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Wireless or Wired?

Opto 22 Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O

Engineers' Choice Award 2010

Winner, Engineers' Choice Award 2010

Download PAC Project, control programming and HMI development software for Wired+Wireless controllers.

Read the free white paper, Wireless PACs and I/O in Industrial Automation.

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How about both?

Wired+Wireless Overview video

Watch as Engineer Ben Orchard introduces Wired+Wireless™.

  • Wireless standards 802.11a/b/g
  • Secure transmission algorithms including WPA2-AES, 802.11i
  • Wired, wireless, or both at once

Watch the video now.
Watch a second video that shows how to configure and test wireless communications.
Explore wireless for yourself—explore with your mouse in a Flash demo.

Presenting Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O

Standalone controllers for high point-count, distributed systems:
- SNAP-PAC-S1-W—Standalone programmable automation controller (PAC)
- SNAP-PAC-S2-W—Standalone PAC with extra serial ports
Read the S-Series Data Sheet

Rack-mounted PACs for control and I/O processing all in one:
- SNAP-PAC-R1-W—Rack-mounted PAC with high-speed digital capability
- SNAP-PAC-R2-W—Rack-mounted PAC
Read the R-Series Data Sheet

I/O processors (brains) for distributed intelligence.
- SNAP-PAC-EB1-W—Intelligent I/O processor (brain) with high-speed digital capability
- SNAP-PAC-EB2-W—Intelligent I/O processor (brain)
Read the Brains Data Sheet

We make industrial wireless simple

  • ALL analog, digital, and serial SNAP I/O modules can be used either wired or wirelessly.
  • No extra components are needed to use Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O on your wireless LAN.
  • Switch from wired to wireless or back again without changing programming, reconfiguring I/O, or changing field wiring.
  • Mounting racks, power supplies, and accessories are the same for either wired or wireless use.
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