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Pulse Energy and Opto 22: Partners in Energy Monitoring

Get accurate energy data and start reducing your energy costs

OptoEMU Sensor collects energy data

OptoEMU Sensor connects to your building's utility meter, electrical panel, subpanels, or individual devices and collects detailed data about energy use.

OptoEMU delivers the collected data directly to Pulse™ energy management software.

The Pulse software uses the data from OptoEMU to benchmark both your total energy consumption and specific energy curves over the course of the day. You can also compare energy usage over time.

Pulse constantly performs advanced calculations to give you feedback on how your building is operating. It also notifies you if usage deviates from the expected, so you can solve problems within minutes.

You can easily track and analyze the data because Pulse is web-based software you access through a website, from any authorized computer with an Internet connection.

With OptoEMU and Pulse, you have exactly the information you need to make energy decisions and reduce costs.

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About Opto 22

Commercial and industrial businesses, OEMs, and system designers have used reliable Opto 22 products for more than 35 years to monitor, control, and get data from all kinds of machines and devices.

Opto 22 products:

  • Are manufactured and supported in the U.S.A.
  • Communicate over standard networks using open protocols
  • Can exchange data with company databases and automation systems

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