blank entries in recipe download files as "invalid"2.02/19/2018
KB87106PAC Display Configurator: Sometimes Find and Replace does not display drop-down options for Item Name2.02/19/2018
KB87081PAC Display Runtime Pro: A PID's SuperTrend Pen Scale dialog box may reopen after you close it2.02/19/2018
KB87077PAC Display Configurator: Quick Tag selector doesn't show options for dynamic attributes with Fields2.02/19/2018
KB87078Browser Configurator: E1 and E2 brains read and write to the wrong points2.02/16/2018
KB87065PAC Control: Values in pasted blocks may be incorrect 1.02/5/2018
KB87135Cannot connect to Node-RED, Ignition Edge, or groov View on GROOV-AR12.01/18/2018
KB87139GROOV-AR1 SYS LED continuously blinks green after powerup, and will not communicate2.01/18/2018
KB87059Controller may reset when activity through PAC REST API is high2.01/2/2018
KB86980In redundant systems, controller resets itself when initializing a SNAP-AIMA-iH or SNAP-AOA-23-iH module2.01/2/2018
KB86945groov View pages show a scroll bar when there's nothing to scroll to2.012/27/2017
KB86866Invalid trend configuration can crash groov View2.012/27/2017
KB87080SendEmail and SendEmail With Attachments commands may result in -2104 status code4.012/7/2017
KB87061groov App sometimes incorrectly reports that the project was created in a newer version2.012/4/2017
KB87066PAC Control: "Undefined command" error when downloading strategy2.011/22/2017
KB87056PAC Display Runtime: Buttons are missing from the bottom of historical SuperTrends2.011/15/2017
KB87053groov Admin update v47 fails (or Ignition Edge Status "is in an unknown state")2.011/15/2017
KB87050PAC Display Pro: If Operator log is saved to database, can't switch to saving log to file 2.011/9/2017
KB87044PAC Control: "Start strategy after download completes" option may not always work2.011/6/2017
KB86987PAC Display: Index column and column titles are missing from table2.011/6/2017
KB87000PAC Display Configurator crashes when canceling the import of a comma-delimited Historical data log2.011/6/2017
KB87006PAC Display Configurator may crash when you repeat an undo (or redo) after changing window properties2.011/6/2017
KB87008PAC Display Runtime may stop refreshing values2.011/6/2017
KB87022PAC Display Runtime: Active alarm may not appear in Detailed Alarm Banner2.011/6/2017
KB87033PAC Display Runtime doesn't create Historical data log from imported comma-delimited file2.011/6/2017
KB86995PAC Display: "Open when there are new alarms" option doesn't work in Runtime2.011/3/2017
KB86983PAC Control Debug Mode: Can't clear TPO Period and TPO Percent values2.011/3/2017
KB86967PAC Control: Table data appears to be blank when you scroll using the mouse scroll wheel2.011/3/2017
KB87029Upgrading groov Admin to newer version may fail with "Cannot Downgrade Groov Admin"1.010/30/2017
KB86994groov Admin update fails if file is renamed2.010/17/2017
KB87010SoftPAC: Startup logic doesn't run, I/O isn't enabled, and Message Queue displays I/O errors1.010/16/2017
KB86978PAC Display Configurator may crash if you don't save changes to an existing project, and then immediately undo edits in a new project2.09/29/2017
KB86959mistic and SB-series serial brains go offline when used on the same serial port2.09/26/2017
KB86979groov View reports errors for SNAP PAC controllers, but controllers look fine in PAC Control2.09/25/2017
KB86971In groov, events stop updating and sending notifications2.09/25/2017
KB86972groov log viewer "Advanced Configuration" settings don't take effect immediately2.09/25/2017
KB83288groov: Image gadget doesn't display recent changes to image file1.09/20/2017
KB86279When tag list is very long, Opto aPAC may not precisely alphabetize all tags1.09/20/2017
KB86921groov: Event's status is Inactive when the event is Active (still in debounce period)2.09/20/2017
KB86862Events that use OPC-UA tags don't work after groov restarts2.09/20/2017
KB86067"Listen for Incoming Communication" command can't be used with SSL 1.09/20/2017
KB85959SoftPAC: SSL isn't available in Comm Handles1.09/20/2017
KB86532PAC Project Demo installer hangs if PAC Project is already installed1.09/19/2017
KB86926Implicit EtherNet/IP messages contain 0 for attributes of some analog modules2.09/19/2017
KB86642.NET OptoMMP SDK ignores user-specified communication timeout values1.09/18/2017
KB86833PAC Display Runtime Operator can access controls on a popup window before logging in2.09/18/2017
KB86922PAC Display Runtime terminates on start up when project has several SuperTrends2.09/18/2017
KB86964Network connections may be lost when PAC Display Runtime is running2.09/18/2017
KB86878PAC Display Configurator won't open the "De-encrypt Operator Log File" feature2.09/18/2017
KB86961PAC Display: "-copy" is missing from the names of imported alarm points2.09/18/2017
KB86956PAC Display Configurator may crash when you close the Send Value dialog box2.09/18/2017
KB86947Values in PAC Display Runtime aren't updated while Runtime window is minimized3.09/18/2017
KB86869PAC Display can't open user's guide ("Unable to determine the default PDF file viewer")2.08/29/2017
KB86879PAC Display: Decrypting Runtime Operator Log file displays an "Operator Log File is invalid" message2.08/28/2017
KB86885PAC Display Runtime may crash when acknowledging alarms configured with sound2.08/28/2017
KB86886PAC Display Runtime crashes when displaying a historical alarm log file with both ANSI and Unicode records2.08/28/2017
KB86887PAC Display Configurator: Discrete On/Off text (Text In from Control Engine) is blank2.08/28/2017
KB86889On Windows 7 only, PAC Display Runtime crashes if sent an empty string 2.08/28/2017
KB86895PAC Display Runtime: Comments for ACK alarms aren't displayed in Current or Historical Alarm graphics2.08/28/2017
KB86910OptoScript Editor loses color coding after uninstalling previous version of PAC Project1.08/28/2017
KB86918PAC Display may display wrong background color for SuperTrends2.08/28/2017
KB86898PAC Display Runtime may crash on exit if windows contain alarm graphics2.08/28/2017
KB86863SNAP PAC RESTful API intermittently fails to read data1.08/1/2017
KB86825Redundant systems may log -539, -29, or -534 errors to the controller's Message Queue2.08/1/2017
KB86390Read Numeric Table From I/O Unit Memory Map: Elements 300–599 are a duplicate of
elements 0–299
KB86038RESTful API stops working if the control engine's default host port is turned off or is changed from 22001 2.08/1/2017
KB86046The RESTful API may return an error code in response to a valid request2.08/1/2017
KB86171RESTful API and FTP interfaces may stop responding (Other firmware functions may be affected)2.08/1/2017
KB86259SNAP PAC RESTful API: The value in a 1-element table may be returned as a key-value pair instead of as an array2.08/1/2017
KB86799SNAP PAC RESTful API: Controller resets if you write one or more spaces (instead of a JSON payload) to a variable 2.08/1/2017
KB86630Examining a local pointer within a subroutine causes hardware controllers to reset and software controllers to log an error2.08/1/2017
KB86047SNAP PAC RESTful API: Invalid request returns unexpected results and doesn't give an error code2.08/1/2017
KB86791SNAP PAC Redundancy Kit: Redundant controllers switch continuously and report "impaired" I/O unit2.08/1/2017
KB86081Using a string or negative value for the table index in a RESTful request returns the whole table2.07/31/2017
KB85826RESTful API returns an analog point's value even though the wrong request is sent2.07/31/2017
KB85823RESTful API: Out-of-range float values appear as 0 or "inf" instead of returning an error2.07/31/2017
KB85814RESTful API: POSTing to a GET-only endpoint acts like a GET2.07/31/2017
KB84981UDP comm handles may lose data when packets are too large or sent too quickly1.07/28/2017
KB80082UDP responses may contain characters from more than one UDP message2.07/26/2017
KB86480PAC Display: Exponential values are displayed with 3 digits in the exponent (instead of 2) 1.07/19/2017
KB85795Host Task stops processing commands if you stop strategy while in Debug mode2.07/10/2017
KB85736groov erratically displays yellow triangle with exclamation point (communication timeout)2.07/10/2017
KB86851PAC Control Command-Line Interface (CLI) may display the "You are about to open a strategy" warning2.07/7/2017
KB86852PAC Control: Cannot add E1 or E2 or SNAP-PAC-R1-B to a strategy with controller redundancy2.07/6/2017
KB86776PAC Display Runtime Error: Server failed to add group TempGroup to OPC Server Reason: 0xc004000c2.06/30/2017
KB86786PAC Display Configurator crashes when importing a comma-delimited (.csv) file2.06/30/2017
KB86788PAC Display Configurator crashes when importing a historical data log (.hle) file2.06/30/2017
KB86789PAC Display may crash when you try to replace a control engine using the Entire Project option2.06/30/2017
KB86804PAC Display may crash when projects with transparent text are open for a long time2.06/30/2017
KB86830PAC Display Configurator may crash when opening a recipe file that isn't properly formatted2.06/30/2017
KB86749PAC Display Pro: Sometimes the secondary scanner field should be blank (but it's not)2.06/30/2017
KB86752PAC Display: Graphic objects may not be updated when their window is larger than the primary monitor2.06/29/2017
KB86753PAC Display Pro: Clicking an unconfigured PID button may cause Runtime to crash2.06/29/2017
KB86758When saving a large project, PAC Display Configurator and Windows may become unresponsive 2.06/29/2017
KB86741PAC Display Runtime Professional sometimes fails to start2.06/28/2017
KB86743After a reboot, sometimes OptoDataLink stops sending data to the control engine2.06/28/2017
KB86739PAC Display Configurator Pro may hang or crash when you replace the configured control engine2.06/26/2017
KB86722PAC Display Runtime: Animated graphics sometimes flicker6.06/26/2017
KB86710When a project is running, PAC Display Runtime may crash if you try to open another project2.06/26/2017
KB86654PAC Display Runtime crashes when opening a SuperTrend historical log file2.06/26/2017
KB86342PAC Display: Convert SuperTrend Files dialog box doesn't list files with five-character file extensions2.06/26/2017
KB86775groov may fail to close network sockets on Modbus connection errors1.06/1/2017
KB86774groov may not correctly restrict access to unregistered devices1.06/1/2017
KB86520Kiosk and Operator users cannot download groov trend data2.04/25/2017
KB86472groov Button gadgets don't report disconnected errors2.04/25/2017
KB86466In groov Build, gadgets don't reflect deleted or changed Modbus tags until you refresh2.04/25/2017
KB86453Internet Explorer does not show certain icons and does not allow dropdown lists to open2.04/25/2017
KB86682PAC Display Configurator: Issues with dynamic attributes for charts 2.04/19/2017
KB86663Email notification isn't sent for alarm points monitoring controller status2.04/19/2017
KB86650When Runtime opens, windows may not be open or closed (as they were configured) 3.04/19/2017
KB86685PAC Display Runtime: In single monitor environments, dialog boxes don't open in the default location2.04/19/2017
KB86622PAC Display Runtime Professional shuts down when a PID button is clicked2.04/19/2017
KB86673Logging to a database, PAC Display Runtime Pro writes Integer 64 historical log data in an X,Y format2.04/18/2017
KB86646PAC Display: Unable to apply transparency to .JPG images 2.04/18/2017
KB86632Unable to reopen PAC Display Runtime Professional2.04/18/2017
KB86645After updating PAC Display, layered PNG images may be incorrectly resized2.04/18/2017
KB86641PAC Display window may not open in Runtime when there are new alarms2.04/18/2017
KB86637PAC Display Runtime: Can't close window containing alarms (even though none are active)2.04/18/2017
KB86640OptoDataLink doesn't write Int64 values to database2.04/17/2017
KB86565Performance issue when looping on "Accept Incoming Communication" command without an available connection2.04/12/2017
KB86656Node-RED backups done in groov Admin cannot be restored1.04/7/2017
KB85373SoftPAC: Unable to open UDP communication handle (-437 error)2.04/7/2017
KB84980SoftPAC: UDP broadcast fails with -444 error message2.04/7/2017
KB84890The condition "I/O Unit Ready?" puts errors in the message queue2.04/7/2017
KB86572"get.src" and "get.scrport" Comm handle commands may return incorrect data when using UDP2.04/6/2017
KB86644SNAP PAC HTTPS server occasionally misses a request2.04/6/2017
KB86531Restoring groov project may not restore groov Box hostname2.04/6/2017
KB86631Analog output points reset to low scale or zero-equivalent; counts increase for Module Times Discovered and Arcnet Reconfigs1.03/27/2017
KB86624SNAP mechanical power relay and reed relay output modules may turn On when they should be Off 1.03/27/2017
KB86623Can't read or write to analog points when there is an open comm handle to a missing serial communication module1.03/27/2017
KB84884PAC Control: Undefined Command error on download2.03/23/2017
KB86413POSTs to the SNAP PAC REST API may fail1.03/14/2017
KB86610PAC Display Configurator may resize windows to be smaller than configured2.03/7/2017
KB86609PAC Display Runtime may crash when loading a project that creates historical logs from table data2.03/7/2017
KB86584For some modules on a G4EB2, EtherNet/IP Configurator may incorrectly configure TPO and Pulsed Output2.03/7/2017
KB86583PAC Display Runtime may crash if labels are set to display Integer 64 values as binary2.03/7/2017
KB86585After clicking a button, PAC Display doesn't always respond to the next object you click2.03/2/2017
KB86580PAC Control: Analog points higher than the 4th point on a SNAP-PAC-R1-B I/O unit show incorrect values2.03/2/2017
KB86569SoftPAC fails to start because ControllerDefs.dll and IOSNIF.dll are missing1.03/1/2017
KB86434SNAP PAC REST API: Controller should display a message after an SSL certificate is updated1.02/27/2017
KB86579PAC Display Runtime: Alarms may not appear in Detailed or Summary alarm graphics2.02/27/2017
KB86578PAC Display Runtime: Alarm information may disappear from alarm graphics2.02/27/2017
KB86512SNAP-SCM-CAN2B buffer overruns may occur at baud rates higher than 250 kbps1.02/23/2017
KB86500groov Data Store API may respond with 500 Internal Server Error when reading a table tag2.02/23/2017
KB86553groov Data Store may allow writes after trial period has expired2.02/23/2017
KB86499groov Data Store API responds incorrectly when tag is nonexistent or out of bounds2.02/23/2017
KB86576Command Line Interface (CLI): Timers should be initialized as "Run"2.02/23/2017
KB86552For some modules on a G4EB2, PAC Manager may incorrectly configure TPO and Pulsed Output2.02/21/2017
KB86549On networks without a DHCP server, PAC Manager may be unable to assign IP addresses to E1 and E2 brains2.02/21/2017
KB86547PAC Manager correctly configures only the first module on E1 and E2 brains2.02/21/2017
KB86551Runtime may crash when logging Integer 64 values as binary in Historical Logs2.02/21/2017
KB86550Resized bitmaps may appear partially transparent in PAC Display Runtime2.02/21/2017
KB86545PAC Display Configurator: Operator Driven Windows attribute may not show all configured windows2.02/21/2017
KB86544PAC Display: The Toolbox doesn't follow the rules configured for multi-monitor environments2.02/21/2017
KB86511PAC Display reports ioControl/Factory Floor controllers' status as a comm failure2.02/21/2017
KB86186mistic PID values set from the Debugger Inspect dialog box are overwritten if the scan rate is changed1.02/21/2017
KB86562PAC Display: Using mouse wheel causes table contents to roll out of table frame2.02/20/2017
KB86541PAC Display Runtime: Clicking a stack of windows may produce unexpected results2.02/20/2017
KB86539When you close Monitor-Only Runtime, it opens again (with no project loaded)2.02/20/2017
KB86508PAC Display Runtime doesn't display content from a groov web page2.02/20/2017
KB86540Node-RED Admin in GROOV-AR1: cannot upload SSL certificates with Firefox1.02/13/2017
KB86546groov Data Store API reports incorrect errors after free trial expiration2.02/13/2017
KB86516Pamux Systems SDK: Windows Error "A digitally signed driver is required"1.02/8/2017
KB86515PC-Based Direct I/O SDK: Windows Error "A digitally signed driver is required"1.02/8/2017
KB86487Cannot control or configure I/O points with 32-bit PC-Based Direct I/O SDK1.02/8/2017
KB86382Error in groov Build when importing Modbus tags containing Unicode characters2.01/26/2017
KB86467groov Server for Windows self-signed certificates do not match the host1.01/26/2017
KB86464Using groov with Internet Explorer may cause browser to slow down or become unresponsive1.01/25/2017
KB86462Re-sizing groov View browser window causes trend filters to lose their settings1.01/25/2017
KB86456In groov, invalid .idb.txt file causes controller name and tags to disappear1.01/25/2017
KB86438In groov, changing a user's password does not log them out2.01/25/2017
KB86416groov projects with many gadgets may make groov slow to start up2.01/25/2017
KB86343In groov Admin, wireless access point security setup allows incorrect password length1.01/25/2017
KB86503PAC Display Configurator incorrectly creates an empty Runtime user group2.01/24/2017
KB86493PAC Display Runtime: "Error in line ... of upload recipe template" 2.01/13/2017
KB86483Assigning a value or clearing a value from a "flag" variable may lock the controller1.01/10/2017
KB86311PAC Control needs to better identify point types on the SNAP-AIRTD-8U2.01/10/2017
KB86458PAC Display Runtime: Objects stay highlighted after cursor has been removed2.01/9/2017
KB86471Graphics with Send Value dynamic attributes that trigger historical logs may cause PAC Display Runtime to crash2.01/9/2017
KB86481Response time should improve when points used in a PAC Display project are moved from a serial I/O unit to an Ethernet I/O unit2.01/9/2017
KB86417PAC Display Runtime may not display correct values for points on E1s and E2s 1.01/4/2017
KB86474Passing negative numbers to GenerateReverseCrc16OnTable32 can cause the controller to reset2.01/4/2017
KB86288When a relative path is modified, PAC Display incorrectly adds "../" to the file path2.01/4/2017
KB86373BACnet/IP Integration Kit doesn't correctly return object names when queried by other BACnet/IP devices or host software1.01/4/2017
KB86409Convert Float to String command doesn't properly handle NaNs2.01/3/2017
KB86470Using the groov Data Simulator may incorrectly start trial mode1.01/3/2017
KB86433PAC Display Configurator: Save Project dialog box sometimes appears if you click No when prompted to "Continue opening the project?" 2.01/3/2017
KB86444Resetting reference counts may cause PAC Display Configurator to crash3.01/3/2017
KB86300PAC Display Runtime Pro: Historical SuperTrend graph may show date of 1/1/1601 if data source is a database3.01/3/2017
KB86309PAC Display: History alarms aren't reloaded if alarms are logged to a SQL Server database table3.01/3/2017
KB86425In groov, Trend tags don't show up when you view Tags In Use2.012/19/2016
KB86424In groov, writing a very large string to a string tag produces a 413 error2.012/19/2016
KB86362Event Editor shows two inputs for event condition value2.012/19/2016
KB86091When scrolling in groov View, the page menu and popups are detached from the caption bar2.012/19/2016
KB86435PAC Display's Relative Path feature does not save files to the correct location3.012/14/2016
KB86299PAC Display Configurator: Alt+A keyboard shortcut doesn't work on Alarming Setup > Options tab 2.012/14/2016
KB86394Opto Browser Configurator doesn't display E1, E2, or SNAP-PAC-R1-B I/O units1.012/14/2016
KB86324PAC Display Configurator may crash if you cancel when using the combo box control to configure dynamic attributes2.012/14/2016
KB86337PAC Display Runtime may crash when loading binary SuperTrend historical files2.012/14/2016
KB86344Can't select a string table and index with PAC Display's Quick Tag feature 3.012/14/2016
KB86346Entry field displays dots instead of characters when you use PAC Display's on-screen keyboard function to enter values3.012/14/2016
KB86350PAC Display: Font name may be blank and the wrong font style may be selected when the Font dialog box is reopened2.012/14/2016
KB86355PAC Display Runtime: Error when using on-screen keyboard to browse for SuperTrend historical log files3.012/14/2016
KB86374Clicking Text > Font > TrueType causes some Beta versions of PAC Display Configurator to crash2.012/14/2016
KB86375PAC Display Configurator may crash when opening a project with a table2.012/14/2016
KB86398PAC Display: Unable to import a historical data log configuration file 2.012/14/2016
KB86402PAC Display Runtime may close after user tries to change password2.012/14/2016
KB86284PAC Display Configurator may crash when opening a project with initial window states configured2.012/14/2016
KB86285PAC Display SuperTrend "Make Path Relative to Project" check box does not retain its setting2.012/14/2016
KB86292PAC Display SuperTrends show only part of the historical data in a database file2.012/14/2016
KB86325Some PAC Control commands cannot be used with E1/E2 I/O units2.012/9/2016
KB86363groov: Importing Modbus tagnames containing double quotes returns an error, but names are successfully imported1.011/22/2016
KB86339groov may select incorrect tag if 2 or more OPC UA servers are configured with same namespace and tag list2.011/22/2016
KB86341In groov, cannot import Modbus tags with a comma in their tag names1.011/16/2016
KB86332groov Image Library takes long time to load images and can cause groov to appear to freeze1.011/16/2016
KB86301Opto iPAC/aPAC display analog input & output points as Unknown() when IO via Controller is selected1.011/16/2016
KB86280In Opto iPAC, tags are sorted in an unexpected way1.011/16/2016
KB86278Opto aPAC: On some devices, the list of tags is very small and hard to read1.011/16/2016
KB86249Controller acting as Modbus Slave won't accept TCP connection requests from Master2.011/11/2016
KB86358In groov, SSL certificate configuration may cause Node-RED ports to be unresponsive2.011/1/2016
KB86240REST API: Errors when reading or writing to tags may cause controller to reset2.010/31/2016
KB86306In iPAC and aPAC, digital output points may be categorized as analog input points 1.010/31/2016
KB86071REST API does not return -Infinity values as strings2.010/28/2016
KB85815REST API: Writing a NaN to an analog output or float writes 0 instead2.010/28/2016
KB85807POSTs to REST API may return a -8 error code when the JSON string includes whitespace2.010/28/2016
KB86257Cannot enable communication to mistic brain with quadrature digital input module configured2.010/27/2016
KB86329Can't change state of output points on Mistic I/O units after power interruption2.010/27/2016
KB86330Using Internet Explorer with groov, changes to event notification message configuration are not saved 2.010/21/2016
KB86090After prolonged, continuous powerup, controller may lose communication via host port 2.010/20/2016
KB86282groov may become unresponsive or crash, and downloading system logs may result in zero byte files1.010/3/2016
KB86254groov View for iOS Cancel button does not work after failed password attempts1.010/3/2016
KB86266Incorrect confirmation password in groov View for iOS makes password setup impossible1.010/3/2016
KB86265On groov View for iOS, trying to change password fails when entering old password1.010/3/2016
KB86248Cancelling or attempting to turn off passcode causes groov View for mobile to crash1.010/3/2016
KB86246In groov View mobile app, automatic login does not work if username or password includes "&"1.09/28/2016
KB86214groov View mobile app fails to connect to sites with an IPv6 address configured to use a name2.09/28/2016
KB86204groov View for iOS does not correctly support usernames and passwords that contain spaces2.09/28/2016
KB86203In groov View for iOS on iPad, the display moves up when you return from changing app settings2.09/28/2016
KB86202In groov View for iOS on an iPad Pro, once set, the "Handheld View" option may stick even if turned off2.09/28/2016
KB86201In groov View for iOS on iPad Pro, "Handheld View" options appear to be global rather than per connection2.09/28/2016
KB86132In groov, failure on a single OPC UA connection may cause tags on working OPC UA connections to fail 2.09/28/2016
KB86121In groov, the licensing window appears on all browser instances after a trial timer expires and start trial has been selected1.09/28/2016
KB86092Opto aPAC displays timer variables as integers rather than floats1.09/28/2016
KB86251"Play sound continuously until any alarm is acknowledged" may cause PAC Display Runtime to hang2.09/27/2016
KB86232Using Scale Window tool on a SuperTrend graphic may cause PAC Display Configurator to crash 2.09/27/2016
KB86231PAC Display: XY Plot connects last point to (0,0)4.09/27/2016
KB86225Pressing a key with no project open may crash PAC Display Configurator2.09/27/2016
KB86224OptoDataLink 9.5 does not cycle through database rows like 9.4 did2.09/27/2016
KB86223PAC Control: Shared subroutines can give incorrect results2.09/27/2016
KB86217PAC Display: Controller becomes "< Undefined>" in imported windows2.09/27/2016
KB86197PAC Display may crash when reopening Log To Database dialogs using MySQL 2.09/27/2016
KB86184E2 brains don't show in the PAC Display Runtime Setup I/O Unit Tag list2.09/27/2016
KB86182PAC Display: Dynamic Attributes > View does not show the dynamic attributes2.09/27/2016
KB86177PAC Display Professional: OptoDisplay Converter (FAC2PAC) should not try to automatically open a project 2.09/27/2016
KB86172PAC Manager: Updating to newer firmware may fail in R1, R1-B, and R2 controllers with microSD card slot3.09/27/2016
KB86166PAC Display Runtime: On-screen keyboard for touch screen is distorted2.09/27/2016
KB86158PAC Display Professional may not save configuration for logging SuperTrend data to a file or database2.09/27/2016
KB83014PAC Control should report a compile error if you pass in an incorrect parameter when the argument is a table2.09/27/2016
KB86083Opto aPAC randomly shows "Invalid Length Returned" when viewing string tables1.09/26/2016
KB86002Opto aPAC app crashes, often after "Connect Failed!" message, while communicating with I/O points1.09/26/2016
KB85663In Opto iPAC, long tag name causes Turn On button to be hidden1.09/23/2016
KB85569In Opto iPAC and Opto aPac, only the first 2 points show up on the SNAP-IDC-32DN1.09/23/2016
KB85568After restarting the Opto iPAC App, items deleted from the main list reappear1.09/23/2016
KB86264Cracking on SNAP PAC or SNAP TEX plastic rack extrusions1.09/23/2016
KB86181PAC Display: In Historical mode, the start date of binary SuperTrend log files may appear as 01/01/1601 2.09/23/2016
KB86221groov Trend gadgets allow negative periods2.09/22/2016
KB86189Color changes made to original or duplicate groov gadget are applied to both gadgets2.09/22/2016
KB86156SuperTrends: Colors are different between trend pen and its associated value2.09/22/2016
KB86219PAC Manager should not let you configure SNAP-IDC5Q for SNAP-PAC-R2s, -EB2s, or -SB2s2.09/22/2016
KB86218PAC Control should not let you configure SNAP-IDC5Q for SNAP-PAC-R2s, -EB2s, or -SB2s2.09/22/2016
KB86024PAC Control should report a compile error if the index to a string table reference is missing in an OptoScript block3.09/21/2016
KB86180Newer firmware files may not install properly when a microSDHC card is in the controller3.09/21/2016
KB86126OptoDataLinkRuntime won't start ("Unable to start OptoDataLinkRuntime" error message)2.09/20/2016
KB86148Loss of floating point precision in OptoOPCServer and PAC Display2.09/20/2016
KB86159PAC Display Runtime terminates if the project's ODBC data source is not available2.09/16/2016
KB86220EtherNet/IP Configurator should not let you configure SNAP-IDC5Q for SNAP-PAC-R2s or -EB2s2.09/15/2016
KB86238E1/E2 Serial Optomux watchdog timeout does not work2.09/14/2016
KB86237PAC Manager: Install Firmware via Ethernet may fail with certain controllers (Could not access 'response' file)3.09/14/2016
KB86170PAC Manager Configuration file doesn't retain Fahrenheit setting for E2 brains2.09/14/2016
KB85899MMP Write Block commands that write more than 1444 bytes of data may trigger additional transactions1.09/14/2016
KB84979-39 error (Timeout on Receive) should not close UDP communication handles2.09/13/2016
KB86206SoftPAC: Unable to communicate to MMP port via UDP 2.09/12/2016
KB86212SoftPAC: Multiple charts heavily accessing the same communcations handle can cause a -16 Bus Error 2.09/12/2016
KB86142Stopping a strategy while a chart holds a lock on a flag variable can make the controller unresponsive3.09/2/2016
KB86193REST API sometimes incorrectly returns -5 or -28 error when multiple values are requested2.09/1/2016
KB86136PAC Display: Existing graphics don’t recognize configured digital input points and new graphics can't be configured for digital input points3.08/30/2016
KB86113When graphics overlap, PAC Display Runtime should perform the actions configured for the top-most graphic2.08/30/2016
KB85987Graphics configured to download a recipe from a database table may cause PAC Display Runtime to crash2.08/29/2016
KB86137PAC Display: Unable to configure string tables for Send String dynamic attribute command2.08/29/2016
KB86147In multi-monitor systems, Runtime doesn't always reopen main window on the monitor where it was closed2.08/29/2016
KB86149PAC Display Pro: Cannot unselect "Log to Database" when configuring Alarming Setup 2.08/29/2016
KB86131PAC Display: Export Project feature fails to export header information for Bezier curves2.08/26/2016
KB86123PAC Display Runtime generates blank entries (separated by commas) in triggered historical logs2.08/26/2016
KB86150Unexpected results when changing PID parameters in PAC Control Debug mode2.08/24/2016
KB86117PAC Display Configurator doesn't retain tag order when configuring historical data log 2.08/24/2016
KB86122PAC Display Configurator crashes when you paste text into a window3.08/23/2016
KB86116PAC Display Runtime: Discrete alarms trigger only when the tag's value is -1 2.08/23/2016
KB86103PAC Display Runtime: Unable to close "Waiting for async operations to complete" message2.08/23/2016
KB86130OptoScript fails to set breakpoints following a single line comment starting with //* 2.08/23/2016
KB86104PAC Display Runtime: Layered buttons with Visibility/Blink attributes don't always display proper text 2.08/22/2016
KB85968E1/E2: Powerup Clear Expected Error always transmitted as a Write Response2.08/22/2016
KB86101PAC Display Runtime: Clicking a button with Send String attribute displays error message2.08/22/2016
KB86102PAC Display Runtime crashes if you enter the password or click Cancel when opening a password-protected window2.08/22/2016
KB86143PAC Control: Three "I/O Unit" conditions don't support E1, E2, or R1-B2.08/22/2016
KB85993PAC Control may crash if you press Cancel while the strategy download is processing an archive 4.08/22/2016
KB86120"Operation Failed; retrying" error when logging into groov using IE on PC or Safari on Mac2.08/19/2016
KB85999When restoring a project in groov Build, typing in the Project Backup field produces an error2.08/19/2016
KB85767.NET Controller SDK: Erroneous Communication Fault1.08/19/2016
KB85706.NET OptoMMP SDK: Characters missing from Point Name1.08/19/2016
KB86108PAC Display text objects with multiple styles revert to Normal style (and font may change) when project is reopened2.08/19/2016
KB82105Specific characters in a communication handle's Initial Value cause issues in archived strategies2.08/19/2016
KB85615If Legacy option isn't enabled, PAC Control may crash when importing a chart with a legacy I/O unit2.08/18/2016
KB86021PAC Display Runtime's inactivity timeout behavior isn't consistent2.08/18/2016
KB86094PAC Display: Project passwords longer than 50 characters may not work2.08/17/2016
KB82614"Undefined Command" error when downloading strategy with double quotation mark ( " ) in string variable2.08/17/2016
KB85982OptoDataLink may crash if a data link's source or destination becomes unavailable2.08/17/2016
KB86140OptoDataLink doesn't send data when "depending on" condition is reactivated2.08/16/2016
KB86133OptoDataLink doesn't write empty string values from database tables to strategy tables2.08/16/2016
KB86078Clearing configured breakpoints should also clear "Break On" flag2.08/16/2016
KB86139SNAP PAC thermocouple modules running under R9.5a firmware may prematurely display high out-of-range value2.08/11/2016
KB86125Internet Explorer deletes text in groov text area gadgets when grouped or selected together2.08/2/2016
KB85996Failure during groov project load can hang the browser2.07/28/2016
KB85947groov 3.2 update fails on groov Box with groov Admin version lower than 431.07/28/2016
KB85911groov Trend gadget properties panel does not convert units in the Period and Update Interval fields2.07/28/2016
KB85910groov Trend gadget minimum update intervals not enforced2.07/28/2016
KB85841groov Indicator Buttons don't fully display animated gifs2.07/28/2016
KB81116PAC Control subroutine names with a space or dash generate a misleading error2.07/22/2016
KB80780PAC Control strategy filenames with a period cause download problems2.07/22/2016
KB86020SoftPAC: Cannot use "Update Firmware" option to upgrade to R9.5a (or higher)2.07/21/2016
KB82058Host-fed PID Velocity Type B, ISA, Parallel, and Interacting algorithms do not calculate D or P terms4.07/21/2016
KB86011Online Help: Script error message when clicking external hyperlinks1.07/20/2016
KB85928In PAC Display Runtime, reloading history alarms can cause "Not responding" to appear in title bar2.06/30/2016
KB85952Optomux responses on E1/E2 may be delayed2.06/30/2016
KB85832In groov, changing text in a copied Text Gadget may affect the original one, and vice versa2.06/30/2016
KB85820In groov, cannot write an empty string into a Modbus string tag or shorten the string2.06/30/2016
KB85818SVG image in groov does not appear or is out of proportion2.06/30/2016
KB85817In groov, OPC UA byte array shows data type error2.06/30/2016
KB85566OptoMMP Read requests to E1/E2 using invalid addresses return stale data1.06/30/2016
KB85725PAC Display Runtime may crash if Cancel is pressed at password prompt2.06/20/2016
KB85702PAC Display recipe download will not write data to a string variable if the data contains a colon2.06/10/2016
KB85669PAC Display Runtime's View > Configuration Status crashes on a project with no controllers2.06/10/2016
KB85951PAC Display Runtime with triggered historic logs and notifications may crash on startup1.06/10/2016
KB85816In groov, writing to an OPC UA array index gives an "unexpected error"1.05/26/2016
KB85806In groov, OPC UA Static Array may generate index error asking for a negative index value2.05/26/2016
KB85591PAC Display Trends and SuperTrends do not use correct controller's data after Window > Switch Control Engine2.05/26/2016
KB85797Opening an FTP Comm Handle in PAC Control uses incorrect default timeout2.05/26/2016
KB85877Some E1/E2 configuration values not properly stored to flash memory2.05/26/2016
KB85901Uploading SSL certificates to groov Box can cause the Box to become unreachable1.05/26/2016
KB85897PAC Display Runtime writes to Runtime Operator Log when logging is not enabled2.05/26/2016
KB85888-2104 error when sending email from a PAC Control strategy2.05/26/2016
KB85914Modbus/TCP function Report Slave ID (0x11) does not return any data2.05/25/2016
KB85876PAC Display Runtime B9.4h crashes with XY plots2.05/18/2016
KB85842PAC Display Runtime may crash if reading a very large float value2.05/18/2016
KB85637PAC Display multiple Runtimes feature not working2.05/18/2016
KB85744PAC Display Configurator, Graphic Dynamic Attributes: Cancel button saves size and position changes2.05/5/2016
KB85839OPC UA dynamic array shows incorrect index range in groov event notification email editor1.05/4/2016
KB85813groov Event Notification email not saved if only tag(s) are added1.05/4/2016
KB85756groov View shows yellow triangle "trying to connect" error on gadget with Data Simulator tag1.04/29/2016
KB85737In groov Build, a configured Event condition displays incorrect boolean settings1.04/29/2016
KB85796In groov Build, OPC UA Static Array tags are disabled in the Tags tree1.04/29/2016
KB85755PAC Controller message queue shows -12 error when groov project tries to get table information1.04/29/2016
KB85738In groov, setting Lower Hysteresis in an Event condition produces error1.04/29/2016
KB85713groov dynamic tag array not operational 1.04/29/2016
KB85673In groov, results for Modbus scalers used with array tags are incorrectly rounded1.04/29/2016
KB85793PAC Display Professional project loads slowly, may show out of memory error; project .UUI file grows to several hundred megabytes2.04/27/2016
KB85758PAC Display Runtime - Incorrect vertical position behavior when objects grouped2.04/22/2016
KB85762OptoDataLink may crash2.04/22/2016
KB85570groov logo always appears when using View on an iPad1.04/22/2016
KB84903PAC Manager - Negative number in Add Memory Map Values dialog box generates error2.04/8/2016
KB85658PAC Display Configurator - Project Export may hang or crash2.04/7/2016
KB85657PAC Display Configurator and Runtime will crash if you open a very large number of windows at once2.04/7/2016
KB85648PAC Display may not start on some Windows PCs2.04/7/2016
KB85642PAC Display Runtime - Selected window doesn't come to front2.04/7/2016
KB85607PAC Display Configurator - Find Tags may find incorrect tag2.04/7/2016
KB85604PAC Display Runtime - Recipe upload may time out and report an error in the recipe format file2.04/7/2016
KB85587PAC Display Configurator - PID button object appears to point to wrong PID2.04/7/2016
KB85565PAC Display Runtime may crash (long message in the Event Log)2.04/7/2016
KB85555PAC Display Runtime may fail when trying to get Historical Log File name from controller string variable2.04/7/2016
KB85511PAC Display Configurator - Importing alarm points may result in several "String Resource Not Found" messages2.04/7/2016
KB85510PAC Display Configurator - "Control engine not found" error after importing alarm points 2.04/7/2016
KB85491PAC Display Runtime may not display buttons and combo box controls when other graphic objects change state2.04/7/2016
KB85429XY Plot with empty title causes PAC Display Runtime to crash2.04/6/2016
KB85661mistic I/O units cannot be imported into PAC Control2.04/6/2016
KB85723On a SNAP high-density digital (HDD) output module, a point that was turned off is on, or vice versa2.04/6/2016
KB85583PAC Control: Undefined command error on download caused by analog point scaling2.04/1/2016
KB84812Analog minimum value request in PAC Display or OptoOPCServer returns maximum value2.04/1/2016
KB83828SNAP analog module loses custom scaling configuration2.04/1/2016
KB82216PAC Control variables do not show up in the Strategy Tree when copied3.04/1/2016
KB84806PAC Control: Using custom scaling with analog points on mistic I/O units causes error3.03/31/2016
KB85696E1/E2 firmware upgrade takes too long1.03/30/2016
KB84407In groov Server, Backup project doesn't complete the backup if you have unsaved changes and click "Yes"2.03/28/2016
KB84422groov Server shows "Updates Available" even though just updated2.03/28/2016
KB84879groov Server stops functioning; NoClassDefFoundError exceptions appear in message log1.03/28/2016
KB85550In groov Admin, cannot get PEM/CSR file after uploading CA-signed certificate1.03/28/2016
KB85549groov Box cannot be reached by hostname1.03/28/2016
KB85576PAC Display Runtime: Historical Logs may miss data if another trigger event occurs too quickly2.03/23/2016
KB84845EtherNet/IP Configurator does not scale SNAP-AIMA-iH and SNAP-AOA-23-iH (HART modules) correctly2.03/23/2016
KB84801groov Page Navigation gadget's page selector appears to support multiple links1.03/9/2016
KB84184In groov Build, initial image may fail to load for Video gadget1.03/9/2016
KB84908In groov, "Log out all users" does not log users out of the View Logs screen1.03/7/2016
KB84864In groov notification editor, editing an array tag defaults to index 0, regardless of the index chosen1.03/7/2016
KB84779groov: Group Header gadget isn't rendered well when font size is too big for grid size1.03/7/2016
KB84778If a groov event is disabled, the save changes dialog pops up when no changes were made1.03/7/2016
KB84280In groov Build, dialog boxes stay open when a user is logged out by an Admin1.03/7/2016
KB83938In groov Build, erratic browser window behavior when dragging gadgets to the page1.03/4/2016
KB84402The length of an OptoMMP Write Block request is not properly limited1.03/3/2016
KB84401The length of an OptoMMP Read Block Request is not properly limited1.03/3/2016
KB85483groov App security issue identified and corrected1.02/11/2016
KB85462Spikes in Optomux serial response time on E1 and E2 brains2.01/19/2016
KB85457SNAP-PAC-EB2-W brain continuously resets after wireless configuration is stored to flash1.01/19/2016
KB85340In the .NET controller SDK, a communication fault is returned for a floating point value or analog point state1.01/19/2016
KB85192groov events cannot reference strategy table indexes1.01/19/2016
KB84911PAC Manager can't assign IP address to legacy SNAP Ethernet I/O brains or M4SENET-100 via Ethernet connection1.01/11/2016
KB84561Firmware needs to support PAC Manager in calibrating analog points that have negative scaling4.01/8/2016
KB84977PAC Display Runtime: Double-clicking causes buttons to perform their actions twice1.01/7/2016
KB85338PAC Display (Beta version): Alarms are not Acknowledged in Summary alarm window2.01/7/2016
KB85398PAC Display Configurator may crash when you configure table controls in projects that were last saved in pre-R9.0a versions2.01/7/2016
KB84135PAC Control: Unusual behavior when debugging string tables with non-printable ASCII characters1.01/7/2016
KB85379PAC Display Configurator might not load all strategy tags when the strategy includes SNAP-PAC-R1-B I/O Units2.01/7/2016
KB85369PAC Control R9.4 compiles all charts when entering Debug mode2.01/5/2016
KB84921PAC Control: Unable to see all algorithm data in the View PID Loop (scanning) dialog box1.01/5/2016
KB85043In the .NET controller SDK, stopping a chart returns an error2.01/4/2016
KB83768PAC Control: Closing a chart while it's in Auto Step mode puts the chart into the paused state1.01/4/2016
KB84551PAC Control: Clearing I/O unit's configuration may cause reset1.01/4/2016
KB85396Windows 10 Edge 25 browser misaligns gadgets in groov View1.012/30/2015
KB85374groov's error symbols break starting in Chrome 481.012/30/2015
KB85313In groov View, Round Gauge and Range Indicator gadgets may not show complete marker values1.012/30/2015
KB85284In groov, moderate to heavy load causes unreliable event reporting1.012/30/2015
KB85031In the .NET controller SDK, WriteChartStatus?() always returns a communication error2.012/30/2015
KB84986In groov, the Operator security level lacks a logout option1.012/30/2015
KB84842In groov Admin, a timezone change requires a reboot1.012/30/2015
KB83813Unusually large change in PID Output or Integral2.012/18/2015
KB84196COM handle "get.srcport" command returns the source IP address instead of its port2.012/10/2015
KB84704Controller may reset if email attachment is sent from microSD card2.012/10/2015
KB84711Opening a communication handle may cause a controller reset (or bus error) if value is malformed2.012/10/2015
KB84757PAC Control: Unpack String incorrectly stores 8-, 16-, and 24-bit values into Int32 2.012/10/2015
KB84858Control engine ignores Mistic PID output enable options2.012/10/2015
KB84731SNAP PAC controller connection to secure server may fail2.012/10/2015
KB84702PAC Project Firmware: Strategy download may fail2.012/10/2015
KB84243Custom-scaled SNAP I/O modules may be reset to defaults2.012/10/2015
KB84345PAC Control flowchart hangs when trying to access offline HART SNAP I/O2.012/10/2015
KB84300SNAP-PAC rack-mounted controllers & brains stop returning frequency every 72 minutes2.012/10/2015
KB84431PAC Control: Files written by a strategy to a Micro SD card have a created date of Jan 1, 20122.012/10/2015
KB84472PAC Firmware: Persistent strings are cleared when strategy is updated2.012/10/2015
KB84519PAC Control commands that use SSL/TLS may return HTTP Status (like 202) in the "Put Status In" variable5.012/10/2015
KB84577OptoMMP memory map Digital Point Write Turn On/Off areas write with any value2.012/10/2015
KB84588Spaces in file COM handle connect string make files inaccessible2.012/10/2015
KB84608HART preambles set to very high value2.012/10/2015
KB84885Mistic I/O is not enabled after watchdog timeout2.012/10/2015
KB84528A PAC Control strategy with a very long name may make variables lose their persistence2.012/10/2015
KB84898PAC Control: Handshake failure sending email to SMTP server using SSL certificate with specific algorithm2.012/10/2015
KB85035SNAP PAC brains: Large data stream sizes cause corruption and/or reset2.012/10/2015
KB85038On SNAP PAC controllers, persistent variables aren't retained when using background downloading2.012/10/2015
KB85083Cannot create file on microSD card (error code -417)2.012/10/2015
KB85276Get Control Engine Address command returns
KB84474Some time zone changes not working correctly in SNAP PAC controllers2.012/10/2015
KB84719On a SNAP PAC controller, the host port may become unresponsive 2.012/10/2015
KB84791Heavy use of a file COM handle by multiple charts may cause the controller to reset2.012/10/2015
KB84906SNAP PAC controller resets when doing secure SMTP over PPP2.012/10/2015
KB84951SNAP PAC controllers: Set Time Zone Configuration is not saved to battery-backed RAM2.012/10/2015
KB84522PAC controllers may refuse communication requests after FTP server closes connection due to inactivity2.012/10/2015
KB85301PAC Control's Inspect window shows incorrect data for 64-bit integer tables in subroutines 2.012/10/2015
KB83266Full FTP directory may not be returned by the control engine2.012/10/2015
KB80394'Get Frequency' command slow to detect 0 Hz2.012/10/2015
KB84583Cannot access SNAP PAC controller1.012/9/2015
KB85045Can't properly resize EtherNet/IP Configurator dialog boxes in Windows 102.012/9/2015
KB84840PAC Display: Event Log Viewer Message window may display wrong message2.012/2/2015
KB84839PAC Display: Floating point values of 0.0 or less may cause Invalid Floating Point error 2.012/2/2015
KB84392PAC Control: -62 error (stack too large) when strategy is downloaded1.012/2/2015
KB84539PAC Display Runtime may consume large amounts of RAM2.012/2/2015
KB84538Error downloading PAC Control strategy with PID loop2.012/2/2015
KB84556PAC Control: Can't configure On-Latch Set? or Off-Latch Set? when I/O unit is G4EB22.012/2/2015
KB84562PAC Display Configurator Export Historic Logs does not work2.012/2/2015
KB84631PAC Display Runtime crashes if the Log In dialog password field is clicked and "Enable On-screen Keyboard" is selected2.012/2/2015
KB84632PAC Display Runtime: Global Operator Logout succeeds even if canceled2.012/2/2015
KB84636PAC Display Configurator may crash when opening older projects2.012/2/2015
KB84647PAC Display Runtime may crash when using PID button2.012/2/2015
KB84471PAC Display Pro may not generate correct information for redundant controllers2.012/2/2015
KB84482PAC Display Runtime may crash on start if Reload History Alarms option is enabled2.012/2/2015
KB84425PAC Display Configurator may crash on Find Tag dialog box2.012/2/2015
KB84453PAC Control debugger not in sync with redundant system that has switched to the backup2.012/2/2015
KB84281PAC Display Configurator: Cannot delete historic log2.012/2/2015
KB84315PAC Display Configurator may crash when copying/pasting Labels2.012/2/2015
KB84340SoftPAC Monitor Overview reports a strategy name after SoftPAC is turned off2.012/2/2015
KB84408PAC Display may freeze when closing a window with multiple graphic dynamic attributes2.012/2/2015
KB84409PAC Display may not recognize the password to enter a password-protected window4.012/2/2015
KB84412PAC Display: Find Tag does not find historic log items2.012/2/2015
KB84654PAC Display Runtime may crash when acknowledging Alarm Point dialog if using conditional tags2.012/2/2015
KB84659 PAC Display: All operator-driven attribute (ODA) permission checks can be bypassed2.012/2/2015
KB84664PAC Display should allow choosing security users from the local computer accounts2.012/2/2015
KB84677PAC Display Monitor-only Runtime does not allow runtime user to log out2.012/2/2015
KB84606An OptoControl strategy with scaled points will not convert properly to PAC Control 2.012/2/2015
KB84214Edit > Replace feature in PAC Display Configurator does not work for table objects when Search For is set to Refresh Group2.012/2/2015
KB84217PAC Display Runtime Basic not logging String Tables to Historic Log2.012/2/2015
KB84231Alarm Points set by Tag values in PAC Display do not alarm with Lo or LoLo values2.012/2/2015
KB84232Alarm Point Alert Window does not appear in PAC Display Runtime2.012/2/2015
KB84200PAC Display Bring Window to Front dialog box does not work2.012/2/2015
KB84282Window names not showing up in some PAC Display dialog boxes2.012/2/2015
KB84250PAC Display Runtime may crash if a window is closed while output dynamic attribute operations are in progress2.012/2/2015
KB84263PAC Display Configurator: Controller references for Table tags are not updated when importing windows2.012/2/2015
KB84170PAC Display Configurator crashes when duplicating a historic log2.012/2/2015
KB84168SuperTrend historic log configuration does not retain settings in PAC Display Configurator Basic2.012/2/2015
KB84183Text copied from a label object in PAC Display Configurator may not correctly paste into a different application2.012/2/2015
KB84174 Non-text graphics rotated in PAC Display Runtime are not redrawn when opening an Always In Memory Window2.012/2/2015
KB84133PID Auto/Man button in the PID Viewer does not always work2.012/2/2015
KB83944Bootloader fails to load firmware from microSD to RAM2.012/2/2015
KB83896OptoDataLink stops logging data if the scanner stops functioning2.012/2/2015
KB82904OptoDataLink intermittently stops recording data2.012/2/2015
KB83032Button graphics with dynamic text may not display correctly in PAC Display Runtime2.012/2/2015
KB84915PAC Display: Displaying values from integer tables, float tables, or historical logging may cause memory error at runtime2.012/1/2015
KB83921PAC Display: Combo box retains focus at runtime2.012/1/2015
KB85247OptoDataLink cannot transfer rows of data to individual tags2.012/1/2015
KB84681OptoOPCServer: Tag qualities can change erratically2.012/1/2015
KB84314Downgrading to a lower-numbered version of PAC Project does not downgrade OptoOPCServer1.012/1/2015
KB84173PAC Control: Find Missing Connections function may incorrectly return continue blocks3.011/30/2015
KB83600Very long variable descriptions can cause PAC Control to crash1.011/30/2015
KB85296PAC Display: Start Index and Num Elements fields are editable when they shouldn't be 2.011/30/2015
KB85292PAC Display: Dates for alarms, historical logs, and event logs won't appear as DD-MM-YYYY2.011/30/2015
KB85279Rapidly clicking a graphic with a Send dynamic attribute may affect other graphics2.011/30/2015
KB85277PAC Manager times out almost immediately when attempting to install firmware2.011/30/2015
KB85046Can't properly resize Opto Browser Configurator dialog boxes in Windows 102.011/30/2015
KB85044Can't properly resize PAC Manager dialog boxes in Windows 102.011/30/2015
KB85039Can't properly resize PAC Control dialog boxes in Windows 102.011/30/2015
KB85020PAC Control: Scaled unit incorrectly appears in Actual Unit field2.011/30/2015
KB85309PAC Display Pro doesn't automatically switch to redundant IP2.011/30/2015
KB84968OptoDataLink may create duplicate database and file records2.011/30/2015
KB84543Invalid values on x86 and AMD64-based computers with PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-DOTNET SDK1.011/25/2015
KB84542Missing options for analog outputs in PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-DOTNET SDK1.011/25/2015
KB84541Invalid values for analog inputs with PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-DOTNET SDK1.011/25/2015
KB84529Exception fault when configuring analog output in PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-DOTNET SDK1.011/25/2015
KB84480Opto iPAC FTP secure login dialog box does not appear correctly in iOS 7 and higher1.011/25/2015
KB84444SNAP analog output module resets when invalid float is written to it1.011/25/2015
KB84368groov Graph gadget may have trouble showing min/max 32-bit or 64-bit float values1.011/25/2015
KB84319In groov Build, Modbus tags are not auto-selected in Update Tag dialog box1.011/25/2015
KB84295Premature return of "-10" error in PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-DOTNET SDK1.011/25/2015
KB84294Null string invalid exception with PAC-DEV-OPTOMMP-DOTNET SDK1.011/25/2015
KB84288Incorrect free space shown for microSDHC cards on SNAP PAC controllers2.011/25/2015
KB83045PAC Control: Unable to delete a block that was referenced by multiple continue blocks2.011/24/2015
KB84093OptoOPCServer may crash if it receives too many Refresh requests too fast 1.011/24/2015
KB83991Cannot configure SNAP-AIR400K-8 for Steinhart-Hart coefficients1.011/20/2015
KB84185groov View for iOS often reports "low memory"1.011/19/2015
KB84140GROOV-AT1 is restored to defaults if power button is pressed twice within 4 seconds1.011/19/2015
KB83946Opto iPAC may crash when viewing numeric tables1.011/19/2015
KB84810PAC Control: Last value of Message Queue message is omitted when pasted into Excel1.011/16/2015
KB84833OptoScript: "if-then" causes -13 overflow error when value is too large2.011/16/2015
KB85261PAC Display Configurator crashes when you load a project with an unnamed alarm point2.011/16/2015
KB83669PAC Control: Searching for pointers may return false matches1.011/13/2015
KB82660SNAP-SCM-PROFI Profibus module may reset when connected to a device that continuously transmits data1.010/30/2015
KB85250E1 or E2 firmware update may fail intermittently1.010/30/2015
KB84712groov Build: Some incorrect colors appear with dark backgrounds1.010/23/2015
KB85220At runtime, PAC Display may crash when you click a graphic with a window dynamic attribute2.010/23/2015
KB85222E2 brain board resets1.010/23/2015
KB85201PAC Display may crash or become unresponsive at runtime if its project has many active and enabled alarm points2.010/13/2015
KB85204E1 and E2 brain boards may be corrupted if reset during startup1.010/12/2015
KB85158E1 and E2 brain boards with R1.1e firmware may fail to communicate on startup1.010/12/2015
KB84703groov project takes a long time to save if Trends have missing tags2.010/8/2015
KB84695After selecting and unselecting gadgets in groov Build, the arrow keys no longer work as expected.1.010/8/2015
KB84693In groov Build, changing gadget z-order only works with one gadget at a time1.010/8/2015
KB84989groov may become unresponsive after running fine for 40 minutes (corrupt project file)1.010/8/2015
KB83985If a window is open in groov Build and in another tab the same user logs out, the window persists.1.010/8/2015
KB83820PID Output may go to previous state when switching back to auto mode1.010/8/2015
KB83683In groov, long names affect Page Navigator gadget's property panel1.010/7/2015
KB83536In groov Build, changing users causes a stuck "loading tags..." dialog box1.010/7/2015
KB85182In PAC Display Runtime, alarm graphics show no data other than date/time 2.010/2/2015
KB85082When you run PAC Display Runtime Pro as an administrator, it cannot connect to IO scanners2.010/2/2015
KB85157Cannot update groov Admin in Edge browser2.010/1/2015
KB85141SNAP-AIRATE-HFi reports value of 0 Hz instead of out-of-range value when field signal is below lower range1.010/1/2015
KB85078SNAP-AIMV-4 module with point configured as +/- 75 mV shows incorrect default scaling2.010/1/2015
KB85080In Windows 10, PAC Display Configurator Pro may crash when saving a project2.09/29/2015
KB85055Memory leak may cause OptoDataLinkRuntime.exe to use more system memory1.09/29/2015
KB85061In PAC Manager, SNAP-AICTD module scaling values are configured incorrectly2.09/28/2015
KB85060In EtherNet/IP Configurator, SNAP-AICTD module scaling values are configured incorrectly1.09/24/2015
KB85072Baseplate on most SNAP brains and rack-mounted controllers is changing from plastic to aluminum1.09/15/2015
KB85057In groov, adding or configuring a Modbus device on a Solo license causes groov to stop working1.09/14/2015
KB85034PAC Control I/O Unit commands do not support SNAP-PAC-R1-B2.09/9/2015
KB85033In groov Build, the first attempt to update a strategy may not work1.09/9/2015
KB85028Upgrading to Windows 10 may not register the OptoDispLS service for PAC Display1.09/9/2015
KB85024GROOV-AR1: SYS LED keeps blinking and the groov Box is unresponsive1.09/9/2015
KB85023In PAC Display Supertrend, switching from historical to realtime view creates discontinuity2.09/9/2015
KB85021groov default SSL certificate uses an older digest1.08/28/2015
KB84983In groov Build, minor overridden tic marks disappear if gadget has non-zero minimums1.08/13/2015
KB84956Cannot access PEM file after uploading SSL certificate to groov Box1.08/13/2015
KB84954In groov Admin, cannot upgrade groov when on a link-local connection1.08/13/2015
KB84953In groov Admin, cannot set up Wifi when connected via link-local IP address1.08/13/2015
KB84909Cannot resize Level, Slider, or Divider groov gadgets in Chrome1.08/13/2015
KB84403On E1/E2 brains, read-only areas of OptoMMP can be written to1.08/13/2015
KB84396OptoMMP addresses not used by E1/E2 brains do not return an "Invalid Address" error1.08/13/2015
KB84792Error when trying to connect to groov (weak key or unsupported cipher)2.07/28/2015
KB84896E2 brain boards: Reset to defaults does not reset gain1.07/28/2015
KB84895PAC Display Configurator: Historical Log configuration crash2.07/28/2015
KB84893PAC Display alarm email does not show alarm value; displays "f" instead2.07/28/2015
KB84892PAC Display alarm does not trigger email2.07/28/2015
KB84760groov: Using Internet Explorer, PAC Control strategy cannot be updated2.07/28/2015
KB84891SNAP-SCM-CAN2B module incorrectly applies Acceptance Filters to CAN devices1.06/29/2015
KB84905Strategy Mismatch Download Warning when entering Debug mode1.06/29/2015
KB84878PAC Display Runtime may crash if Alarm Log files contain a mix of pre-R9.4a and post-R9.4a data2.06/26/2015
KB84872In groov, the Value gadget does not display a NaN2.06/26/2015
KB84870PAC Display Runtime may crash if using historical SuperTrend configured to log to ODBC database2.06/26/2015
KB84834PAC Control does not scale SNAP-AIMA-iH and SNAP-AOA-23-iH (HART modules) correctly4.06/26/2015
KB84823Cannot connect to OPC UA server after upgrading groov1.06/26/2015
KB84822Special characters do not appear correctly in groov Event Status Viewer2.06/26/2015
KB84820When Chrome browser is maximized, groov gadgets may not be properly resized2.06/26/2015
KB84815Z-order with groov gadgets is inconsistent1.06/26/2015
KB84875Missing tags in Event Conditions disables condition editing in groov Build2.06/18/2015
KB84861Firefox will not allow copying individual text from groov Event Message logs1.06/18/2015
KB84819In groov, QNAN tag is not displayed correctly in Event Status logs1.06/18/2015
KB84818groov View: Event Status Viewer icon doesn't work after navigating away on IE and Firefox1.06/18/2015
KB84846In groov notification emails and log, strings display "no value found for tag"1.06/16/2015
KB84829groov Build: Cannot change line type in the Trend gadget1.06/16/2015
KB84848groov View: Title bar links may be unresponsive on iOS devices1.06/16/2015
KB84849groov Build: Cannot use Ctrl-V hotkey to paste gadgets between pages1.06/16/2015
KB84816IE and Firefox do not display the Event Status Viewer properly from groov Build1.06/16/2015
KB84808In groov Build, Modbus/TCP device slave IDs are not allowed above 2472.06/5/2015
KB84805groov: Changed Opto 22 controller IP address does not immediately appear in the gadget palette2.06/5/2015
KB84803PAC Display Runtime: non-sequentially configured tables may show incorrect data 2.06/5/2015
KB84799In groov, clicking on the View Events Status page opens up tab with no scroll bars2.06/4/2015
KB84242groov: Missing page background label1.06/4/2015
KB84794Event triggers using decimal values are not rounded off in groov View2.05/27/2015
KB84793InfoKB: Periodic hardware replacement for preventive maintenance1.05/27/2015
KB84785groov: Text for some gadgets disappears unless you click inside the properties panel1.05/27/2015
KB84784Boundaries for gadgets in groov Build may not line up with workspace area1.05/27/2015
KB84762PAC Display Configurator may crash when configuring a "Text in from controller" dynamic attribute2.05/27/2015
KB84758Snapshots no longer work in PAC Display Runtime2.05/7/2015
KB84743PAC Display Configurator may crash when configuring Recipe Managers2.05/4/2015
KB84755In groov View, illegal address error or incorrect string may appear in Modbus tag 1.05/4/2015
KB84754Out-of-range Modbus tag address causes groov to freeze1.05/4/2015
KB84457groov usernames and passwords cannot include special characters (%, &, etc.)2.05/4/2015
KB84398In groov Build, tags from PAC controllers running the same strategy are indistinguishable from each other2.05/4/2015
KB84235Timeout may occur when trying to log into groov1.05/4/2015
KB84732PAC Display Runtime: Buttons and combo boxes touching other dynamic graphics may cause a crash or odd behavior2.04/30/2015
KB84730OptoDataLink conditions stop working2.04/30/2015
KB84735SoftPAC waits forever to receive a string2.04/29/2015
KB84713Missing incompatible project warnings in groov1.04/29/2015
KB83183OptoDataLink doesn't work with DSN (Data Source Name)2.04/24/2015
KB84706PAC Control: cannot configure a Communication Handle by right-clicking the folder in Strategy Tree2.04/24/2015
KB84717OptoDataLink: Unable to get a single element from a table into MySQL2.04/24/2015
KB84700Invalid Address message when modifying a controller definition1.04/24/2015
KB82545Unable to step out of a subroutine when debugging in PAC Control3.04/24/2015
KB84629EtherNet/IP Configurator: cannot add assemblies if unit type is G4EB22.04/24/2015
KB84699PAC Display Runtime Basic: Tags do not update from a reconnected device2.04/24/2015
KB84696Message Queue doesn't propagate from active to backup redundant controller1.04/17/2015
KB84682SuperTrends do not start until after the first PAC Display Allowed User logs in2.04/17/2015
KB84680Windows Exception Fault when inspecting a point in PAC Manager2.04/17/2015
KB84669groov logo flashes when switching from groov Build to groov View even though logo is turned off2.04/17/2015
KB84663PAC Display graphic security does not correctly check for users in Global Operator defined groups2.04/13/2015
KB84662PAC Display secured operator-driven attribute executes with an invalid or blank password1.04/13/2015
KB84610Vulnerability in OPC Test Client1.04/7/2015
KB84657PAC Control command UnpackString does not compile in OptoScript block1.04/2/2015
KB84656PAC Control hangs when importing a chart with a comm handle; comm handles missing when selecting variables; subroutine parameters may be missing1.04/2/2015
KB84652PAC Control: New chart or subroutine files not found when creating a strategy archive or opening the strategy1.03/31/2015
KB84628Overlapped text in help dialog box in PAC Display Runtime Pro1.03/27/2015
KB84634HART protocol input module stops receiving HART responses2.03/27/2015
KB84591E1/E2 brain board may be unresponsive after changing IP settings1.03/24/2015
KB84552Windows Exception Fault when inspecting a point in PAC Control2.03/12/2015
KB84524Unused points on E1/E2 brains can be read and written to1.02/18/2015
KB84523Unused points on E1/E2 brains can be configured1.02/18/2015
KB84470groov Build: Modbus array sizes are not dynamically updated when changed2.02/10/2015
KB84440PAC Display historical logging does not show configured quotes in string table log entries1.02/5/2015
KB84434Heap buffer overrun vulnerability in OptoOPCServer may allow remote code execution1.02/5/2015
KB84432groov App: Can't turn on/off digital output point using Modbus communication in groov1.02/2/2015
KB84428E1/E2: Host and Domain Names cannot be edited1.01/27/2015
KB84426E1/E2: DNS Server cannot be set when brainboard has a static IP address1.01/27/2015
KB84424PAC Display: Changing the name of a Historic Log produces a copy1.01/27/2015
KB84423After groov R2.3a or R2.3b upgrade some gadgets produce tag not configured error1.01/27/2015
KB84417groov may become unresponsive, you may be unable to login, or a login timeout occurs1.01/27/2015
KB84419groov Advanced Configuration settings for TRACE logging cannot be disabled once enabled1.01/22/2015
KB84418groov Video gadget URL does not update when a proxy is set unless you save & switch to groov View2.01/22/2015
KB84171Proxy setting for groov Video gadget does not work when security is enabled on IP camera1.01/22/2015
KB84411PAC Display: Find Tag returns only the first letter of the object location1.01/19/2015
KB84404Some OptoMMP commands to E1/E2 brain boards do not return appropriate error1.01/19/2015
KB84406groov: if smooth lines are chosen for a trend gadget, the gadget may not show data1.01/19/2015
KB84390groov trends used with tables read only index 02.01/15/2015
KB84260In groov View for Android on a Samsung device, cannot input characters or text 1.01/15/2015
KB84389In groov, Modbus writes don't take array indexes into account2.01/15/2015
KB84302When groov password is mistyped the "Create groov Build Account" indicator remains spinning1.01/15/2015
KB84373groov: Cannot clear NaN error received when using the trend gadget1.01/9/2015
KB84347PAC Control Move Table to IO Unit command updates disabled points on G4EB2 I/O unit2.01/9/2015
KB84339SoftPAC Monitor always reports 0 charts running and 0 messages1.01/9/2015
KB84335OptoScript compiler error when directly indexing a string table from a numeric table2.01/8/2015
KB84334Find & Replace Tag in subroutine replaces substring globally rather than locally1.01/8/2015
KB84327PAC Display Runtime may crash on startup1.012/24/2014
KB84322Wrong version of SoftPAC may appear after installing multiple versions of PAC Project2.012/24/2014
KB84293OptoDataLink crashes on data change with error code 800700061.012/19/2014
KB84297groov: CA-signed SSL certificate generated by groov SSL certificate utility cannot be installed1.012/18/2014
KB84292groov Server for Windows cannot be accessed via localhost or IP address
KB83981PAC Control Pack String/Unpack String commands may return incorrect or no data2.012/18/2014
KB84278File "find" COM handle command may return erroneous results2.012/10/2014
KB84276PAC Control "Convert IP Address String to Integer 32" command may return an invalid value2.012/10/2014
KB84262Using SNMP, only the first 4 points of an analog module are accessible1.012/10/2014
KB84261PAC Display Configurator may crash when configuring trigger-based recipes1.012/10/2014
KB84193Reverting to an earlier version of groov may leave "groov is Loading..." message on screen indefinitely1.012/10/2014
KB84189Message Viewer > Clear All button displays error in PAC Control and PAC Terminal1.012/10/2014
KB84137PAC Control: Set Time Zone command may set the zone incorrectly1.012/10/2014
KB84142PAC Control: Send Email command through Gmail returns an error1.012/10/2014
KB84166PAC Control: Chart or host task using command Synchronize Clock SNTP may become unresponsive1.011/10/2014
KB84118SNAP-AIR400K-8: Temperature reading may go to -32768 during a rapid change in temperature1.011/10/2014
KB84102SNAP PAC controller or brain resets when streaming over WLAN interface2.011/7/2014
KB84088Erroneous configuration of HART TCP ports in HART Developer Toolkit1.011/7/2014
KB84087PAC Manager may hang when downloading configuration file (OTG file) if file is corrupted1.011/7/2014
KB84158PAC Display Runtime may crash on startup if alarm points are in alarm state1.011/6/2014
KB84157PAC Display Runtime may only show one alarm point in an alarm graphic1.011/6/2014
KB84141PAC Display crashes opening a project if project names are too long1.011/6/2014
KB84084SNAP-AOV-27 initially outputs -10 VDC when I/O rack is powered up1.011/5/2014
KB83970PAC Control append to file on microSD card overwrites file instead1.011/5/2014
KB84092Timeout error (-39) occasionally returned on SNAP PAC serial ports1.011/5/2014
KB84085PAC Control Unpack String command may fail without error if source string data is too short1.011/5/2014
KB84076Filenames longer than 31 characters on microSD card are displayed incorrectly1.011/5/2014
KB84017Invalid Memory Map Address error when using SoftPAC as a Generic MMP Device with a redundant controller1.011/5/2014
KB84134Serial communication module in rack position 15 may drop a packet1.011/4/2014
KB83999More than the maximum 31 host connections may cause control engine to become unresponsive1.011/3/2014
KB83998SNAP PAC controller with microSD card inserted may fail to configure I/O on a restarted I/O unit1.011/3/2014
KB83964PAC Control: Email time stamp puts seconds in place of minutes1.011/3/2014
KB83962PAC Control: SNAP-BRS or G4D32RS brain fails to initialize2.011/3/2014
KB84006groov View for iOS: Removing passcode option from connection does not clear passcode1.011/3/2014
KB83948groov View for iOS is missing Delete groov connection option on iPad1.011/3/2014
KB84164PAC Display Runtime may crash if a window is configured to close and there are reads / writes in progress1.010/31/2014
KB84163'Text In from Control Engine' Discrete On and Off text fields only display first character1.010/31/2014
KB84162Configurator crashes after re-configuring Discrete On or Off text1.010/31/2014
KB84126PAC Display Runtime may crash on exit1.010/31/2014
KB84098The groov logo cannot be hidden in groov View mode on MAC OS and mobile iOS devices1.010/28/2014
KB83943Configure Devices and Tags dialog is limited to 50 devices1.010/28/2014
KB84129PAC Display Configurator may crash when loading tables1.010/28/2014
KB84128The 'Text in from the control engine' dynamic attribute may display non-text characters1.010/28/2014
KB84121PAC Display Configurator strips window passwords when upgraded from 9.3 to 9.41.010/28/2014
KB84117PAC Display Configurator crashes in the Configure Pop Windows dialog box1.010/28/2014
KB84113PAC Display Runtime may show placeholder symbol (#) instead of the current Discrete on/off text1.010/28/2014
KB84112SuperTrend File Logging location changes to 'Use project directory'1.010/28/2014
KB84111Historic Logs dialog allows multiple selections1.010/28/2014
KB84110PAC Display Configurator View > TagInfoView does not work1.010/27/2014
KB84073PAC Display Runtime may not handle consecutive discrete toggles correctly1.010/23/2014
KB84004PAC Display Runtime Discrete Toggles fail if combined with other attributes1.010/23/2014
KB83940PAC Display Runtime memory usage increases with historic logs1.010/23/2014
KB82824Alarm point configuration may not always show digital input points3.010/23/2014
KB83835If incorrect syntax is used when referencing tables in OptoScript, the controller becomes unresponsive on the host port, or the controller resets, or a -16 Bus Error appears in the error queue4.010/20/2014
KB83706Controller may lock up if serial chart is suspended1.010/20/2014
KB83684Objects disappear from the Desktop & Tablet window in groov Build1.010/20/2014
KB83081PAC Control chart or strategy may fail to stop or controller may time out when chart is stopped1.010/16/2014
KB83047SoftPAC: Send Communication Handle Command returns "not implemented" error with RMDIR1.010/16/2014
KB83042Get I/O Unit As Binary Value may return wrong data when using background downloads with Mistic I/O1.010/16/2014
KB83012PAC Control strategy may not stop until the STOP button is pressed twice1.010/16/2014
KB83008Controller may reset under special circumstances1.010/16/2014
KB83587 PortInUse error appears when installinggroov Server for Windows1.010/16/2014
KB83517groov View for iOS crashes when dismissing 'Unable to connect' dialog box1.010/16/2014
KB83467groov becomes sluggish with more than 50,000 OPC-UA tags1.010/16/2014
KB83110Performing a background download in PAC Control while running a strategy with subroutines may cause the controller to reset1.010/16/2014
KB82866Transmit Pointer Table command posts -29 error for persistent string1.010/15/2014
KB81203SET TIME DELAY command does not work with an E1 brain board1.010/15/2014
KB83924In iOS groov View, editing a non-active connection returns to the active web page1.010/15/2014
KB84091When 'Exact Text' is selected on the Find and Replace Dialog Box in PAC Display Configurator, only the 'Everywhere' option is available1.010/13/2014
KB84090Using the Exact Text option in the PAC Display Find and Replace dialog box may cause PAC Display to hang1.010/7/2014
KB84083PAC Display may not correctly validate passwords1.010/7/2014
KB84082groov affected by the Shellshock bug in Bash1.09/29/2014
KB84064Brackets are stripped from string data when downloading recipes in PAC Display1.09/26/2014
KB84051SNAP PAC brain continuously resets on powerup1.09/26/2014
KB84041SoftPAC Scratch Pad doesn't work with PAC Display1.09/26/2014
KB84022E2 may incorrectly report underrange Optomux counts1.09/26/2014
KB84013E1 and E2 respond more slowly than B1 and B2 to Optomux commands1.09/26/2014
KB83972Storing SNAP PAC controller firmware to flash using microSD may fail1.09/26/2014
KB84020Controller becomes unresponsive when the value of a serial PID is changed while inspecting the PID in PAC Control in Debug mode1.09/26/2014
KB84078PAC Display Configurator 'More Windows ...' dialog only shows the first letter of window names1.09/25/2014
KB84077Opening an earlier PAC Display project in Runtime R9.4a may incorrectly show 'No Data Source Configured' message1.09/25/2014
KB84074OPC triggers and sinks don't update values to an Opto 22 Device1.09/24/2014
KB84016The Trend gadget displays the time for the device accessing groov rather the time for the groov Box location1.09/23/2014
KB84045A groov App security issue was identified and corrected1.09/19/2014
KB83816Windows tray icon for groov Monitor disappears1.09/17/2014
KB83759groov View for Android app may crash when using the back button after a failed connection1.09/15/2014
KB84010groov View gear menu does not resize properly with browser window2.09/15/2014
KB83992groov View cannot connect to a OPC-UA server after the network connection is lost and then recovered1.09/15/2014
KB83979groov Server for Windows installation fails when trying to install the groov User's guide1.09/9/2014
KB83916Cannot configure which DHCP server to obtain DNS or Gateway settings from1.09/9/2014
KB83360SoftPAC Monitor does not auto-display when configured to do so on Windows 81.09/9/2014
KB83295I/O unit name change not allowed when only correcting upper/lower case1.09/9/2014
KB81322Sending binary data in event message may produce unexpected output1.09/9/2014
KB83986SNAP-PAC-R1 controller may fail to boot from microSD card and restart1.09/9/2014
KB83137SNAP-AIR400K-8 missing in EtherNet/IP Configurator1.09/9/2014
KB82957PID loop output data destination incorrect if digital TPO point is used1.09/9/2014
KB82498E2 shows incorrect counts in OptoMMP protocol for AD20 rate (frequency)1.09/9/2014
KB82173Default Host Name corrupted in E1 or E2 memory map1.09/9/2014
KB83716B3000-B Mistic brain reports 4-20 mA input signal outside the module's accuracy specification1.09/9/2014
KB83849The old user is still logged into groov Admin after changing the username and password1.09/9/2014
KB83749Invalid DNS configuration or unavailable DNS delays groov Admin responses by 20 seconds1.09/9/2014
KB83784groov may become inaccessible with a link-local connection when network interface settings are changed1.09/9/2014
KB84007In groov View on a mobile Android device, the gear symbol menu only displays the Refresh groov View option1.08/29/2014
KB84000A popup in groov R2.2a says that an older project is not compatible1.08/29/2014
KB83563Applications using the OptoOPCServer erroneously report "Bad Quality" when no tag data or system failure has occurred1.08/29/2014
KB84011Optomux command B takes longer to execute on E2 than B21.08/29/2014
KB83453When OptoDataLink is set up to log one time, it logs at the interval time2.08/29/2014
KB82508With E2 brain, PAC Manager shows DA6 configuration offset by -5V1.08/29/2014
KB82626E2 brain may output full scale at bootup1.08/28/2014
KB83667E1 and E2 brains: Some configured values not stored to flash1.08/28/2014
KB83912E2 brain incorrectly implements Set Temperature Probe Type command (k)1.08/28/2014
KB83965E1 brain handles the n Timer resolution command differently than the B1 does1.08/28/2014
KB83976E2 Brain uses half counts for DA4, DA4T, and DA6 modules1.08/28/2014
KB83881Analog module point configuration not stored to flash correctly with I/O Unit Import/Copy Utility1.08/25/2014
KB83821Long name passed to "Get Pointer From Name" can cause controller reset1.08/25/2014
KB83607Configuration fails when adding more than 8 IDC5Q modules on a SNAP PAC EB-series brain1.08/25/2014
KB83529Opto aPAC does not show a value for a digital input configured as a counter when accessing a brain directly1.08/25/2014
KB83798Improperly formed Ethernet connection string may prevent opening a connection to the host port1.08/25/2014
KB83987Loading a strategy from microSD to controller flash memory may fail1.08/25/2014
KB83085A SNAP-AIR400k-8 Analog module is listed in the digital point category in Opto iPAC and Opto aPAC1.08/25/2014
KB83292groov Admin keeps the default username when a login is created1.08/15/2014
KB83009Cannot automatically generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in groov Admin1.08/15/2014
KB83602A wireless connection to a groov Box will not work if Encryption Type is set to None1.08/15/2014
KB83984'setpos' command ignores the right-most character of the command1.08/15/2014
KB83796In PAC Control, adding message to queue with blank description causes problem with error queue1.08/14/2014
KB83163SNAP PAC controller or brain continuously resets after saving large user files to flash1.08/11/2014
KB83975groov Box loses static IP address1.08/4/2014
KB83966Cannot access my groov Box via the hostname1.07/31/2014
KB83959Backing up a groov project before saving prompts window to save all changes but does not back up1.07/30/2014
KB83954If OPC-UA server is unavailable, updating static tags and switching to groov View may cause freeze1.07/30/2014
KB83953Scroll bars in groov Build workspace do not work properly1.07/30/2014
KB83952Grayed-out tags in the groov Build tag browser can be assigned to incorrect gadgets1.07/30/2014
KB83947Slider gadget doesn't work using a touch screen with Internet Explorer 111.07/30/2014
KB83209Value Limits for gadgets cannot handle very large numbers1.07/29/2014
KB83950Gadgets don't render properly in Chrome version 361.07/29/2014
KB82868In PAC Control, during the "initialize I/O unit" phase (just after clicking run), the "cancel" button doesn't work1.07/9/2014
KB83584The Network Info dialog box for groov Server Monitor is blank1.07/9/2014
KB83680Entire multi-select group is de-selected in groov Build when you click outside a gadget boundary1.07/9/2014
KB83935"Error Opening Output File" response while attempting to update Firmware in SoftPAC1.07/3/2014
KB83929Updating SNAP PAC Controllers to Use microSDHC Cards1.07/1/2014
KB83225qNaN on analog output module causes groov error1.07/1/2014
KB83397Graph gadget does not properly display error or warning icons1.07/1/2014
KB83825Groov silently enters trial mode after groov has started1.07/1/2014
KB83690Internet Explorer 10 and 11 behaviors affect groov on an Intranet1.07/1/2014
KB83558Can't enter IP Address with 3 digits when configuring Event Message1.07/1/2014
KB83888Controller may return a "Dictionary Full" error when memory is low1.06/27/2014
KB83708PAC Control: EOM terminator is ignored when receiving strings via UDP1.06/27/2014
KB83675COM handle value can be changed while the handle is open1.06/27/2014
KB83670SoftPAC Monitor does not auto-start on Windows 81.06/27/2014
KB82163SNAP PAC controller secured with SSD may reboot during startup2.06/27/2014
KB83610Communication to mistic I/O units erroneously disabled by error in PAC Control1.06/26/2014
KB83648Move Table to I/O Unit does not set digital output IVALs for 4-channel modules when communication is disabled to I/O unit1.06/26/2014
KB83545Inspecting Digital Point or Point Config Pages and using Auto Refresh may eventually cause PAC Manager to crash1.06/26/2014
KB83727Nagle's algorithm is enabled in PAC Control TCP/IP communication handles1.06/25/2014
KB83527Configuring trigger #2 on the Digital Events Expanded page doesn't stick1.06/25/2014
KB83682OptoOPCServer high CPU usage1.06/25/2014
KB83844PAC Display Runtime projects with more than 1296 SuperTrends crash when opening historic SuperTrend file list1.06/25/2014
KB83824PAC Display Runtime tooltips aren't working properly on some Windows 7, 64-bit computers1.06/25/2014
KB83725Error (-434) when trying to read controller's message queue1.06/24/2014
KB83645Some groov responses delayed up to 30 seconds1.06/9/2014
KB83894groov Box is vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack1.06/9/2014
KB83307Error messages may not disappear after range problems have been fixed1.06/4/2014
KB83429groov App password reset does not work for account holder1.06/4/2014
KB83448After creating or uploading groov SSL certificates, back button leads to broken pages1.06/4/2014
KB83468Loading Tags dialog box stuck after changing user password and logging out1.06/4/2014
KB83470groov gadgets cannot immediately write values after connection to a PAC has been lost and restored1.06/4/2014
KB83521Page navigator gadget does not work with default Android browser1.06/2/2014
KB83569Changes to a groov dynamic tag's namespace index are not immediately shown1.06/2/2014
KB83655Anti-virus software may cause groov video gadgets to become unresponsive1.06/2/2014
KB83661Numeric keypad does not work in some text input boxes for groov gadget properties1.06/2/2014
KB83665groov gadget text in Internet Explorer 11 does not stay within the gadget's window box boundry1.06/2/2014
KB83668groov Admin upgrades do not work in Internet Explorer 111.06/2/2014
KB83686Slider and checkbox return to current value during confirm prompt1.06/2/2014
KB83687Slider confirm prompt appears when continuous attribute is enabled1.06/2/2014
KB83848OptoOPCServer is not scanning TPO_PERCENT and TPO_PERIOD1.05/21/2014
KB8386319 Slow Red Blinks on SNAP-PAC-S21.05/21/2014
KB83546Extended Device Failure Event1.05/21/2014
KB83357Items added to a group as inactive might have VT_EMPTY for the data type when activated1.05/20/2014
KB83245An archived PAC Control strategy gives a "Compile error: Cannot open file" when downloading the strategy in a different location2.05/20/2014
KB83836Under certain conditions groov may fail to import a PAC Control strategy1.05/14/2014
KB83753Can't log in if the time on groov box or server is earlier than the creation time of the user account2.05/1/2014
KB83656PAC Display Runtime SuperTrends not correctly force-logging when in Historic Mode1.04/30/2014
KB83808B1 and B2 End-of-Life Possible Migration Issues1.04/30/2014
KB83807B1 and B2 End-of-Life Migration Path1.04/30/2014
KB83721Pressing Enter or OK multiple times when changing the password in groov Build causes an error1.04/29/2014
KB83720Update Strategy Succeeds Once For Each idb.txt1.04/29/2014
KB83712Text Input write errors are not clearable1.04/29/2014
KB83729ComboBox Discrete Toggle crashes PAC Display Runtime1.04/25/2014
KB83410Alarm persistence rounded down to nearest minute1.04/25/2014
KB83412PAC Display Runtime may become unresponsive if alarm points show message dialog1.04/25/2014
KB83793PAC Display does not correctly open project files from version R9.0d1.04/25/2014
KB83764PAC Display Runtime 'Windows' Operator Driven attribute may cause crash1.04/24/2014
KB83763PAC Display Runtime 'Windows' Operator Driven attribute reverses window operation order1.04/24/2014
KB83751PAC Display Configurator find and replace "Exact Text" is not case sensitive in Label graphics1.04/24/2014
KB83750Label text changes to all lowercase when performing a Replace Tag in PAC Display Configurator1.04/24/2014
KB83657PAC Display Configurator may crash when configuring Snapshots1.04/24/2014
KB83650SuperTrend log files do not contain force-logging entries when a SuperTrend is closed or minimized1.04/24/2014
KB83609PAC Display Runtime may not write values if Window Output Dynamic Attribute is set1.04/24/2014
KB83592PAC Display Runtime crashes during or shortly after startup1.04/24/2014
KB83561PAC Display security not properly allowing Global Operator Access to dynamic attributes1.04/24/2014
KB83559PAC Display Configurator Pro may crash when creating a recipe file with an OptoControl strategy file (.cdb)1.04/24/2014
KB83162Server SSL certificates are not verified by control engine1.04/18/2014
KB83762groov Admin affected by OpenSSL Heartbleed bug1.04/9/2014
KB82408Redundant table fails to initialize using a download-after-strategy file1.04/9/2014
KB83537groov Server for Windows may have a conflict on port 4431.04/8/2014
KB83535The SSL certificate utility that is part of groov Server for Windows crashes1.04/8/2014
KB83562No error message if wrong password entered for restoring project in groov Server for Windows1.03/27/2014
KB83595Modbus/TCP unsupported function codes return erroneous packets1.03/17/2014
KB83329I/O unit Watchdog, once enabled, won't disable1.03/14/2014
KB82781Network LED Dimmer using Optomux or Modbus protocol may become unresponsive 1.03/13/2014
KB82899When SoftPAC starts strategy on Windows boot, I/O units may not be initialized1.03/13/2014
KB83710Reimporting a strategy in groov Build resets the controller's port to 11.03/12/2014
KB83707Groov Server Fails to validate license file and reports a "Date provided was invalid" error1.03/11/2014
KB83036Email messages sent from PAC Controllers are missing the date field1.03/10/2014
KB82015A communication handle open to a serial module becomes unresponsive1.03/10/2014
KB83358Unable to communicate from PAC Project software on Windows 8 computer to SNAP PAC controllers1.03/10/2014
KB81803 Strategies with FTP communication handles may become unreachable via Ethernet1.03/10/2014
KB81520Error can leave some tags in an unknown or unexpected state1.03/7/2014
KB81518Task count out of sync with actual running tasks1.03/7/2014
KB83323Using On-Pulse or Off-Pulse as watchdog may fail1.03/7/2014
KB83303Controller may reset when performing SNTP sync1.03/7/2014
KB83280Digital Counter on B3000 / B3000-B is cleared whenever communication from PAC controller to brain is enabled1.03/7/2014
KB81275Point type not displayed correctly in iPAC and aPAC1.03/7/2014
KB83272Start Chart may fail when maximum number of charts are running1.03/7/2014
KB83255I/O is not enabled on redundant systems under certain conditions1.03/7/2014
KB81191Firmware download may fail if data is streaming into controller serial port1.03/6/2014
KB83614groov View for iOS version 2.20 crashes on startup on iPads running iOS 6 and earlier1.02/6/2014
KB83568Control engine resets1.02/6/2014
KB83285SoftPAC host port may become unresponsive1.01/17/2014
KB82531Quadlet writes to the memory map of SoftPAC may fail1.01/17/2014
KB82456SoftPAC (and PAC Sim) may become unresponsive with a large number of charts1.01/17/2014
KB81827Non-English characters may rotate 90 degrees in PAC Display1.012/20/2013
KB81694PAC Display Runtime reports "SetActiveState failed" error1.012/20/2013
KB83368Text Input does not always show the error icon1.012/20/2013
KB82250Opto iPAC has issues reading and writing to string tables1.012/20/2013
KB83326iOS groov View app does not correctly bypass login dialog for groov Server1.012/20/2013
KB83293Applying security updates in groov Admin prevents groov Admin from loading groov App updates or restoring to defaults1.012/19/2013
KB83259Error during setup process after groov is restored to default settings1.012/18/2013
KB83289PAC Display Configurator: Regenerate Scanner Tag command misses file rollover trigger1.012/13/2013
KB83089PAC Display replace table index not working1.012/13/2013
KB83011PAC Display Runtime Historic Log may log too many entries when start trigger and number of samples are used1.012/13/2013
KB82968PAC Display Runtime may hang when using alarm point message dialog boxes1.012/13/2013
KB82998Range Indicator gadget cannot be re-sized in vertical mode1.012/11/2013
KB82988iOS groov app crashes immediately for some versions of iOS1.012/10/2013
KB82987Deleting the current user account does not automatically logout the user1.012/10/2013
KB82986Range Indicator has missing value in range1.012/10/2013
KB83015PAC Manager - Incorrect output point in list of PIDs1.012/10/2013
KB82971groov Admin does not create a self-generated Certificate Signing Request1.012/10/2013
KB83003PAC Manager two-point analog calibration doesn't work with all points on some modules1.012/10/2013
KB82936SYS LED stops blinking before groov App is accessible1.012/10/2013
KB82956The welcome screen does not appear when groov is started the first time1.012/10/2013
KB83290Internet Explorer 10 does not display groov properly1.012/4/2013
KB82958PID loop output data destination incorrect if TPO point is used 2.011/1/2013
KB83187Sending repeated values from PID control does not work in PAC Display Runtime1.010/29/2013
KB83174Multiple PID buttons may not work correctly in PAC Display Runtime 1.010/29/2013
KB83171PAC Display Configurator Basic generates incorrect scanner tag names for IO points on serial brains1.010/29/2013
KB83079Historic SuperTrend dialog displays wrong files1.010/28/2013
KB83075 SuperTrend pen configuration dialog shows incorrect Max or Min Value1.010/28/2013
KB83044Multiple Send Discrete toggles on same graphic in PAC Display Runtime may cause crash or no action 1.010/24/2013
KB83346Opening FTP sessions in multiple charts may cause controller to reset1.010/18/2013
KB83324Opening an OptoDisplay project with the FAC2PAC conversion utility crashes FAC2PAC1.010/11/2013
KB83046PAC Display Runtime - Multiple Simultaneous trigger-based Recipe Downloads may fail1.010/11/2013
KB82628Trigger-based recipe uploads may fail1.010/11/2013
KB82847Mistic PID Auto flag (and others) not updating IVALs1.010/11/2013
KB82705I/O Unit and I/O points power up with default settings when the I/O unit is reset1.010/10/2013
KB82450Opto iPAC on iOS6: screen is cropped and unresponsive1.010/8/2013
KB82403Opto iPAC/aPAC apps don't show data from SoftPAC controller1.010/8/2013
KB82778LED-SPCV-LV100W Optomux Protocol PUC error1,010/8/2013
KB82618aPAC app can't change E1 digital output1.010/8/2013
KB83238Applying security updates in groov Admin prevents access to groov App1.010/8/2013
KB83140When configuring WLAN on groov Box, spaces in SSID cause Box to become unresponsive1.010/8/2013
KB83281Cannot communicate over Ethernet after restoring the groov Box1.010/3/2013
KB83168Runtime and computer can become unresponsive when Runtime cannot connect to scanner1.09/10/2013
KB83242groov Admin configuration restart button restores to defaults instead of restarting2.09/5/2013
KB82989SoftPAC: Error received, "A referral was returned from the server" 1.09/5/2013
KB83223Manually deleting the project.grv file for groov Server causes a browser error1.08/30/2013
KB83190Project will not load if a link contains an invalid file path1.08/30/2013
KB83172AsyncRead of tables or strings causes OptoOPCServer to crash when using the OPC 1.0 interface1.08/30/2013
KB83133Triggered Historic logs scan very slowly1.08/30/2013
KB83228groov Admin SSL error occurs after restoring groov to defaults1.08/20/2013
KB83220Cannot load or re-load a license file after initial setup1.08/14/2013
KB83135OptoOPCServer crashes when using OPC 1.0 interface1.07/30/2013
KB82632PC reboot causes SoftPAC or PAC Sim to lose autorun, persistent variables, time zone1.07/30/2013
KB82682Pulse commands may stop working3.07/29/2013
KB82872groov App is no longer accessible after a self-signed certificate is created in groov Admin1.05/2/2013
KB82856Range indicator gadget displays units even when value is not shown2.04/30/2013
KB82937groov does not display "welcome to groov" window and does not restore to defaults2.04/29/2013
KB82938Clicking on Page Navigator link to hidden page changes displayed window1.04/24/2013
KB82014Serial I/O units on same controller port may time out4.04/1/2013
KB82126Cannot FTP file from host to client PC with SNAP PAC Sim2.04/1/2013
KB82417Mistic PID loop may not be properly initialized2.04/1/2013
KB82420Unexpected count value read from SNAP-SCM-SSI2.04/1/2013
KB82439Controller does not enable G4D32RS I/O units2.04/1/2013
KB82463'Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit' may not set all output points correctly2.04/1/2013
KB82464Cannot enable I/O Unit and error -93 appears in queue2.04/1/2013
KB82469Persistent string table data lost with strategy download2.04/1/2013
KB82480HTTP Get command returns -20 error on second and subsequent calls2.04/1/2013
KB82492'Write Numeric Table to I/O Unit Memory Map' command returns -3 error2.04/1/2013
KB82533HttpGet command returns error -4432.04/1/2013
KB82631Repeated 'Start Continuous Square Wave' commands immediately restart the square wave2.04/1/2013
KB82633SoftPAC may crash if a large string table is viewed in Debug mode2.04/1/2013
KB82643Background downloading may cause unexpected behavior from controller2.04/1/2013
KB82662PID loop 'Enable Communication' option does not work correctly2.04/1/2013
KB82765'Move Table to I/O Unit' Turns off G4EB2 Input IVALs2.04/1/2013
KB82145'Open Outgoing Communication' command ignores some user-specified timeout values2.04/1/2013
KB82046Using a literal string for URL with HTTP POST or HTTP GET commands may cause reset2.03/27/2013
KB81997Controller sync of Time/Date may cause reset5.03/26/2013
KB82768Reading from a file on the control engine opened for writing may fail1.03/25/2013
KB82221SNAP Module Resets Causes Re-Config Storm1.03/22/2013
KB81517Chart count out of sync with actual number of running tasks on a controller3.03/22/2013
KB81790SNAP PAC Simulator should return -36 for Send Email commands2.03/22/2013
KB81888Ethernet sessions unexpectedly closed2.03/22/2013
KB81903Multiple clients opening and closing sessions may cause delayed response to new sessions2.03/22/2013
KB81908'Send Email With Attachments' command result code may be incorrect2.03/22/2013
KB81916Multiple tasks opening and closing serial COM handle may cause reset or chart lockup3.03/22/2013
KB81979Problems with NTP Time & Date commands2.03/22/2013
KB82635One time trigger in OptoDataLink continues to record data2.02/6/2013
KB82277Opto Browser Configurator may crash when importing large files1.02/5/2013
KB82661Incorrect error message when attempting to upload firmware to an unresponsive IP address1.02/4/2013
KB82676Modbus Calculator Error in PAC Manager1.02/4/2013
KB82160Error returned by Modbus/TCP 'Force Multiple Coils'2.01/24/2013
KB82443SNAP-AIRTD Generic Input resistance (ohm) measurement needs additional calculations1.01/22/2013
KB82257Down Timers May Fail To Expire2.01/16/2013
KB81902PIDs not enabled on redundant systems2.01/16/2013
KB82001'Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit' may cause controller reset2.01/16/2013
KB82006FTP communication handles do not support DNS2.01/16/2013
KB82016SNAP-AITM-4i displays intermittent or continual QNAN data3.01/16/2013
KB82023'HTTP Get' command incorrectly returns HTTP error 4002.01/16/2013
KB82086The 'Get Time & Date' command always returns 0 ms2.01/16/2013
KB82106SNAP PAC Sim may return error -592.01/16/2013
KB82134'Synchronize Clock SNTP' does not work on SNAP PAC Sim2.01/16/2013
KB82146'Receive N Characters' returns -39 if number of characters is negative2.01/16/2013
KB82147'Enable/Disable I/O Unit Causing Current Error' may cause bus error2.01/16/2013
KB82157'Move Numeric Table To I/O Unit' only writes to position 0, high-density digital module2.01/16/2013
KB82167Some analog/digital commands ignore disabled point state2.01/16/2013
KB82176Passing string table element to subroutine with string tables may cause unexpected results2.01/16/2013
KB82177Setting controller FTP Username and Password may cause remote FTP connection to fail2.01/16/2013
KB82178Serial B3000 Event/Reaction scanning enabled only on first strategy run2.01/16/2013
KB82226Wrong status code from 'Synchronize Clock SNTP' command2.01/16/2013
KB82227Multiple 'Synchronize Clock SNTP' commands may fail2.01/16/2013
KB82244SNAP PAC Sim may transmit or display unexpected 32 or 64-bit values2.01/16/2013
KB82299Variables configured to 'Initialize On Download' are not backed up on redundant systems1.01/4/2013
KB82601Strategy in microSD card does not run if named the same as controller strategy1.012/27/2012
KB82615Window open/close attributes do not work if a Send Value attribute times out1.012/21/2012
KB82611Re-enabled hidden pens are not listed in the Active Pen drop-down list1.012/21/2012
KB82603ComboBox configuration does not trigger a window to open1.012/21/2012
KB82600Rotating a graphic may incorrectly display a scaling message1.012/21/2012
KB82564Windows with alarms may not be closed after PC wakes1.012/21/2012
KB82550Up and down arrow buttons cause OptoDataLink to crash1.012/20/2012
KB82109B3000-B responds incorrectly to incomplete messages1.012/20/2012
KB82108No response from B3000-B after receiving invalid command1.012/20/2012
KB81671I/O Unit Hardware Revision displayed for E1 and E2 is always 2005-05-051.012/20/2012
KB82333E1 and E2 does not acknowledge a Power-up Clear (PUC)1.012/19/2012
KB81320The Message Queue window has trouble on slow or poor networks1.012/19/2012
KB81946Many "Access denied" error messages from OptoVersion1.012/19/2012
KB53295New RTC in SNAP-LCM4 and SNAP-LCSX controllers affects firmware compatibility2.012/19/2012
KB82476The 'depending on' Database value not always detected1.012/18/2012
KB82421Incorrect wiring diagram on SNAP-PAC-SSI module case1.012/14/2012
KB82158OptoOPCServer fails after adding new tags2.011/21/2012
KB82125Problem with 'Get and Clear' dynamic attribute for latches in PAC Display Runtime3.011/21/2012
KB82183SuperTrend data is not displayed when window is opened2.011/21/2012
KB82449Runtime Pop-up Tooltips disappear in Pac Display Runtime2.011/21/2012
KB82409Multiple 'Fixed data - Direct' dynamic attributes have no effect2.011/21/2012
KB82434Some windows may be off-screen after switching from multiple monitors to a single monitor2.011/21/2012
KB82418Text changes to Button graphic label are not saved2.011/21/2012
KB82442Clicking Forward buttons on Historical SuperTrend may cause floating point exception2.011/21/2012
KB82430Rotated Bitmaps displayed incorrectly in PAC Display Runtime2.011/21/2012
KB82389Imported Windows with grouped objects not assigned selected control engine2.011/21/2012
KB82377Incorrect SuperTrend Y-axis labeling2.011/21/2012
KB82419Opening PAC Display Basic project in Pro results in missing windows2.011/21/2012
KB82402Modbus Calculator Register address is incorrect2.011/21/2012
KB82499Runtime scans SuperTrend at startup even if scanning is disabled1.011/20/2012
KB82320Problems saving OptoDataLink files to network drive1.011/20/2012
KB82305The 'Tab' key moves through the OptoDataLink dialog backwards1.011/20/2012
KB82404Spaces in column and table names in OptoDataLink cause problems1.011/20/2012
KB82362Incorrect or missing messages if an OptoDataLink database connection fails1.011/20/2012
KB82274Blank Data Source Name (DSN) drop-down list1.011/20/2012
KB81913"Enable I/O Unit" overwrites replicated MMP PID tuning parameters on Redundant Systems1.011/14/2012
KB82517Incorrect controller firmware version shown in Debug mode1.011/14/2012
KB81793Session connection to controller may take several seconds1.011/5/2012
KB81962The PAC Control HTTP commands may return wrong error when connection fails1.011/1/2012
KB82012Redundant system cannot start up without arbiter1.011/1/2012
KB82124Cannot 'Listen for Incoming Communication' on same port for both UDP and TCP sessions1.011/1/2012
KB52396How to determine if the soldered battery in a controller needs replacement3.010/31/2012
KB82101Updating to firmware 9.2c or higher may fail on SNAP-PAC-R controllers8.010/25/2012
KB82326Cannot add G4EB2 I/O unit to a redundant controller strategy2.010/22/2012
KB82021String tables are incorrectly reported as invalid by Validate Recipe File3.010/16/2012
KB80923SNAP-AITM series field wiring terminal change2.010/9/2012
KB49433OptoServer running on Windows XP and Service Pack 23.09/14/2012
KB81985Spike in values read from G1 analog input modules with E2 brain1.09/12/2012
KB81984Spike in values read from G1 analog input modules with B2 brain1.09/11/2012
KB82356Cannot type in a full MAC Address in PAC Manager2.09/7/2012
KB82139All 'Event Log Options' cannot be disabled2.09/7/2012
KB82155False I/O Communication Failure1.07/12/2012
KB82141Cannot send values to a controller while downloading a recipe1.07/6/2012
KB82143AutoCorrect Tags does not work with table objects1.07/6/2012
KB82175Tag Selection dialog may show incorrect default Field values1.07/6/2012
KB80988Error message reported by PAC Manager when configuring digital outputs on E1 brains2.07/5/2012
KB81403'Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table' and 'Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table Ex' commands do not write to table if I/O unit is offline5.06/19/2012
KB81998Some OptoControl strategies cannot be imported into PAC Control3.06/14/2012
KB81942Command Help missing for new commands in PAC Control2.06/14/2012
KB81957Controller may need strategy download after power cycle or reset2.06/14/2012
KB81986Cannot use 'Get I/O Unit as Binary Value' command with G4D16R or G4D32RS3.06/14/2012
KB82059Slow I/O updates in PAC Display when scanning many I/O units2.06/14/2012
KB81949Hidden SuperTrend Pens are appearing in trend2.06/14/2012
KB81950SuperTrend Pen window to Enable/Disable/Hide pens may not function correctly for non-consecutive pens2.06/14/2012
KB81973PAC Display Runtime may not exit correctly from Execute Menu Item2.06/14/2012
KB81977PAC Display Runtime crashes using Send Discrete to Integer64 bit tag2.06/14/2012
KB82027PAC Display Configurator may hang and crash when using Edit Recipe tool2.06/14/2012
KB82024Triggered historic logs slow down PAC Display Runtime 2.06/14/2012
KB82019Uploading a recipe file may cause PAC Display Runtime to become unresponsive2.06/14/2012
KB81223Pen plots missing with 'Default' Y-axis Scale option in SuperTrends2.06/14/2012
KB81976Import/Copy I/O Unit window does not allow IP addresses with more than two digits2.06/7/2012
KB81850Device I.P. Address and Device Name columns missing from Configuration Status window1.05/9/2012
KB82009Discrete output does not turn off when mouse is released1.05/9/2012
KB82033Opto iPAC may incorrectly list digital inputs as analog inputs1.05/9/2012
KB82028Communication handle timeout problems1.05/7/2012
KB81963OptoEMU allows configuration of interfaces on the same network1.05/3/2012
KB81448 PAC Project applications set OptoEMU's time1.05/3/2012
KB81227PAC Display Runtime may crash when simultaneously sending multiple alarmpoint emails2.05/2/2012
KB80298OptoDataLink data update may fail with quick strategy tag updates3.04/25/2012
KB81941NTP Timestamping commands are missing from online help1.04/9/2012
KB81053Backup redundant controller may not be established3.03/27/2012
KB81387SendCommunicationHandle command 'get.src' always returns zero2.03/19/2012
KB81404SNAP-PAC-S1 resets if microSD card is in slot at power-up or restart2.03/19/2012
KB81410Serial port's baud rate not changed2.03/19/2012
KB81672Unknown controller status after downloading to redundant controller in PAC Control2.03/19/2012
KB81553'Receive Numeric Table' may cause a -95 info message3.03/19/2012
KB81242OptoEMU-SNR-3V may indicate false serial port test failure with 17 red blinks2.03/19/2012
KB80700PAC Simulator IVAL On/Off Latch Set commands don't work with High Density digital input modules2.03/19/2012
KB81302Problems with Ethernet communications after restoring controller Configuration Data from microSD card2.03/19/2012
KB81349Assigning Chr(x) to a table element does not work2.03/19/2012
KB81597Moving an Int64 into a timer in an Action block causes reset2.03/14/2012
KB81624Cannot compile and download strategy when using a Windows Roaming Profile2.03/14/2012
KB81839Some dialog boxes in PAC Control do not display all text in Chinese Windows2.03/14/2012
KB81840Chinese characters in OptoScript blocks cause problems2.03/14/2012
KB81847Entering Chinese characters in a PAC Control tag name causes problems2.03/14/2012
KB81592PAC Display project may crash when upgrading to newer version2.03/14/2012
KB81693New duplicated alarm point incorrectly has identical links and attributes as the original point2.03/14/2012
KB81727Cannot Cancel from importing a window into PAC Display3.03/14/2012
KB81729PAC Display Runtime cannot connect to remote OptoOPCServer under Windows 7 and Vista2.03/14/2012
KB81743'Display message box for new alarm points' option may cause problems in Runtime3.03/14/2012
KB81801ComboBox Output Dynamic Attributes sometimes do not write values to tags2.03/14/2012
KB81853Alarms in PAC Display do not trigger at the expected alarm limits2.03/14/2012
KB81877Trigger-based Historic Data Log records data based on Refresh Time2.03/14/2012
KB81878Trigger-based historic data logged twice when configured to log once2.03/14/2012
KB81883PAC Display Historic Logs do not log Integer64 values2.03/14/2012
KB81316'Out of service' errors reported in PAC Display2.03/14/2012
KB81856Unable to connect to remote OptoOPCServer2.03/14/2012
KB81848Some text truncated in PAC Manager when running under Chinese version of Windows2.03/14/2012
KB81917OptoDataLink sometimes crashes after exiting Runtime2.03/14/2012
KB81450Very small floating-point values are set to zero by controller 2.03/14/2012
KB81309Emails not sent from controller and -50 error returned2.03/14/2012
KB81645Redundant system I/O units don't re-enable if they are rebooted2.03/14/2012
KB81706Redundant systems sometimes transition to backup controller frequently2.03/14/2012
KB81787Expired Up Timer not detected2.03/14/2012
KB81791'Transmit Receive String' command may time out prematurely2.03/14/2012
KB81792'Get Numeric Table' and 'Get String Table' may cause -95 error2.03/14/2012
KB81800'Send Email' commands require password2.03/14/2012
KB81854Configured comments for alarms are sometimes not displayed correctly1.02/23/2012
KB81375Chart appears to hang if 'Open Outgoing Communication' is sent to a disconnected device2.01/17/2012
KB81695Wrong error reported on redundant systems1.01/12/2012
KB81397Communication problems to SNAP-PAC-SB brains when updating firmware4.01/12/2012
KB81674Problems with PAC Controllers communicating to Profibus-DP slaves11/10/2012
KB81420Get Chart Status returns error message -52.01/9/2012
KB81707Cannot connect with Listen and Accept Incoming Communication commands1.01/6/2012
KB81087OptoOPCServer Item ID tag names are not displayed for PID items1.01/5/2012
KB80103Control engine port 22001 may become unresponsive if bootup is interrupted4.01/3/2012
KB81443Modbus/TCP, IO4AB, and SNMP 4-channel data may be old3.012/22/2011
KB81084Subroutines from Case or IF statement may have unexpected results3.012/16/2011
KB81514Controller or serial brain becomes unresponsive after I/O communication on RS-485 serial link3.012/14/2011
KB81303Wireless brains and controllers may intermittently lose communication2.012/13/2011
KB81348SNAP PAC firmware versions merge in version R9.1b2.012/6/2011
KB81115SNAP PAC control engine serial ports are always set to Parity=None4.012/6/2011
KB81184Slower PAC Control strategy performance2.012/6/2011
KB81189NULL pointer passed to command causes controller problems2.012/6/2011
KB81190Possible bus error (-16) or controller problems on I/O initialization2.012/6/2011
KB81199Calling a subroutine may cause controller problems due to string tables2.012/6/2011
KB81232Dead or missing controller battery can cause controller problems2.012/6/2011
KB81269Multiple charts using 'Move Numeric Table to Numeric Table' may cause strategy deadlock3.012/6/2011
KB81446Writing numeric tables to a controller's microSD card is very slow1.012/2/2011
KB81390SNAP-PAC-SB Brains may drop packets at 230.4 kBd4.012/2/2011
KB81355Controller bus error or hardware reset when inspecting local subroutine variables2.012/2/2011
KB81398Controller sometimes reports error -11 when sending email3.012/2/2011
KB81405Control engine communication problem with background downloading and persistent string access2.012/2/2011
KB81439'Get Date & Time' incorrectly returns -3 error2.012/2/2011
KB81451An Up Timer is not working as expected2.012/2/2011
KB81510Blinking red STAT LED and error -63 when downloading .cdf file from microSD card2.012/2/2011
KB81668Some redundant controllers cannot be turned off separately1.011/30/2011
KB80425PAC Manager displays turn-around time delay for non-existent ports2.011/17/2011
KB81503PAC Control may not open PDF with default PDF viewer1.010/14/2011
KB81511Some error messages are missing from PAC Project Software R9.11.010/14/2011
KB81512OptoDisplay to PAC Display conversion utility not correctly updating alarm graphics1.010/14/2011
KB81347Incorrect scaled analog output XVAL when strategy is initially run1.010/5/2011
KB81341Time/Date set commands can sync stale data to the backup controller of a redundant system1.010/5/2011
KB81333Serial I/O may lock up SNAP PAC controller1.010/5/2011
KB81430Imported I/O points missing or behave incorrectly in strategy2.09/28/2011
KB81431Renaming a tag or using Find and Replace within Tag Names causes OptoScript errors2.09/28/2011
KB81393Modified default SuperTrend pen plots are not drawn correctly2.09/28/2011
KB81438AutoCorrect Tags does not update tags in Combo Boxes1.09/22/2011
KB59233Updated bootloader available for SNAP-PAC-S12.09/20/2011
KB80934EtherNet/IP does not support the SNAP-SSI module1.09/19/2011
KB80773Digital Events-Expanded triggers continuously without trigger being set1.09/19/2011
KB81182Event Message Email Client does not include the date field in the header1.09/8/2011
KB81382PAC Display prints only once, cannot be restarted1.09/7/2011
KB81381Total energy values (kWh) for pulse inputs are 0.0 for Modbus and OptoMMP applications4.09/7/2011
KB81318OptoEMU Manager times out during update processs1.09/1/2011
KB81389PAC Display hangs when attempting to convert OptoDisplay project2.08/17/2011
KB81379Scratch Pad Float Table values not displayed in Table object2.08/17/2011
KB81365Fourth table in Table object appears cut off 2.08/17/2011
KB81363Cannot paste or duplicate objects in PAC Display Configurator2.08/17/2011
KB81351Controller resets when table references negative index1.08/10/2011
KB81335Imoporting animated GIF files may cause unexpected results1.08/8/2011
KB81364Resizing a rotated object may cause object to appear incorrectly1.08/8/2011
KB81002PAC Simulator appears to run strategy, but logic is not executing2.08/8/2011
KB81359High current and power readings by OptoEMU-SNR-3V using CTs1.08/3/2011
KB81326Editing Pointers allows Persistent initialization1.08/2/2011
KB81091Converted OptoControl strategies have incorrect initial values for numeric variables and tables2.08/2/2011
KB81229Data Link stored late to Destination by OptoDataLink2.08/2/2011
KB81159Cannot copy I/O units with PIDs in PAC Manager2.08/2/2011
KB81095PAC Display Runtime may hang if Alarm Point tags are disabled2.08/2/2011
KB81099Memory leak in PAC Display Runtime if logging String Tables in Historic Logs2.08/2/2011
KB81110PAC Display Configurator requests tag for Contoller Status Alarm Point2.08/2/2011
KB81183PAC Display Runtime may crash if 'Always in memory' option selected2.08/2/2011
KB81192Edit > Replace command does not make changes within a ComboBox in PAC Display2.08/2/2011
KB81193Problems resizing a polygon after rotating it 2.08/2/2011
KB81196Regenerate Scanner Tags command skips tags in ComboBox control2.08/2/2011
KB81216Problems in PAC Display is 'Exit Runtime' and another dynamic attribute is configured for same graphic2.08/2/2011
KB81263PAC Display - Setting the Execute Menu Item not working correctly2.08/2/2011
KB81264Bit indices past 31 in Int64 table element are not changed by Edit > Replace2.08/2/2011
KB81265ComboBox element change is not saved2.08/2/2011
KB81268PAC Manager allows more than 24 data bits for SNAP-SCM-SSI module2.08/2/2011
KB81271Discrete write to Analog/Digital I/O Unit in Runtime causes error messages2.08/2/2011
KB81278Cannot select SuperTrend log file format2.08/2/2011
KB81323Copying and pasting a bitmap results in a blank image or crash2.08/2/2011
KB81329Edit > Replace, Refresh Group does not work for SuperTrends2.08/2/2011
KB81330PAC Display Configurator: Importing AlarmPoints caused extra characters in Alarm Point List Box under Windows XP2.08/2/2011
KB81230Command 'Get Pointer From Name' does not work with tables2.08/2/2011
KB81234'Call Chart' command may cause chart to suspend2.08/2/2011
KB81251'Move Numeric Table to Numeric Table' command always writes to index 02.08/2/2011
KB81276I/O units with redundant Ethernet link are disabled if primary controller connection is interrupted2.08/2/2011
KB81279I/O unit disabled if SetAnalogTpoPeriod sent to disabled Snap-AOD-29 point2.08/2/2011
KB81188'Stack Not Empty' (-95) in error queue2.08/2/2011
KB81311'High Density Digital Input Module #' incorrectly displayed for Event in Configure Mode1.07/29/2011
KB81325Printing at Runtime produces twice as many Copies1.07/28/2011
KB81298Printing a window at Runtime includes Print dialog box 1.07/28/2011
KB81332Importing a Window with GIF graphics may crash PAC Display Configurator3.07/28/2011
KB81331View > Dynamic Attributes displays the incorrect SuperTrend Refresh Group1.07/28/2011
KB81031B3000-B does not support request for TPO information2.07/26/2011
KB81354Connector color changes on various products1.07/20/2011
KB81218PID State for Auto and Manual Modes are incorrect via the controller1.07/18/2011
KB81343Historic Logs may miss data if another trigger event occurs too quickly1.07/11/2011
KB81350InfoKB: Torque specification changed for SNAP-AITM series module connectors1.07/11/2011
KB81346PAC Display does not switch back to Primary Controller from Backup Controller 1.07/8/2011
KB80465Random crashes possible in OptoDisplay Runtime2.06/29/2011
KB81088Incorrect microSD card function message in PAC Manager1.06/21/2011
KB52626G4A8R, G4RAX, and B200 analog points are always scaled for degrees Celsius in PAC Control/ioControl2.06/2/2011
KB81221Deviation Alarm appears not to be working properly1.05/17/2011
KB81213Invalid analog input readings for ~3 sec after power-up1.05/16/2011
KB81195Event Messages greater than 0 are not copied to 'Message N: Text of Most Recent Message' field1.05/16/2011
KB81204SNAP-PAC-S1 with R9.0c firmware does not boot if microSD card is installed2.05/11/2011
KB81283New input ranges for SNAP-AIPM-3 and SNAP-AIPM-3V1.05/9/2011
KB81244Pulsed inputs are not logged to online software service1.05/3/2011
KB81235Energy accumulation precision values1.05/3/2011
KB80831Control engine configured for strategy Background Download may reset during strategy "switch" or "switch and run"1.04/25/2011
KB81266Triggered historic log has mostly commas as data1.04/22/2011
KB81256Logrithmic SuperTrends with pen Minimum scaled <0.01 may cause Runtime problems1.04/6/2011
KB81205PAC Display Runtime hangs when recipe file is downloaded1.04/5/2011
KB80603How to export and import control engines using the Windows registry2.02/14/2011
KB81093Slower strategy, error -539 reported by wireless controller when WAP cycles power 3.01/24/2011
KB81153Modified strategy downloaded from flash may cause controller problems3.01/19/2011
KB81173'Wrong Object Type' error returned when assigning value to pointer table 3.01/19/2011
KB81135Controller FTP transfers a maximum of 1167 characters 3.01/19/2011
KB81008VELOCITY C PID does not calculate Term_P and Term_D2.01/19/2011
KB81078SNAP PAC brains may reset with repeated writes to a microSD card2.01/19/2011
KB81040PAC Display cannot read digital TPO output point's period and percentage from Mistic brains2.01/19/2011
KB81174Setting a string table element from Debug mode may cause unexpected controller behavior2.01/17/2011
KB81075SNAP PAC controller may reset when making an online change2.01/17/2011
KB81094FTP Communication Handle timeout is not applied1.012/20/2010
KB81121Fewer I/O point options shown after moving a high density digital point in configuration window1.012/20/2010
KB80791Zero-Scale and Full-Scale limits in PAC Control debug mode always show degrees C1.012/20/2010
KB81109PAC Display Historical SuperTrends do not correctly plot Logarithmic Data1.012/2/2010
KB81083Error -95 returned from PAC Control subroutine with a Case or IF statement1.09/27/2010
KB81064Reading the available memory on a microSD card on older SNAP PACs causes problems1.09/27/2010
KB81074Online change in strategy with alternate host tasks may cause controller problems1.09/27/2010
KB81079'Send Configuration to I/O Unit' dialog PAC Manager showing erroneous message in Log1.09/20/2010
KB81080PAC Display's 'Edit > Replace' does not replace table names in table objects1.09/20/2010
KB81077Lost online changes and controller problems caused by 'Start Alternate Host Task' command1.09/20/2010
KB81058File in controller's MicroSD card root directory cannot be deleted1.09/10/2010
KB81055'Store microSD to flash and Restart Device' command fails1.09/1/2010
KB81054Strategy does not autorun from the microSD card1.08/24/2010
KB81062Graphics and windows problems in PAC Display R9.0d1.08/23/2010
KB80698SNAP-AIPM-3 module channels 12 and 13 incorrectly displayed in PAC Manager1.08/23/2010
KB81026'Incorrect device type' incorrectly reported by PAC Redundancy Manager1.08/23/2010
KB81059PAC Control connection lines disconnecting from objects2.08/23/2010
KB81061Some PAC Control compiler errors are not reported2.08/23/2010
KB81042BIT suffix added to non-integer variable when using Edit > Replace, 'Bit index' Offset command2.08/23/2010
KB81023Real-time SuperTrend data plots may not be updated2.08/23/2010
KB81037Some Historic Log files may have incorrect data in projects with more than 21 files2.08/23/2010
KB80821Resizing Message Queue may cause problems in PAC Control Debug mode1.08/5/2010
KB81006'Autocreate Points' configures some analog modules incorrectly1.08/4/2010
KB81011'Find' feature in configure mode may cause problems on some PCs1.08/3/2010
KB81005B100 I/O units cannot be imported into a strategy1.08/3/2010
KB81024Digital reaction cannot be configured for Mistic event/reaction1.07/28/2010
KB81022Cannot type in negative Int32 literals in Add Instruction dialog1.07/28/2010
KB81007Incorrect Snap-AIRTD-10 readings1.07/27/2010
KB81004Possible 'Wrong object type' reported to message queue for subroutine variables1.07/27/2010
KB80928PAC Control strategy from microSD card does not Autorun3.07/27/2010
KB80995PID Input scale not displayed as expected in PIDViewer2.07/19/2010
KB80671SNAP PAC devices added in R8.2 PAC Manager are not available in R8.5a2.07/19/2010
KB81020Random problems with PAC Display Runtime1.07/16/2010
KB81019Long delay when starting PAC Display Basic Runtime1.07/16/2010
KB81021Problems with PAC Display Configurator when resizing Alarm Point dialog1.07/16/2010
KB81014PAC Display Runtime PIDViewer may cause Floating Point Exception1.07/16/2010
KB81013Possible problems with PAC Display tables using the Relative Offsets option1.07/16/2010
KB81012PAC Display Runtime Historic Log does not log String Tables correctly1.07/16/2010
KB81010Possible unexpected results when closing PAC Display Runtime if PIDViewer Open1.07/16/2010
KB81009ComboBox may cause unexpected results in PAC Display Runtime1.07/16/2010
KB81000PAC Control may crash when regenerating reference counts1.07/16/2010
KB80972Negative Decimal Values between 0 and -1.0 not allowed for some Control Engine Driven Dynamic Attributes1.07/16/2010
KB80999PAC Display PID Button Configuration Doesn't Allow Setpoint Min of 0.01.07/12/2010
KB80997PIDViewer Man/Auto button causes PAC Display to close1.07/12/2010
KB80993PIDViewer cuts off top of graph1.07/12/2010
KB80989Incomplete Combo Box setup may cause problems in PAC Display Configurator1.07/12/2010
KB81001Long start-up delay for PAC Display on Windows Vista and Windows 71.06/25/2010
KB80672Historic Logs using Start Triggers do not initially log data3.06/25/2010
KB80673Adjustable alarm points not logged correctly in Runtime Operator Log File2.06/25/2010
KB80677PAC Display Tables do not display Scratch Pad Strings3.06/25/2010
KB80692The focus frame around a text graphic disappears at Runtime if the send string is empty2.06/25/2010
KB80707SuperTrend Y-axis labels < 1 are incorrectly displayed2.06/25/2010
KB80724Alarm state keeps occurring even after ACK in Runtime2.06/25/2010
KB80739PAC Display Configurator View→Find Tag may not find some tags2.06/25/2010
KB80740Edit > Replace, Table Index 'Offset By' option causes non-table tags to appear as tables2.06/25/2010
KB80761Improved PAC Display Runtime User Log-in2.06/25/2010
KB80794A configuration (.otg) file with a Generic OptoMMP Device crashes PAC Manager2.06/25/2010
KB80795PAC Manager's Find OptoMMP Devices dialog displays incorrect IP address for wireless device3.06/25/2010
KB80796Upper Scaled Units incorrect for SNAP-AIRTD-10 Generic Point Type in PAC Manager2.06/25/2010
KB80865SNAP-UP1-D64 and SNAP-ENET-D64 not listed when adding I/O units in PAC Manager2.06/25/2010
KB80866Large Fonts affects screen displays in PAC Manager2.06/25/2010
KB80877Multiple clock synchronizations may cause Runtime problems2.06/25/2010
KB80890'Address of value to check' field in Alarm Events dialog may be cleared3.06/25/2010
KB80947PAC Display Pro reports error at Runtime if string tables in FactoryFloor strategy are used2.06/25/2010
KB80978OptoDataLink does not exchange data if 'depending on Combination' is selected 2.06/25/2010
KB80857MoveNumTableToNumTable command returns -29 with Int64 tables2.06/25/2010
KB80659B3000-B Off-Pulse and On-Pulse measurements return unexpected values3.06/25/2010
KB80703Get & Clear Quadrature Counter command does not clear count from B3000-B2.06/25/2010
KB80899PID loop with a phantom output does not work on B3000-B3.06/25/2010
KB80910B3000-B communications disabled after receiving certain I/O commands2.06/25/2010
KB80931B3000-B MOMO Match Event behavior differs from B30003.06/25/2010
KB80953Enabling or disabling all Events on a B3000-B causes error 10 on digital I/O addresses3.06/25/2010
KB80951Clear All Event Latches command resets B3000-B digital addresses3.06/25/2010
KB80933EventOccurring? command always returns False from B3000-B 2.06/25/2010
KB80994Double-clicking title bar in PAC Control does not minimize/maximize window1.06/24/2010
KB80992PID loop parameters are not displayed in PAC Control Watch window1.06/24/2010
KB80990Problems running PAC Control Basic R9.01.06/22/2010
KB52254Ethernet I/O units drop UDP messages and may timeout if too many messages are received at once4.06/22/2010
KB80991SNAP-AIRTD-8D and SNAP-AIRTD-10 modules unknown in PAC Control 2.06/22/2010
KB80959InfoKB: Design changes to Ethernet interface on Ultimate I/O and Ethernet I/O1.06/21/2010
KB59290Unexpected SNMP cold start traps from Ethernet Devices3.06/21/2010
KB80808InfoKB: Design changes to Ethernet interface on M4SENET-100 card1.06/21/2010
KB80471How to use OptoControl and ioControl on a computer with Windows Vista or Windows 72.06/18/2010
KB80987InfoKB: Incorrect termination switch settings for B3000-B1.06/14/2010
KB80380Inspection window may display incorrect SNAP PAC Sim IP address2.06/11/2010
KB80913B3000-B analog module values momentarily out of range after 2.5 days of being powered up2.05/28/2010
KB80627OptoControl's 'Write Numeric Table to I/O Memory Map' to SNAP PAC returns -33.05/28/2010
KB80957SNAP-AIV-i modules have incorrect top labels1.05/20/2010
KB80925InfoKB: How to diagnose analog input readings of -32768 using B3000 or B3000-B brains1.05/18/2010
KB80950InfoKB: SNAP-TEX-FB16-H and SNAP-TEX-FB16-L boards are changing from green to black1.05/17/2010
KB80569SNAP PAC devices receiving long 802.1Q VLAN broadcasts may have communication failures2.05/12/2010
KB80480Points 4 through 7 on a Snap-AICTD-8 always report °C4.05/12/2010
KB80574Downloading a large Ethernet/IP configuration file may reset a brain 2.05/12/2010
KB80621Opening a UDP connection too soon in a strategy may return error -443 2.05/12/2010
KB80623Serial brains cannot communicate simultaneously to multiple applications with Ethernet Pass-Through mode2.05/12/2010
KB80678Increased ARP cache size on SNAP PAC controllers helps decrease number of ARP broadcasts2.05/12/2010
KB80687Controller in backgound download mode fails to run strategy on inserted microSD card2.05/12/2010
KB80728Inserting microSD chip may cause SNAP-PAC Controller to Reset2.05/12/2010
KB80730Control engine STAT LED remains turned off if Scanner flag used to stop strategy2.05/12/2010
KB80743High latency network (modems) may cause SNAP PAC controller to I/O unit communication problems 2.05/12/2010
KB80790MoveNumericTableToIOUnit command may cause incorrect points to flash LEDs2.05/12/2010
KB80817Possible problems downloading large strategy to SNAP PAC controller with R8.5a 2.05/12/2010
KB80896Strategy on microSD card with Comment (Block) command stops executing 2.05/12/2010
KB80884Incorrect results from various PAC Control string commands2.05/12/2010
KB80664Controllers talking to Ethernet I/O units on high-latency networks may randomly become unresponsive2.05/12/2010
KB80932Possible intermittent analog module communication by B3000-B1.05/11/2010
KB80929B3000-B and SNAP-PAC-SB series top lid change2.05/5/2010
KB80428Continuous square wave command to B3000-B does not restart waveform1.05/3/2010
KB80489Get & Restart Pulse Period Measurement command delayed on B3000-B 3.05/3/2010
KB80885On-screen keyboard for touchscreens does not pop up for SuperTrend scaling1.04/26/2010
KB52484Possible intermittent operation from surface mount style B6 after a bus reset3.03/11/2010
KB80798Slight possibility of no/poor signal quality from wireless brains and controllers1.02/19/2010
KB80747'Inspect Event/Reaction' dialog in Debug mode may not correctly reflect the Enabled state1.02/17/2010
KB80746Inspecting Event/Reactions in PAC Control debug mode can cause crash1.02/17/2010
KB80772Not all SuperTrend pens may be plotted at Runtime if one pen's value is -NAN1.02/16/2010
KB80732Slight possibility SNAP PAC controller may reset when background downloading is enabled1.02/5/2010
KB80115PAC Control and ioControl NumberToString() results different from OptoControl's NumberToString()2.02/3/2010
KB80630PAC Control permits configuring legacy brains to configure SNAP-AIPM/3 1.011/10/2009
KB80690Wireless controllers do not boot from microSD card1.011/6/2009
KB80693SNAP-IDC-32N input states not displayed in PAC Manager1.011/5/2009
KB80668New controllers shipped with a strategy2.010/13/2009
KB80625Ethernet IP multicast address algorithm for implicit connections is not correct2.09/24/2009
KB80589Quadrature counter point B stays at 0 counts regardless of input2.09/24/2009
KB80597FTP 'ls' or 'dir' command causes brain to reboot2.09/24/2009
KB80617Event messages with string plug-ins are truncated2.09/24/2009
KB80558'Dictionary full error' from online changes to strategies with subroutines 3.09/23/2009
KB80594PAC Controller unresponsive after burning SSD strategy to flash memory2.09/23/2009
KB80602Repeated 'Listen for Incoming Communication' on port 502 prevents connection to controller2.09/23/2009
KB80626Problems with Ethernet IP multicast address algorithm for implicit connections and multiple interfaces2.09/23/2009
KB80629Controllers accessing Ethernet brains via high-latency radio network may reset2.09/23/2009
KB80473The 'IVAL Set Frequency' PAC Control command doesn't work with the mistic brains3.09/21/2009
KB80578Migrated PAC Display project may crash due to obscure problem4.09/21/2009
KB80397Changing a point's state should cancel pulse, square wave, and TPO commands2.09/18/2009
KB80642'Rotate' attribute for line object and integer tag causes problems at Runtime2.09/10/2009
KB80663Visibility/Blink does not work correctly for bitmap graphics2.09/10/2009
KB80657SNAP-Custom-AI points are not scaled correctly by PAC Manager1.08/27/2009
KB80604'IVAL Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit (Ex)' only writes to output points1.08/24/2009
KB80652SNAP-PAC-EB brains do not report Ethernet errors detected on external switch ports1.08/12/2009
KB1433Scratch pad commands in ioControl cause error –534 when used with SNAP-B3000-ENET or SNAP-ENET-D644.08/11/2009
KB80590Some recipes don't upload when several are triggered at nearly the same time2.07/17/2009
KB80593View→Dyanamic Attributes may cause PAC Display to crash2.07/17/2009
KB80600Windows dynamic attributes aren't always displayed in PAC Display Configurator2.07/17/2009
KB80598PAC Display Runtime possibly unresponsive on exit if there are many alarms2.07/17/2009
KB80616HiHi alarms sometimes cannot be acknowledged in the Runtime alarm window2.07/17/2009
KB80591Cannot Delete Table from Table Object in PAC Display2.07/17/2009
KB49125FactoryFloor patch for PCI ARCNET support4.07/9/2009
KB80588Auto-stepping unexpectedly pauses on the first block of a subroutine1.06/17/2009
KB80506Possible missing graphics and table changes when upgrading from PAC Display Basic to Pro2.06/15/2009
KB80556Save Project and Load Runtime may fail when Runtime is already running2.06/15/2009
KB80580Some non-integer cutoff values and limits may not be evaluated correctly in PAC Display2.06/15/2009
KB80581'Pointers' group is incorrectly listed in OptoScript action commands1.06/8/2009
KB80577Strategy breakpoints are cleared for all charts1.06/5/2009
KB80576Data logging does not work if log interval is set to zero1.06/2/2009
KB80561Unexpected results from PAC Manager's 'Digital Events - Expanded'2.05/13/2009
KB80555Integer values >16,777,215 may cause inaccurate fill color in PAC Display2.05/12/2009
KB80568On-screen keyboard isn't displayed when editing tables2.05/12/2009
KB49667SNAP‑UP1‑ADS or SNAP‑B3000‑ENET reads zero counts from SNAP-IDC5Q 2.05/1/2009
KB80566Cascading PID Loops may cause download errors3.04/28/2009
KB80534Breakpoint "hand" invisible in subroutines when returning to Debug mode1.04/24/2009
KB80557PAC-S RS-232 ports unresponsive when used with Mistic I/O units1.04/16/2009
KB80562Possible negative RMS readings from SNAP-AIPM3.04/15/2009
KB80559Expanded digital event reaction fails if trigger #1 uses scratch pad bits1.04/3/2009
KB80553Pointer variable tags reference the wrong tag in Browser Configurator 2.03/24/2009
KB80240Numerous writes by an OPC client may delay data updates2.03/24/2009
KB80469Importing a chart with legacy items may cause PAC Control to crash2.03/24/2009
KB80502PAC Control's 'Inspect I/O Unit' reports incorrect values for some I/O combinations2.03/24/2009
KB80551On-screen keyboard missing at Runtime2.03/24/2009
KB80536Runtime text data may be incorrect if window has non-consecutive refresh groups2.03/24/2009
KB80537Can't change from SuperTrend Pen Discrete Deadband in PAC Display Configurator2.03/24/2009
KB80550Changes to some PAC Manager Status Write items not saved2.03/24/2009
KB80283FactoryFloor 'Move Digital I/O Unit to Table' command may change mistic IVAL2.03/11/2009
KB80542'Undefined Command' error during download due to Upper/Lower scaling values set to zero1.03/11/2009
KB80507B3000-B analog command 'Y' returns data in reverse order2.03/11/2009
KB80427Mistic I/O unit is disabled after flash is cleared and PID is inspected2.03/9/2009
KB80531Type R thermocouple readings are about half of the expected values in OptoControl1.03/3/2009
KB80503Controllers report incorrect values for some I/O combinations in 'Inspect I/O Unit' 1.02/23/2009
KB80440Obscured graphics in PAC Display Runtime3.02/19/2009
KB80481Graphics with Alarm Point dynamic attribute may display incorrect alarm state2.02/17/2009
KB80482Table editing remains active in PAC Display Runtime2.02/17/2009
KB80496SuperTrend Pen Discrete and Value Deadband logging always enabled2.02/17/2009
KB80500PAC Display Runtime may hang on exit2.02/17/2009
KB80501Missing parameters from PAC Display Runtime's 'Current Device Config' window for FactoryFloor Ethernet controllers2.02/17/2009
KB80493'IVAL Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit' commands don't work with some I/O units1.02/5/2009
KB80470How to use a USB-to-Serial adapter with FactoryFloor1.01/14/2009
KB80463PAC Display Runtime does not run as expected when approaching December 31st2.012/29/2008
KB80474High Density Digital IVALS cleared by Get I/O Unit as Binary Value [64] commands 1.012/22/2008
KB80225Security User/Group login does not work as expected in PAC Display Runtime2.012/18/2008
KB80423PAC Display crashes if Scale Window tool is selected and cursor is clicked inside window2.012/18/2008
KB80439PAC Display may crash on exit2.012/18/2008
KB80441Regenerate IO Scanner Tag Names skips the Append String tag for Launch Application dynamic attribute2.012/18/2008
KB80467Runtime crashes if graphic is clicked before its window closes2.012/18/2008
KB80324PAC Manager may crash if no IP addresses are configured2.012/18/2008
KB80461SNAP-CUSTOM-AI analog point options missing in PAC Manager2.012/18/2008
KB80429Cannot read 'IOUNIT;ENABLE' OptoOPCServer status tag2.012/18/2008
KB80224Pressing 'Cancel' from Enter User Credential, may crash PAC Display Runtime2.012/17/2008
KB80072Expanded digital events on I/O unit may not work as expected when configured from a PAC Manager .otg file2.012/17/2008
KB80229Possible Opto Browser Configurator problems if tag file pathname includes an '!'3.012/17/2008
KB80098Importing PAC Manager configuration file with Ethernet I/O may cause problems in PAC Control2.012/17/2008
KB80247PAC Manager incorrectly displays 64-bit scratchpad hex integers2.012/17/2008
KB80258OptoOPCServer stops updating data tag group when invalid memory map address is accessed2.012/17/2008
KB80344Stored strategy archive to flash memory does not survive a power cycle2.012/17/2008
KB80420When 'Change IP Settings' does not set IP address to
KB80443Narrow XY Plots drawn incorrectly2.012/17/2008
KB80120PAC Display Runtime clients may not switch to backup control engine2.012/17/2008
KB80357Disabled I/O unit incorrectly reported as enabled in PAC Control3.012/8/2008
KB80442FactoryFloor and Cyrano controller time incorrect if powered up between 8 p.m. and 11:59 p.m.1.012/5/2008
KB80177Some SNMP initial traps not sent as expected2.012/5/2008
KB80241Cannot send data out serial module port via SNMP2.012/5/2008
KB80313Slow baud rates affect communication between SNAP-PAC-S controllers and serial I/O units4.012/5/2008
KB80316Local I/O Unit not enabled when using SNAP-UP1-M64 as Generic OptoMMP Device2.012/5/2008
KB80328Point features not stored after power cycle on SNAP PAC I/O unit2.012/5/2008
KB80336SNAP PAC event message emails may include extra characters2.012/5/2008
KB80365Writing to Mistic PID output has no effect on the analog output3.012/5/2008
KB80367Disabled I/O unit not reported in point's Inspect window2.012/5/2008
KB80374'Get & Restart Period' command returns zero for period measurement2.012/5/2008
KB80377Problems storing older Image file to PAC Brain with newer firmware2.012/5/2008
KB80434Changing SNAP analog ouput module scaling may cause rare, infrequent reset1.011/24/2008
KB80243SNAP PAC Simulator returns success code for unsupported communication handle2.011/24/2008
KB80150Multiple masters cause problems for Modbus TCP/Serial Integration Kit slave chart2.011/19/2008
KB54359E1 and E2 may not respond if accessed while booting up2.011/11/2008
KB48313Optomux High Resolution Square Wave command and E1 brain boards3.011/11/2008
KB53864E2 may have incorrectly scaled analog input module readings2.011/10/2008
KB80409Problem with SNAP-PAC-S2 serial port's DCD signal1.010/28/2008
KB80332PAC Display Runtime may crash when trend is full2.010/10/2008
KB80403Slower response from PAC Display projects with many SuperTrends2.010/8/2008
KB80393Serial I/O units can't be inspected prior to running PAC Control strategy1.010/7/2008
KB80385PAC Simulator's 'Store to Flash' doesn't work under Windows Vista1.09/29/2008
KB80396Analog milliamp outputs clamped to an invalid value cause SNAP module to go off-line1.09/23/2008
KB80366Prior FactoryFloor installation may affect R4.1a installation2.09/19/2008
KB80386'Greater?' command and possible problems when converting strategy from OptoControl to PAC Control 1.09/16/2008
KB80379Problems with the 'Enable Communication to Mistic PID Loop' command3.09/16/2008
KB80219Background downloaded strategy stored to flash memory may time out3.09/9/2008
KB80176SuperTrend data not updated and 'Enable Item' Event Log errors2.09/8/2008
KB80360PAC Display reports 'AddItems failed' from converted MisticMMI or PAC Display project2.09/8/2008
KB80361'Save Metafile As...' command sometimes fails in PAC Display2.09/8/2008
KB80362'PID type "input" not currently supported' message from upgraded OptoDisplay project2.09/8/2008
KB80368Can't write to PAC Display PID tags upgraded from Mistic MMI or OptoDisplay2.09/8/2008
KB80382Problems with security enabled objects in PAC Display and local PC accounts2.09/8/2008
KB80389Problems with 'Chosen graphics' option in PAC Display's Find and Replace window2.09/8/2008
KB80390Polygons and polylines do not "Undo" as expected2.09/8/2008
KB80370File→View/Print→Database shows persistent variables as initialize on strategy run1.08/26/2008
KB80364Problems opening PAC Manager R8.1 .otg files with R8.21.08/18/2008
KB55540Uninstalling FactoryFloor R4.0b and reinstalling FactoryFloor2.08/11/2008
KB80355FTP login attempt may fail1.08/5/2008
KB80345Some graphics in PAC Display are not updated1.07/30/2008
KB80346Displaying SuperTrend Binary Log Files with historic modes may cause problems1.07/30/2008
KB80347Alarm sound doesn't play if Persistence Time is configured1.07/30/2008
KB80352Cannot enter negative numbers in Table graphics1.07/30/2008
KB80010Plugins yielding binary data truncate data after '00' sequence3.07/22/2008
KB54754Analog output point inverted scaling may be unstable1.07/18/2008
KB80117Changing the PID setpoint may cause a jump in the PID output1.07/18/2008
KB80326Symbol Factory may not start from PAC Display's edit menu1.07/16/2008
KB80296Possible problems using PAC Control pointers with G4D32RS / SNAP-BRS units2.07/15/2008
KB80311'TPO' digital output feature in PAC Control Basic2.07/15/2008
KB80108Possible errors when importing charts with filenames using Microsoft reserved names2.07/15/2008
KB80222Problems when modifying an 'Append String to String' command in PAC Control2.07/15/2008
KB80278Test Compile of OptoScript code with multiple errors may cause problems2.07/15/2008
KB80307PID loops configured in PAC Manager missing in strategy2.07/15/2008
KB80310Using 'Modify' from I/O point in Strategy Tree may cause odd behavior2.07/15/2008
KB80319PAC Display Runtime may crash after modifying data in tables2.07/15/2008
KB80318Clicking graphic only toggles once in PAC Display1.07/15/2008
KB80147OptoDisplay, ioDisplay, and PAC Display may have problems on PCs with dual‑core processors1.07/14/2008
KB80112Random crashes in PAC Display / ioDisplay / OptoDisplay4.07/9/2008
KB54878Control engine name disappears from the 'Select Control Engine' dialog1.07/8/2008
KB50250Problems with the OptoControl AB Integration Kit1.07/8/2008
KB55058Invalid characters in OptoControl subroutine names cause problems when downloading strategy1.07/7/2008
KB49750Easy OPC VB Forms may cause OptoOPCServer problems1.07/2/2008
KB58368'Move Table to Table' command moves half of Integer 64 Table elements1.07/2/2008
KB56566PAC Display Runtime 'Always in memory' windows option may not update data1.07/2/2008
KB58259Trouble opening Cyrano R3.3a strategy with OptoControl1.07/1/2008
KB50761Errors possible when installing FactoryFloor R4.1a over an existing installation1.07/1/2008
KB60473Rollover problem with 'Seconds since powerup' after 49.71 days2.06/26/2008
KB80025'Always Bootp/DHCP on Powerup' does not work2.06/26/2008
KB80041Excessive I/O unit timeouts possible if communication bursts overwhelm Ethernet network2.06/26/2008
KB80171SNMP community settings for Read or Write permissions may behave incorrectly2.06/26/2008
KB80281TPO period incorrectly set for SNAP-AOD-292.06/26/2008
KB80013Possible momentary off pulse if digital output is already on2.06/26/2008
KB54622TransmitPtrTable and ReceivePtrTable commands may return corrupt data when used with Int64 vars3.06/26/2008
KB54982Problems with very high/low controller error queue values and GetErrorCodeOfCurrentError()2.06/26/2008
KB60359'Convert # to Hex String' command pads extra 0's in front of Integer 64 value3.06/26/2008
KB60697Disabled I/O units are not detected by 'Error on I/O Unit?' PAC Control command2.06/26/2008
KB60930Ethernet I/O units disabled if watchdogs are configured in PAC Control2.06/26/2008
KB62241Possible 'Invalid address' errors, or no response from I/O unit2.06/26/2008
KB80073Interrupting a strategy download may result in a control engine -9 timeout3.06/26/2008
KB80123Copy Date to String commands may cause unexpected control engine behavior3.06/26/2008
KB54782Analog TPO Period setting is not stored to flash on Ethernet devices2.06/26/2008
KB60572SNMP v2 traps may cause a management system crash3.06/26/2008
KB60378'Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit' command does not work with mistic I/O Units2.06/26/2008
KB61524Persistent variables lost on power cycle when using 'Background' download option on SNAP PAC3.06/26/2008
KB80232Some 'Move Table to I/O Unit' PAC Control commands don't work as expected with mistic I/O2.06/26/2008
KB80260'Set Analog Offset' PAC Control command limits offset values3.06/26/2008
KB80275mistic brain totalizer rates truncated by 'Set Analog Totalizer Rate' command2.06/26/2008
KB80280Long timeouts and incorrect PID references in controller error queue 2.06/26/2008
KB80282mistic digital input with 'Period' feature always displays 02.06/26/2008
KB80143Cannot connect to a remote OptoOPCServer from PAC Display2.06/26/2008
KB80285SuperTrend historic log file's date may show 01/02/1601 during Runtime2.06/26/2008
KB59384PAC Display does not update if 'QNAN' is in recipe file2.06/26/2008
KB80110Alarm point's persistence time may be reduced in PAC Display2.06/26/2008
KB80076'Enable Auto Synchronization' does not work in PAC Display2.06/26/2008
KB80116Graphics associated with chart states may not respond as expected after PAC Display upgrade3.06/26/2008
KB80306Sometimes Symbol Factory does not launch from Configurator2.06/26/2008
KB55814I/O unit may go offline when PIDs are inspected from ioControl Debug mode1.06/25/2008
KB80124Modified subroutine may cause controller reset on strategy download1.06/19/2008
KB80236Archived strategies may force download when using different computers2.06/19/2008
KB80179PAC Display may crash when assigning Global Operator Driven Permissions1.06/18/2008
KB59253CPU change for M4RTU controller5.06/17/2008
KB59215SNAP‑B3000‑HA reports 32767 value for SNAP‑AITM, J Type Thermocouple3.06/17/2008
KB80297Synchronizing controller time/date to PC while running strategy timers may cause timer corruption1.06/17/2008
KB80249Delay between adding tags to OptoOPCServer and initial data update1.06/13/2008
KB80216mistic digital input IVALs not cleared by the 'Clear Counter' command1.06/5/2008
KB79038Interrupted Ethernet connection does not resume writing to Ethernet device's memory map2.05/29/2008
KB80248Some SNAP-PAC-S1/S2 controllers may reset on power-up2.05/20/2008
KB80244Digital outputs connected to an AC5 or G4AC5, turn on after being configured 1.05/19/2008
KB49838PAC Project, ioProject, and FactoryFloor applications leak GDI objects on computers running Windows XP7.05/19/2008
KB56567Control engine clock may not synch with PC from PAC Display1.05/6/2008
KB54413Control engine becomes unresponsive if wrong firmware type is downloaded1.05/6/2008
KB53893Table element bits in ioControl and OptoControl not set or cleared as expected1.05/5/2008
KB56364Runtime Operator Log may incorrectly report User-Name of successful security operations1.05/5/2008
KB80068Timeouts or duplicate device names remotely possible in PAC Manager1.05/2/2008
KB57947Reset line does not clear outputs on SNAP-B62.05/1/2008
KB47617Move to Pointer command in OptoControl and Snap Simple 64 pointer cause error during strategy download44/29/2008
KB57840PAC Control or ioControl hex string-to-number commands may give incorrect results4.04/28/2008
KB54388Assignment of unquoted hexadecimal characters to string variable in OptoScript may close ioControl2.04/25/2008
KB51932Cut off strategy name in ioProject control engine Inspect window2.04/25/2008
KB80088High density digital modules not accessible by PAC Display Configurator1.04/21/2008
KB49674G4LC32 may reset when attempting to store too large of a strategy to flash2.04/7/2008
KB48472ioControl and OptoControl only allow Celsius temperature scaling4.04/2/2008
KB80097PCI-AC5 causes -1 in PCI Locator when 'Blink Board' is pressed1.03/31/2008
KB57824'Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table Ex' command may write to wrong table locations4.03/27/2008
KB57299SNAP-PAC-R unit watchdog timers sometimes time out unexpectedly5.03/18/2008
KB59311PAC Display allows import of ioDisplay Basic project missing discrete tag bit assignment2.03/18/2008
KB80077Pentium 4 and newer computers cannot communicate with PCI-AC5 adapter cards1.03/17/2008
KB80027FTP server creates 0 KB length file and does not return error1.03/13/2008
KB80052Ethernet devices may not respond as expected because of duplicate subnets on SNAP PACs3.03/10/2008
KB80043OptoOPCServer's Opto Easy OPC Forms VB example does not compile2.03/10/2008
KB80042SyncRead in OPCCache mode causes OptoOPCServer memory leak2.03/10/2008
KB80028Copy and paste problems with polygon type graphics in PAC Display2.03/10/2008
KB80029Historic logging not starting up in PAC Display2.03/10/2008
KB80066Digital input points not listed in Control Engine Driven Attributes in PAC Display Configurator2.03/10/2008
KB80016OptoOPCServer returns truncated strings to clients1.02/28/2008
KB80059M4RTU 'RUN' LED continually flashes on power up1.02/22/2008
KB80040SNAP-LCM4 controllers with newer clock chip may reset with Cyrano firmware1.02/19/2008
KB60414SNAP-PAC-R control engines' STAT LED may remain dark after firmware downloads or restarts1.02/13/2008
KB80024Sporadic erroneous analog module readings possible with some M4RTU controllers2.02/12/2008
KB61230SNAP-IDC5Q counter item IDs not displayed in OptoBrowser Configurator1.02/8/2008
KB61229Incorrectly displayed X-Y plots in PAC Display 1.02/8/2008
KB61232Unexpected windows opened by PAC Display default window configuration 1.02/8/2008
KB61226Configured PID loops incorrectly displayed by PAC Manager1.02/7/2008
KB60900'Is I/O Unit ready?' ioControl command always returns FALSE and puts errors in the queue2.01/15/2008
KB60280Problems with 'Prompt for name' in PAC Display Recipe Upload Manager1.01/15/2008
KB60829Leap year 2008 affects dates recorded by PAC Display and ioDisplay SuperTrends2.01/14/2008
KB60752'Disable Communication to Point' PAC Control command cannot select mistic output points2.01/14/2008
KB51414Incorrect string length written to scratchpad register with OptoMMP Communication Toolkit, ActiveX example2.01/11/2008
KB57439Pressing ENTER twice from some PAC Manager windows may cause blank screen2.01/11/2008
KB60244Comment markers in recipe format file may interfere with PAC Display upload1.01/11/2008
KB58657Simultaneous "Sync Read" on multiple Ethernet I/O may cause OptoOPCServer crash2.01/9/2008
KB60521Canceled recipe in PAC Display still sends notification 1.01/8/2008
KB60509Possbile incorrect status codes if OptoOPCServer writes to multiple items IDs1.01/8/2008
KB60546PAC Display hot keys may cause problems1.01/7/2008
KB60564PAC Display notification windows incorrectly permit latches and counts1.01/3/2008
KB60818Integer tables ranges in PAC Control watch windows1.01/3/2008
KB58925OptoOPCServer may crash if client uses OptoOPCAuto.dll2.012/27/2007
KB60686Problems with PAC Control Pro when importing chart with disabled legacy I/O1.012/27/2007
KB60610SNAP-B3000-ENET and SNAP-ENET-S64 may drop characters when using a serial module1.012/27/2007
KB59514Applications may not connect to Ultimate controller's host port3.012/17/2007
KB56323Repeated use of FTP communication handles could cause problems6.012/12/2007
KB58048Unexpected PID output values possible when setpoint is set from I/O point3.012/12/2007
KB58160Accessing a NULL pointer may cause a Stack Overflow, Bad Quality data 3.012/12/2007
KB58310PAC Display project and OptoOPCServer clients using 64-bit integer tables may have unexpected results3.012/12/2007
KB58578'Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table' PAC Control command causes intermittent error -34.012/12/2007
KB58607Digital module states not reported accurately using Modbus/TCP protocol and Ultimate I/O2.012/12/2007
KB59458'Ramp Analog Output' command may not work correctly3.012/12/2007
KB58676Unexpected behavior from analog modules if rack voltage is low5.012/12/2007
KB58962Load cell modules may need reconfiguration if used without PAC Control3.012/12/2007
KB60436Configuring graphic's security in PAC Display or ioDisplay may not work as expected1.012/12/2007
KB49822Alarm Point notification option's Enabled checkbox becomes grayed out1.012/12/2007
KB60298Unable to view more than 16 PID loops on SNAP PAC brains1.012/11/2007
KB60177'Import/Copy IO Unit Image' in PAC Manager may cause error message1.012/11/2007
KB60219'View as Hex' in PAC Manager shows Int32 scratchpad area values incorrectly1.012/11/2007
KB54410Downloading firmware from PAC Manager / ioManager to multiple devices may not complete successfully1.012/3/2007
KB60031Moving I/O points on an I/O unit in PAC Manager may cause an error1.012/3/2007
KB54676Out of range float literal assignments in OptoScript could cause strategy download problems1.011/30/2007
KB60001Possible compiler errors in PAC Control if subroutine receives variable instead of a literal1.011/30/2007
KB57333PAC Display / ioDisplay may not open older project4.011/29/2007
KB57412Runtime Operator Logging could affect PAC Display or ioDisplay at startup3.011/29/2007
KB53750Digital point’s IVAL becomes non-responsive while disabled in OptoControl debugger2.011/29/2007
KB59832Grouped graphic objects with polylines may have sizing problems in PAC Display3.011/27/2007
KB59789Changes to PAC Display project may cause problems if loaded during Runtime2.011/27/2007
KB56685Possible odd behavior from PAC Controllers if numeric literals are passed in subroutines1.011/26/2007
KB59096OptoScript allows some commands be used with I/O points on I/O units that don't support the commands2.011/26/2007
KB58312PAC Control action block names may be changed from debug mode2.011/26/2007
KB51029Changes from string literal to null string not saved by PAC Control and ioControl string commands2.011/26/2007
KB57396Text object font in PAC Display may intermittently change under Windows 20002.011/13/2007
KB57630Analog input averaging on a B2 stops if input readings go out of range2.011/7/2007
KB51444View Messages window in ioTerminal may report differently from actual controller error queue2.011/7/2007
KB50356SQL Server 2000 database cannot read/write data to OptoControl tables with OptoConnect 2.011/7/2007
KB57145Runtime Operator Logging not recording some ‘Send Discrete’ functions correctly in PAC Display/ioDisplay3.011/7/2007
KB51989Error –10038 possible when returning to ioControl Debug mode after inspecting PIDs in a prior session2.011/6/2007
KB59334IP address with leading zeros causes error in PAC Manager's Inspect I/O Unit window2.011/2/2007
KB59249Inspecting the SNAP PAC controller error queue when an error references an I/O point may cause problems2.011/2/2007
KB53641When Ethernet peer-to-peer OptoControl controllers can no longer exchange data6.011/1/2007
KB59627'Bit Change' command in PAC Control may cause controller problems 1.010/25/2007
KB59775Changes to PAC Display windows properties affects newly added graphics' visibility2.010/22/2007
KB59782Clicking 'Export' button in PAC Display alarm points window may display two unexpected messages2.010/22/2007
KB59684"Uploading Recipe to File..." message never finishes PAC Display recipe upload1.010/15/2007
KB57195Repeated use of 'Set TPO Percent' PAC Control command, keeps output point turned on2.010/12/2007
KB57916Mistic I/O units going offline may affect operation of other mistic I/O units connected to SNAP-PAC-S13.010/12/2007
KB59258Some PAC Control commands under specific conditions, may cause controller problems3.010/12/2007
KB59467Moving an Int 64 value to a PAC Control string character causes 'Undefined command during download' error2.010/12/2007
KB58672Numeric recipe table indices are reset when >20472.010/12/2007
KB59487Append String option in PAC Display Application Manager may fail at Runtime2.010/12/2007
KB59513Historic data logging does not resume after reconnecting to PAC Display scanner2.010/12/2007
KB58600"Can't find Format File" message in PAC Display from recipe upload3.010/12/2007
KB59428Installing firmware via Ethernet with PAC Manager may fail if there are files on the I/O Unit 1.09/24/2007
KB57068ioDisplay reports it cannot open a project1.09/21/2007
KB56647OptoVersion does not find some PAC Project or ioProject Pro and Basic applications1.09/21/2007
KB57142'Write Only' Generic Read/Write fields in PAC Manager cannot be modified1.09/19/2007
KB59272Converted OptoControl strategies in PAC Control may have problems converting some TPO commands1.09/18/2007
KB57282OptoControl time of day functions do not work on newer SNAP‑LCSX and SNAP‑LCM4 controllers with older firmware1.09/18/2007
KB59170Requesting 127 Modbus TCP holding registers causes incorrect data display1.09/7/2007
KB59015AC5 and G4AC5 cannot turn on digital output point 201.08/27/2007
KB57560SNAP-SCM-485-422 not recognized after 'Restart I/O unit from powerup' from PAC Manager 1.08/16/2007
KB57879Analog modules may incorrectly go to maximum output using B2 or E23.08/8/2007
KB57712Tag database file (.otg) downloaded to E1 or E2 causes problems1.08/2/2007
KB57594'Unable to Load Board Objects' message from PAC Display1.08/1/2007
KB58374Switching primary and secondary servers may truncate older, SuperTrend pen data in PAC Display2.07/30/2007
KB58576Upload recipe files with table indices >2047 may crash PAC Display1.07/30/2007
KB58125OptoOPCServer Browser Configurator gets error 0x80004005 if OptoControl strategy with mistic I/O is opened2.07/30/2007
KB58200When 'Time of Day' is met, OptoDataLink may continually exchange data2.07/30/2007
KB58573Historic logs configured with Start Triggers always have data log points scanned1.07/27/2007
KB58574PAC Display recipe file formatting allowing >2048 consecutive table elements may cause problems1.07/27/2007
KB58575Downloading a recipe file with more than 2048 consecutive table elements causes problems1.07/27/2007
KB58482Multiple data links using 'Opto 22 Device' condition are not detected in OptoDataLink2.07/25/2007
KB58369Control Engine Status attribute may not indicate current control engine status2.07/25/2007
KB58201Frequent OptoDataLink data exchanges at unexpected 'Time of Day'2.07/25/2007
KB58233PAC Manager's Analog Bank feature reads the lower 4 points of high density analog modules2.07/20/2007
KB58324ioManager may crash if control engines with PIDs are inspected2.07/19/2007
KB58337PAC Display AutoCorrect Tags may list unaffected tags in results file1.07/17/2007
KB57625PAC Display historic logging may fail the first time the log file is written to1.07/16/2007
KB57748Table data in historic log is replaced by another table's data in PAC Display 1.07/16/2007
KB57925PAC Manager Port number >32767 displays negative number when inspecting I/O unit2.07/16/2007
KB57775PAC Manager error when I/O Unit Image file does not match the analog modules installed on brain1.07/16/2007
KB58203OptoOPCServer may crash when clients disconnect1.07/16/2007
KB57683Unable to select Bit Index in required field for Notification setup in PAC Display1.07/13/2007
KB54176‘make all’ fails in SNAP OEM Brain Open-Source Software CD2.07/12/2007
KB50922OptoTerm crashes when downloading Forth or controller download files2.07/11/2007
KB51892Unexpected serial I/O unit PID behavior when accessed by an OptoOPCServer client2.07/11/2007
KB57572PAC Display alarm log may not record alarm point's return to normal state1.07/10/2007
KB57440PAC Display error at Runtime if analog points setup for direct I/O unit read2.07/10/2007
KB48743OptoTerm crashes when inspecting controllers with Cyrano firmware, or controllers in loader mode3.07/10/2007
KB53614Data streaming synchronization to multiple hosts modified in SNAP PAC and Ultimate I/O controllers3.07/9/2007
KB54363Inconsistent results from ioControl ‘Generate Reverse CRC-16 on Table (32 bit)’ command 3.07/9/2007
KB54505Open communication handle left after ioControl subroutine exits, may affect controller behavior2.07/9/2007
KB54853Reading or writing to numeric I/O unit scratchpad may return –29 error2.07/9/2007
KB54940Illegal pointer assignments in ioControl subroutines may cause controller lockup3.07/9/2007
KB55154ioControl command ‘Set End-of-Message Terminator’ cannot return error3.07/9/2007
KB55166‘Set End-of-Message Terminator’ may cause problems if set to null when used with ioControl file comm handles3.07/9/2007
KB55168No data waiting for ‘Receive String Table’ immediately expires timeout in ioControl3.07/9/2007
KB55977Receiving data with multiple EOM characters via a serial communication handle yields unexpected results2.07/9/2007
KB56192Null pointers assigned to any I/O point may eventually cause a controller reset2.07/9/2007
KB56283‘Generate Reverse CRC-16 On Table (32-bit)’ command returns wrong value2.07/9/2007
KB57527'Unable to load Board Objects' message when regenerating I/O scanner tags in PAC Display 1.07/9/2007
KB56657An intense burst of Ethernet broadcast traffic may cause multiple controllers to stop communicating3.07/6/2007
KB56666Multiple PAC Control/ioControl communication file handles running simultaneously in multiple charts3.07/6/2007
KB56787MoveIoUnitToNumTable PAC Control/ioControl command may write to wrong table index5.07/6/2007
KB57617'Set Analog Filter Weight' command may disable I/O unit2.07/6/2007
KB56793IVAL not cleared with ‘Get & Clear On‑Latch’ or ‘Get & Clear Off‑Latch’ commands3.07/6/2007
KB51181Config EEPROM ‘Set’ button in PAC Control / ioControl Debug mode disables I/O unit3.07/6/2007
KB51806Paused, expired uptimers and the ‘Timer Expired?’ ioControl command3.07/6/2007
KB51848Ethernet I/O analog point IVALs not displayed in I/O Unit inspection window5.07/6/2007
KB53147Potential problem using FTP communication handles, reports an error ‑4087.07/6/2007
KB57605Incorrect on/off states returned for standard SNAP digital modules in rack positions 8 - 151.07/5/2007
KB54532Setting point's filter weight may cause filtered value to go to ‑1.#INF2.07/5/2007
KB54562Unexpected ‘Ramp Analog Output’ PAC Control/ioControl command response if ramp endpoints are out of range3.07/5/2007
KB57162Possible intermittent TCP communication through Outgoing PPP on SNAP PAC and Ultimate control engines3.07/5/2007
KB56600ioControl / PAC Control ‘Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit’ command attempts to write to disabled I/O units3.07/5/2007
KB57101Attempts to serially install Ethernet I/O firmware may cause mscomm32.ocx error1.07/3/2007
KB58101Watchdogs do not work if higher density modules are configured2.07/3/2007
KB56073Expanded support for 64 high-speed digital I/O points on SNAP‑PAC‑R11.06/29/2007
KB57870Online Help not available from PAC Display Event Log Viewer1.06/26/2007
KB57143Network computers not available for PAC Display SuperTrend Remote Logging1.06/4/2007
KB57575‘Find and Replace’ tool in PAC Control may not work correctly in OptoScript blocks1.05/23/2007
KB57406Filename from string tag may fail for trigger-based event in PAC Display2.05/23/2007
KB57202Some ‘Status Write’ commands in PAC Manager may not work1.05/23/2007
KB57243Creating new I/O unit from image source in PAC Manager does not work for SNAP‑UP1‑M64 or SNAP‑ENET‑S641.05/23/2007
KB57401PAC Display historical log file entry may only have commas2.05/23/2007
KB57405Message box for new alarm points in PAC Display may not appear2.05/22/2007
KB57306Rapidly changing PAC Display/ioDisplay alarm point states may have unexpected results 3.05/22/2007
KB57387Window appears to not open when configured graphic selected in PAC Display2.05/22/2007
KB57271Event messaging on SNAP-PAC-EB23.05/21/2007
KB57251Limited communication watchdog operation on SNAP-PAC digital outputs2.05/21/2007
KB56949DTR signal on SNAP-PAC-S1 port 0 is asserted at power-up2.05/21/2007
KB57248Watchdog configured in PAC Control on digital output point may not work2.05/21/2007
KB57247PAC Manager Inspect window information may be truncated2.05/21/2007
KB57385Auto Synchronization of controller time to PC time may be off by 12 hours in PAC Display Runtime3.05/15/2007
KB57300‘Condition’ criteria may affect ioDisplay alarm point characteristics1.05/7/2007
KB57146Trigger based historic logging may record data once instead of using stop trigger conditions2.05/1/2007
KB57139‘Switch to Loader Mode’ command in PAC Manager is not supported by all Ethernet I/O units1.04/27/2007
KB57140I/O unit configuration not created with PAC Manager on PAC units1.04/27/2007
KB57015Erratic tag quality from OptoOPCServer if custom client uses tag name with trailing spaces2.04/26/2007
KB51379Event/Reaction conditional commands in ioControl may add errors to the controller error queue3.04/24/2007
KB56892SNAP-PAC-EB1 and SNAP-PAC-EB2 tags not available in OptoOPCServer Browser Configurator2.04/23/2007
KB56439Modbus/TCP writes to digital outputs on SNAP-PAC-R2 are unsuccessful2.04/23/2007
KB56419‘Set Mistic PID P Term’ with SNAP-PAC-S1 and Mistic I/O units, affects PIDs2.04/23/2007
KB57034Simultaneous connection requests for the same TCP port on ENET1 and ENET2 may affect SNAP-PAC-S1 operation3.04/23/2007
KB56847OptoOPCServer returns erratic tag quality if OPC client refers to data item incorrectly2.04/23/2007
KB56458Opened window in PAC Display may show older data until refreshed by OptoOPCServer1.04/12/2007
KB56851PAC Display historic logs may not log string data as expected3.04/11/2007
KB56849Some ioDisplay to PAC Display migrations may not be completed2.04/10/2007
KB56759Table objects in PAC Display Runtime appear to not be selectable2.04/10/2007
KB56854Alarm sound may not restart if PAC Display point goes back into alarm2.04/10/2007
KB56852Alarm sound may play continuously in PAC Display2.04/10/2007
KB56749‘Convert Number to String Field’ OptoControl command with float value gives incorrect results1.04/5/2007
KB55105CPU usage may increase when OptoOPCServer accesses I/O tags3.04/3/2007
KB55747‘Add item’ returned from ioDisplay if I/O point is not supported1.03/29/2007
KB55840Security enabled graphic in ioDisplay allows most users to activate it in non-English Windows operating systems1.03/29/2007
KB56429Control engines deleted from PAC Display project may cause errors1.03/28/2007
KB56430Recorded operators in ‘Runtime Operator Log File’ for security enabled objects in PAC Display1.03/28/2007
KB56613Integer 64 and 64-point I/O units with some PAC Control block commands2.03/27/2007
KB56346PAC Control strategies converted from ioControl do not allow addition of certain modules1.03/27/2007
KB54041ioManager port configuration produces message 0xFFFFFFF32.03/27/2007
KB56431Problems when saving an imported ioDisplay project in PAC Display1.03/26/2007
KB55299Divide by zero operation returns valid results in ioControl strategy2.03/20/2007
KB56343When the Opto 22 Device data remains the same and OptoDataLink doesn’t exchange data1.03/20/2007
KB55767ioManager not assigning Gateway IP on M4SENET-100 and some Ethernet I/O units2.03/19/2007
KB55406Overflow error possible resulting from converted OptoControl to ioControl strategy with Event/Reactions2.03/19/2007
KB53350ioManager incorrectly displays negative counts for SNAP-IDC5Q 2.03/19/2007
KB52731‘Reset Points to Default’ command in ioManager resets Ethernet I/O units3.03/19/2007
KB52719Inactive Browse button for ‘Download file from I/O Unit’ command in ioManager2.03/19/2007
KB54102‘Edit PID has a bad format’ message in ioManager when copying and pasting I/O unit configurations2.03/19/2007
KB56017mistic PIDs become unresponsive on re-download of large ioControl strategy1.03/14/2007
KB55302ioDisplay stops updating windows when float values reach +3.4e38 or ‑3.4e383.03/12/2007
KB55854ioDisplay may terminate unexpectedly when no windows are open and an empty area of the toolbox is clicked2.03/9/2007
KB53707ioDisplay ‘Synchronize at Runtime startup’ settings may not work for different user2.03/9/2007
KB54082Changes to XY-plot graphic in ioDisplay Configurator 2.03/9/2007
KB55259ioDisplay project configured for on-screen keyboard, requests password from regular keyboard2.03/9/2007
KB55618Duplicated metafile graphic not visible in ioDisplay 2.03/9/2007
KB53303ioDisplay alarm points are truncated in alarm window3.03/9/2007
KB53476ioDisplay historic alarm graphic may display two entries when alarm point is triggered2.03/9/2007
KB55253Canceling password window closes calling window in ioDisplay 3.03/9/2007
KB55848Serial port on SNAP-PAC controllers may return errors including -522.03/8/2007
KB55161SNAP-PAC-R1 may report incorrect digital or quadrature counts2.03/7/2007
KB54846Default gateway configuration on primary port may affect secondary port communication on PAC controllers2.03/7/2007
KB54480Variable names matching OptoScript command names may cause compiler problems in ioControl1.03/6/2007
KB51837Re-enabled SNAP-PAC-S1 redundant ports cannot re-enable SNAP-PAC-R1 2.03/2/2007
KB54744‘Find and Replace All’ ioControl function may close application1.03/1/2007
KB53151Using a \” in a literal affects how ioControl’s OptoScript displays subsequent text2.03/1/2007
KB54482Like named ioControl charts and subroutines may cause controller reset1.03/1/2007
KB54753‘Replace All’ command in ioControl OptoScript, replaces text in wrong location1.03/1/2007
KB55187Invalid serial port value in communication handle command successful on SNAP-PAC-S12.03/1/2007
KB47958From OptoControl, Ethernet-based I/O units may go offline if number of characters waiting not checked before receiving characters3.02/26/2007
KB55236SNAP-PAC-S1 in peer-to-peer network may reset if controller is stopped2.02/23/2007
KB55825Scratch pad not stored to SNAP-PAC-S1 flash EPROM1.02/23/2007
KB55091‘Set I/O Unit from MOMO Masks’ ioControl command affecting input IVALs on SNAP-PAC-S1 to serial I/O unit2.02/21/2007
KB55182‘IVAL Set I/O Unit from MOMO Masks’ ioControl command not setting disabled serial I/O unit2.02/21/2007
KB53454Blank pop-up may appear in Opto Browser Configurator when updating server database2.02/21/2007
KB55930Problems while printing ioControl subroutine or chart graphics2.02/20/2007
KB52576Unexpected results if SNAP-AITM type module or SNAP-AIRTD is reconfigured with a different Point Type2.02/14/2007
KB55584Large Int64 table element value partially visible in ioControl Debug mode1.01/23/2007
KB55252Text placed on Table graphic, hidden in ioDisplay Configurator 2.01/11/2007
KB55262Some ioDisplay functions may not write to the PC hard drive 1.01/9/2007
KB53373Calibration of analog inputs from ioManager may not take effect3.01/5/2007
KB55177ioDisplay alarms not always showing correct state when using Condition tag1.01/5/2007
KB51899Unable to set SNAP-AILC parameters from ioManager2.01/5/2007
KB52200ioDisplay Trend graphic without configuration causes problem at Runtime2.01/5/2007
KB52368ioDisplay Configurator may crash when SuperTrends are configured for very low scaling and refresh rates2.01/4/2007
KB55178ioDisplay alarm point configured to a Value ‘Tag’, does not indicate alarm condition1.01/4/2007
KB51758The Send Value ‘Offset’ feature in ioDisplay not working as expected2.01/4/2007
KB54490Alarm sound may not activate if ioDisplay launched with PC shortcut1.01/4/2007
KB51157ioDisplay unresponsive from corrupt Symbol Factory graphic2.01/3/2007
KB55175X-Y Plot ‘Show Legend in Runtime’ option in ioDisplay is always selected1.012/27/2006
KB55016Alarm state priority in ioDisplay kept if all alarm states are set1.012/27/2006
KB52680‘Find’ in running OptoControl or ioControl strategy with very large charts may cause crash2.012/21/2006
KB53999ioControl archived strategy on control engine2.012/21/2006
KB52544Memory leak in ioControl and OptoControl Find option3.012/21/2006
KB52178Some OptoScript commands used with Integer 64 may cause unexpected controller behavior2.012/20/2006
KB51958ioControl command ‘Convert Number to Formatted Hex String’ returns incorrect string2.012/19/2006
KB53811SNAP-UP1-ADS may return incorrect digital or quadrature count values1.011/7/2006
KB54377SNAP-PAC-S1 asserts RS-485 port transmitter on power-up1.011/7/2006
KB54495TCP connections to Modbus server not closed correctly on SNAP-PAC-R and Ultimate I/O controllers1.011/6/2006
KB54324ioControl ‘Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit’ command changes input point IVALs2.011/6/2006
KB53751Possible reset from repetitive use of ioControl ‘Get & Restart On-Pulse Measurement’ or ‘Get & Restart Off-Pulse Measurement’ commands3.011/6/2006
KB52604Unexpected behavior such as analog point values not updating on SNAP-PAC products1.011/6/2006
KB53128An I/O unit returns unexpected results from analog and digital I/O in PAC Control2.010/24/2006
KB53347PID Output not responding to ioControl ‘Set Mistic PID Input’ command on Mistic I/O unit2.010/20/2006
KB52143Storing strategy to SNAP-LCE flash EPROM causes communication loss2.010/20/2006
KB52410ioControl ‘Start Chart’ may return –5 status if eight charts are already running on SNAP-PAC-R controllers2.010/20/2006
KB52733Event timers on Ethernet I/O units begin counting down as soon as they are configured2.010/20/2006
KB51833Changes to SNAP-PAC-R1 and SNAP-PAC-R2 Scanner Flags have no effect 2.010/20/2006
KB52706Incorrect default millivolt scaling for SNAP-AITM and SNAP-AIMV type modules on Ethernet I/O units4.010/19/2006
KB52885Analog output modules in positions 8 to 15 do not respond to ioControl ‘Ramp Analog Output’ command4.010/19/2006
KB52485Ethernet controllers and brains may reset if ‘Start PPP’ sent before PPP initialized2.010/19/2006
KB52495I/O unit may reset if Outgoing PPP link is not established and event message emails or other TCP transmissions become active 2.010/19/2006
KB53950Analog input point filtering continues to include out of range count values, ‑32768, on Ethernet I/O units2.010/19/2006
KB54095Third-party driver ‘biolsp.dll’, may affect OptoOPCServer operation1.010/13/2006
KB54208Pointer variables and ‘Find’ option in OptoControl may show results that don’t contain variable1.010/12/2006
KB53175Converting strategies from OptoControl to ioControl and some string commands2.010/3/2006
KB52595B6 analog outputs may not go to configured watchdog values1.09/27/2006
KB52846How to configure the Windows XP firewall for ioManager and IP address configuration1.09/15/2006
KB50238Under certain conditions, manually enabling I/O unit from ioControl debug mode may cause problem1.09/8/2006
KB50621Pre R7.0 ioControl strategies and PID loop’s Output Maximum Change Rate1.09/7/2006
KB50622ioControl Replace feature may have unexpected results if OptoScript code ends in newline1.09/7/2006
KB52612How to delay the automatic startup of ioDisplay Runtime1.09/6/2006
KB53389Downloading and starting an ioControl strategy with PIDs on Ethernet-based I/O units, may cause outputs to spike 2.09/5/2006
KB50037Accessing string variables or string table elements with ioDisplay or OPC Client may cause error4.08/29/2006
KB53062ioDisplay and OptoOPCServer clients slow to reconnect when using Windows XP, SP21.08/29/2006
KB50335Limited number of ports with the ‘Listen for Incoming Communication’ ioControl command5.08/29/2006
KB53125Modifying Custom Caption in windowless project, crashes OptoDisplay Configurator1.08/23/2006
KB53294FactoryFloor controllers using ARCNet as host port, and booting into loader mode1.08/22/2006
KB53137G4IDC5Q occupies only one module position in ioControl and OptoControl1.08/16/2006
KB50623The ioControl ‘Replace’ function does not indicate changes made to OptoScript code 1.08/1/2006
KB50631‘TValue::Get’ message from ioDisplay Runtime if Send Discrete and Send Value are configured for same graphic1.07/31/2006
KB50630AutoCorrect Tags tool in ioDisplay occasionally omits tags1.07/31/2006
KB52483Unexpected reset behavior from surface mount style B61.07/27/2006
KB51547Streaming interval and improved performance from SNAP-PAC-R controllers4.07/21/2006
KB52780OptoENETSniff is not capturing data1.07/21/2006
KB51548Analog bank area reporting 0 (zero) for non-existent points in SNAP-PAC-R controllers2.07/17/2006
KB52620Activated B6 watchdog causes random analog output values1.07/17/2006
KB52394Some ioControl analog filter weight commands cannot select analog points configured on Ethernet I/O units2.07/17/2006
KB51388GetValueFromName ioControl command may cause –12 error3.07/5/2006
KB51461Saving an ioControl strategy may have unexpected results3.07/5/2006
KB50224Renaming expanded numeric or string tables used in ioControl and OptoControl watch windows3.07/5/2006
KB50694OptoControl analog point scaling configuration is not overwritten by the ioManager .otg file2.06/26/2006
KB50851Counters configured on SNAP-PAC-R1 and SNAP-PAC-R2 not available to ioControl commands1.06/22/2006
KB50840Windows clipboard locks when attempt to paste graphic into ioDisplay window fails1.06/22/2006
KB50824Problems with moving analog points on a serial B3000 in ioControl1.06/22/2006
KB51005ioDisplay alarm points may ignore discrete tag values1.06/21/2006
KB51648Attempts to read flash memory on the SNAP-PAC controllers3.06/20/2006
KB52008How to connect OptoConnect to a SQL Server 2000 database on a remote computer2.06/20/2006
KB52179Reference to a PID by another PID may cause an ‘Undefined command’ error in ioControl1.06/19/2006
KB51834Storing to flash on brains does not store SNAP-AILC load cell parameters3.06/16/2006
KB52053SNAP-PAC-R2s configured in ioControl as I/O units may behave unexpectedly2.06/16/2006
KB51140OptoVersion does not scan Professional and Basic executables1.06/13/2006
KB51150Symbol Factory graphics dragged, dropped, and then modified, may disappear in ioDisplay Configurator1.06/8/2006
KB51612Continuous alarm sound in ioDisplay3.05/31/2006
KB51599I/O unit limits Type C thermocouple temperature range on SNAP‑AITM‑22.05/26/2006
KB51716SNAP-PAC-R controllers and PID loop’s ‘Min Change’ option2.05/26/2006
KB51709Data logging on SNAP-PAC-R controllers3.05/26/2006
KB51707Communication watchdog on SNAP-PAC-R controllers2.05/25/2006
KB51556Pamux B6 and the communication watchdog timer2.05/24/2006
KB51232ioDisplay Configurator produces ‘Unable to Load PID Objects’ error1.05/24/2006
KB51346Uploaded ioDisplay or OptoDisplay recipe destination file is inaccessible2.05/19/2006
KB50320Charts with names 35 characters or longer in ioControl, OptoControl, ioTerminal, and OptoTerm3.05/19/2006
KB51463File time from ioManager for a file stored on an Ultimate I/O unit 3.05/5/2006
KB51004SNAP-PAC-S1 and disabling of mistic digital outputs in ioControl3.05/4/2006
KB51056Inspecting pointers during ioControl Debug mode may cause errors3.05/2/2006
KB51039Disabling a TPO digital output disables the Ethernet-based I/O unit2.05/1/2006
KB51071TPO digital outputs and setting the period to 0 (zero)2.05/1/2006
KB50974SNAP-AOD-29 TPO module and setting the analog TPO period2.05/1/2006
KB50301ioControl subroutines and digital output pointer types3.05/1/2006
KB50867Improved the way ioDisplay handles metafiles 2.05/1/2006
KB51176SNAP-AILC scaling remains at default setting2.05/1/2006
KB51283Stopping and starting ioControl charts with subroutines may cause control engine reset2.05/1/2006
KB51068Using ‘Is I/O Unit Ready?’ on a restarted I/O unit causes lock up2.05/1/2006
KB50821Control engine continues to update disabled serial B3000 analog point3.05/1/2006
KB50222SNAP-PAC-S1 and serial I/O unit enabling from ioControl3.05/1/2006
KB47890Invalid analog readings possible while erasing and writing to flash memory on Ethernet-based I/O units4.05/1/2006
KB51159Inspecting PID loops in ioControl debug mode1.05/1/2006
KB51184Windows metafile graphics may disappear in ioDisplay Configurator1.04/28/2006
KB51289Too many 'elseif' statements in OptoControl may cause an error during download1.04/27/2006
KB49909Analog input filter weight goes to zero when ioControl strategy is run3.04/27/2006
KB49463Modified metafile graphics in ioDisplay Configurator3.04/27/2006
KB50058SNAP-PAC-S1 communicating to a G4D32RS I/O unit with ioControl4.04/27/2006
KB49973Opening OptoEnetSniff data log files for analysis3.04/27/2006
KB48646Copy Current Error To String command in ioControl may misreport a message3.04/27/2006
KB48069WriteNumToIoUnitMemMap command in ioControl not writing values to SNAP-LCE scratchpad3.04/27/2006
KB48223ioDisplay may display an extra character in some negative numbers4.04/27/2006
KB47464Points configured as disabled in ioControl Configure mode, become enabled when the strategy is run4.04/27/2006
KB1435Inspecting persistent variables in a Snap-LCE strategy may cause unexpected behavior3.04/27/2006
KB48174Incorrect SNAP-AOD-29 period measurement by serial B30003.04/27/2006
KB48353High density digital breakout board jumpers are reversed2.04/27/2006
KB47505Some B200 PID settings in OptoControl may affect PID scanning2.04/27/2006
KB1430'Move to Pointer' command in OptoControl, and Snap Simple 64 pointer cause error during strategy download1.04/27/2006
KB1424Null string assignments not permitted after a strategy is saved and closed out of ioControl4.04/26/2006
KB48279Data quality may appear to change states frequently in OptoDisplay and ioDisplay4.04/25/2006
KB48591Moving I/O points to a valid position in OptoControl2.04/25/2006
KB48542ioDisplay and High Density Digital module point access3.04/25/2006
KB49175Time Stamp and Date Stamp are reporting the control engine’s time and date in ioDisplay 3.04/25/2006
KB48677‘Enable Communication to I/O Unit’ command and restoring I/O configuration in ioControl3.04/25/2006
KB48938Mismatched I/O module configuration may affect SNAP-UP1-M64 startup3.04/25/2006
KB49316Inspecting SNAP-B3000-ENET PIDs causes 'Invalid memory location' message 2.04/25/2006
KB49424Load cell commands in ioControl change when added to a strategy3.04/25/2006
KB49807OPC clients accessing unavailable string tag types, may affect updates in OptoOPCServer3.04/25/2006
KB47756The Lo alarm in ioDisplay may not trigger4.04/25/2006
KB47872Digital points may not be available to ioDisplay Historic Data Logs4.04/25/2006
KB48089PID ‘forced value’ parameter may be limited by ioControl4.04/25/2006
KB48237SNAP-IDC-HDB and SNAP-ODC-HDB header connector orientation3.04/25/2006
KB47789SNAP-AIVRMS and SNAP-AIARMS module readings may become fixed at -327683.04/25/2006
KB49885ioDisplay Runtime and the Enable SuperTrend Pen window2.04/24/2006
KB49250Improved true power readings at low current range from SNAP‑AIPM2.04/24/2006
KB49213SNAP-AIPM true power reading changes +/- signs2.04/24/2006
KB48507Volt-Amp and power readings from SNAP-AIPM modules are partial scale2.04/24/2006
KB47724I/O point name change in tag database file is imported as a new point in ioControl 2.04/24/2006
KB1428The AND/OR operator option appears in an action block while in Online mode in ioControl4.04/24/2006
KB49261Digital point features and non-Digital Point commands in OptoControl2.04/24/2006
KB49872Trends in ioDisplay Basic may appear to freeze when data is constant4.04/24/2006
KB49581Enabling IP Filtering for IP Security on control engines affects ioControl strategy downloads2.04/24/2006
KB50015ioDisplay Runtime Basic and values sent to a control engine3.04/24/2006
KB49757Incomplete alarm time displayed in ioDisplay Professional2.04/24/2006
KB50118Windows dynamic attribute and password protected windows in OptoDisplay2.04/24/2006
KB48977G4FUSE may cause intermittent G4 output module operation 2.04/24/2006
KB48510SNAP-B3000-ENET may reset under particular high speed I/O conditions and high speed SNAP-IDC5Q counting4.04/24/2006
KB47922ioControl allows assignment of a larger than 32-bit number to an Integer 32 variable4.04/24/2006
KB1432Control engine change and log file name from a String Name, disables historic logging to a file in ioDisplay3.04/24/2006
KB1426Ethernet brains may not establish PPP connections at 19200 bps or faster baud rates3.04/24/2006
KB1431ioDisplay SuperTrend RAM usage value displayed is incorrect4.04/24/2006
KB1429Adding a tag in OptoOPCServer Browser Configurator sometimes causes error 0xc00400083.04/24/2006
KB47577Some graphics may become focus-frame and beep enabled in ioDisplay4.04/24/2006
KB47607OptoDisplay and ioDisplay object dimensions are limited to 999 when entered in the Graphic Dynamic Attributes window4.04/24/2006
KB48061Engineering unit scaling issue when using serial B3000 with SNAP‑AIVRMS and SNAP-AIARMS modules4.04/24/2006
KB47868SNAP-AIVRMS and SNAP-AIARMS may have periodic inconsistent readings by serial B3000 3.04/24/2006
KB48056Serial B3000 issues in firmware versions 81.30 and 81.312.04/21/2006
KB48091Analog inputs configured as scalable, report a fixed value corresponding to 0 counts on serial B30003.04/21/2006
KB48172Opening a window with metafiles in ioDisplay or OptoDisplay Runtime may cause program termination 5.04/21/2006
KB49525The ioDisplay ‘Send Discrete’ dynamic attribute Bit field2.04/21/2006
KB50153Controller will not boot up properly after storing strategy to flash3.04/19/2006
KB50950SNAP-PAC-S1 may infrequently reset due to EMI1.04/18/2006
KB50817Unresponsive control engine due to certain error conditions1.04/18/2006
KB50707SNAP-PAC-R1 and possible corrupt ioControl persistent variables, counters, data logging values, and some variables2.04/12/2006
KB50148Deleting and undeleting an ioDisplay alarm may affect alarm points2.04/12/2006
KB49106Event log messages from Sync All Control Engines to PC’s Time/Date in ioDisplay2.04/12/2006
KB50414SNAP-PAC-S1 and some ioControl string commands2.04/11/2006
KB50302ioControl ‘IVAL Set Counter’ command and SNAP-PAC-S12.04/11/2006
KB50281Running maximum number of charts and Call Chart command on ioControl control engines2.04/11/2006
KB50292SNAP-PAC-S1 communicating to a SNAP-BRS I/O unit with ioControl2.04/11/2006
KB50208ioControl Move I/O Unit Table command with a serial B3000 and a SNAP‑PAC‑S12.04/11/2006
KB50070Improved handling of idle session timeouts by control engines3.04/11/2006
KB49800SNAP-PAC-S1 and –87 Open error message while communicating to serial B30002.04/10/2006
KB49934ioControl commands Set TPO Percent and Get I/O Unit as Binary Value with SNAP-PAC-S1 and serial I/O units2.04/10/2006
KB49853Numeric Table Element Bit Clear/Bit Set commands in ioControl with persistent tables2.04/10/2006
KB50036FTP communication handle support on SNAP-PAC-S12.04/10/2006
KB50049Control engines and data transfers using FTP communication handles2.04/10/2006
KB49881Extended IP timeout along with incoming IP session requests may reset the SNAP-LCE or SNAP-PAC-S12.04/10/2006
KB50017SNAP-PAC-S1 may enter reset state after storing a large strategy to flash2.04/10/2006
KB50998Infrequent possibility for SNAP-PAC-S1 and SNAP-PAC-R1 resets1.04/5/2006
KB50275An I/O unit configured in ioControl remains disabled until the control engine is power cycled2.04/4/2006
KB50636Inspecting PID loops on some SNAP-B3000-ENET I/O units with ioManager1.03/23/2006
KB50639ioManager and Current Value of Input and Current Value of Setpoint for PID Loops2.03/23/2006
KB50210Testing IP address assignment in ioManager2.03/16/2006
KB50024Send Value dynamic attribute with an offset may close ioDisplay Runtime2.03/16/2006
KB50296Serial B3000 with configured analog input module not on the mounting rack1.03/14/2006


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