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Can Your Refrigeration System Become a Money Machine?

Let AEC and Opto 22 show you how

Can your compressor make money through energy efficiency?

Manage your energy costs for refrigeration and other electrical equipment.

  • Save money through energy efficiency.
  • Earn money through curtailment programs.

An integrated system can substantially improve energy efficiency and give you the confidence to apply for curtailment programs, which pay you just for promising to cut down energy use under certain conditions.

OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit

The OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit will get you started. OptoEMU connects directly to electrical equipment such as compressors, to pulsing meters, and to electrical panels in your facility. Then the Sensor delivers energy data in real time so you can analyze it for patterns and use it for control.

Pulse Energy displays energy data from OptoEMU Sensor

See live data from an OptoEMU Sensor at Opto 22 headquarters in California.

Learn more about how Opto 22 and OptoPartner AEC can turn your compressor into a money-maker. Contact AEC or Opto 22 for more information.

Read the White Paper

Energy Monitoring for Profit: Introducing Demand Response explores how electrical energy gets to your business and shows how you can take advantage of demand response (DR) programs to not only reduce energy costs but provide a revenue stream for your company. Read the white paper.

About AEC

Advanced Energy Control (AEC) specializes in systems for refrigeration control, food process control, water distribution control, and HVAC/building management systems. AEC can significantly reduce your energy costs through demand control.

AEC analyzes your energy bill and monitors energy use in real time in your entire facility. Then they design a system based on demand control to avoid spikes and significantly reduce costs.

Advanced Energy Control

Learn more about demand control.
Learn more about AEC.

About Opto 22

Commercial and industrial businesses have used Opto 22 products for more than 35 years to monitor, control, and get data from all kinds of equipment.

  • Opto 22 products communicate over standard networks using open protocols.
  • Energy data can be exchanged with company databases and control systems.
  • All products are manufactured and supported in the U.S.A.
  • Product support is free.

Learn more about OptoEMU Sensor.
Learn more about Opto 22.

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