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All Opto 22 industrial control and automation software and firmware can be downloaded at any time. While most software is free, some software must be purchased and will require an OptoPassword to install.
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Configuration Software PAC Manager
PAC Manager is a configuration and maintenance utility used with all SNAP PAC System controllers and brains. This product is a free download that includes software and documentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Configuration Software EtherNet/IP Configuration Software
Opto 22 EtherNet/IP Configurator is a software utility for preparing Opto 22 SNAP I/O units for use with an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC. Use EtherNet/IP Configurator to configure I/O points on a SNAP I/O unit. If your PLC system is based on RSLogix programming software, also use the Configurator to define assembly instances.
Configuration Software PAC EDS Files
EDS files are not required to configure SNAP PAC Controllers and Brains for communication with Rockwell Allen-Bradley systems. However, EDS files are simple text files used by Rockwell Automation network configuration tools to help you identify products and easily commission them on a network.

The SNAP PAC EDS files are provided for Opto 22 customers using EtherNet/IP to connect SNAP PAC controllers and brains to Rockwell Allen-Bradley systems. It is important to note, however, that the information in each Opto 22 EDS file is very basic and cannot be used to configure Opto 22 I/O. This is because, unlike fixed I/O devices, a SNAP PAC Rack has configurable I/O instead, and there is an unlimited number of possible I/O configurations. In order to complete the configuration, you must use Opto 22's EtherNet/IP Configurator.
Configuration Software PEXMode File
PEXMode File

Port expander mode (PEXMode) file. Modify and load this QuickServer configuration file to connect your Modbus RTU device to a groov Box or Server, so you can monitor and control data on the Modbus RTU device.

This file is explained and used in the video groov Your Modbus RTU Device.

Learn more about groov.

Configuration Software groov Find
groov Find

groov Find is an optional utility program you can use to locate groov Boxes on your network, see their IP addresses, and access them using a modern web browser.

If you are following steps in the groov Quick Start Guide and can't access your groov with a browser, your network probably does not have a DHCP/DNS server. Use groov Find to locate your groov Box and assign it a fixed IP address.

For more information, see groov Troubleshooting Q&A and the groov User's Guide.

Configuration Software OptoEMU Sensor Data-Sharing Strategy
OPTOEMU-SNR-3V Data-Sharing Strategy

This is a PAC Control strategy tag database (idb) file that enables you to access energy data in the OptoEMU sensor for use by PAC Display HMIs, OPC clients, and common SQL databases.

You do not need this file unless you are using data from the Sensor in one of these ways.

If you need this file, download it and save it to a permanent location on your PC. Read the OptoEMU Sensor Communication Guide (form 1958) for details on how to use the Data-Sharing Strategy.

Configuration Software OptoEMU Sensor Manager

OptoEMU Sensor Manager software is required to configure an OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit (part number OPTOEMU-SNR-3V, OPTOEMU-SNR-DR1, or OPTOEMU-SNR-DR2), and to update the Sensor with new firmware and software.

This configuration utility is a free download.

To update an existing Sensor, you will also need the OptoEMU Sensor Update File.

Configuration Software ioManager
NOTE:This is a legacy product and is not recommended for new development. For the SNAP PAC System or other new development, use PAC Manager instead.


ioManager is a configuration tool used to assign IP addresses to legacy Opto 22 Ethernet-based controllers and I/O units. It is available as part of the ioProject Basic and Professional software suites.
Configuration Software Defines file for ioControl 6.x and OptoTerminals
Use this file to correct a problem that occurs when a SNAP Ultimate brain running an ioControl 6.0 or 6.1 strategy with subroutines communicates with an Opto 22 OptoTerminal. If your strategy does NOT use subroutines, you don't need to use this file.

To use this file, include it as a file that is downloaded with the ioControl strategy.

1) In ioControl's debugger, double-click on your control engine.

2) Click Download Options, and then click Add This to Files to Download After the Strategy.

3) Download the strategy to the SNAP Ultimate brain.

Configuration Software LCTerm Terminal Program
LCTerm is a simple terminal program that allows you to communicate with Opto 22 LC4 and LC2 controllers.
Configuration Software SNAPIO.exe
This file is used to configure analog I/O channels on the B3000 serial brain. Snapio.exe is typically used for applications with 3rd party software such as Wonderware or Intellution and a Mistic or Optomux protocol driver. After configuring the analog channels, the configuration is stored to flash in the B3000 serial brain, and your the third party software can read and write the I/O values.


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