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PC-Based Controller

Opto 22's SoftPAC™ Gives You Controller Choices

Controller choices: SoftPAC for PC-based control or hardware PACs

Would you like to use your PC as a controller, rather than using a standalone or rack-mounted controller?

Does your application involve complex math, computational analysis, or advanced string handling?

Do you collect large amounts of data that you'd like to archive on your PC, on your network, or in the cloud?

Are you an OEM machine builder looking to reduce controller costs?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then consider SoftPAC for your next project. SoftPAC operates like a standalone or rack-mounted PAC, but runs as software on your Microsoft Windows-based PC.

What is SoftPAC?

SoftPAC is an Engineers' Choice Finalist for 2013

SoftPAC is a software controller that runs on your PC. A completely new product from Opto 22—and a Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Finalist—SoftPAC is available now.

You program SoftPAC using PAC Control (part of our PAC Project automation suite), just as you would any of our SNAP PAC hardware controllers.

The PAC Control strategy you develop can run on all of our controller types—PC-based (SoftPAC), standalone (S-series), and rack-mounted (R-series)—so you're not locked into one architecture. Compare all controllers.

PAC Project development software is field-tested worldwide and suited for any size control, monitoring, or data acquisition project.

  • Flowchart-based control programming is easy to learn and maintain.
  • Scripting simplifies loops, complex math, and string handling.
  • More than 450 commands in plain English speed development and maintenance, while offering just about any function you need.
  • Single tagname database saves development time and errors. You build the tag database when you program control logic, and it's ready to use in the HMI.
  • HMI includes trending, alarming, and operator security. You can use the built-in graphics library or import your own graphics.

PC-Based Control from Opto 22

What does Opto 22 know about PC-based control? Plenty.

In the 1980s we created two protocols used extensively by OEMs for PC-based control: PAMUX for a parallel bus and Optomux for serial. We still support both.

Our PC adapter cards have provided I/O networking for decades. We continue to update them for newer PC hardware, such as PCI and PCIe.

Ethernet-based SNAP I/O units run on standard Ethernet with off-the-shelf network components. You can use our full line of I/O on either a wired or wireless network and switch from one to the other, just like you use your laptop.

SNAP I/O offers just about any digital, analog, or serial input or output you need. The broad range of signals includes voltage, dry contact, quadrature, mechanical relay, current, RMS, rate, temperature, energy, RTD, pH/ORP, thermistor, load cell, TPO, RS-232, RS-485, Profibus, and more. Most are guaranteed for life.

SNAP I/O modules from Opto 22

And there's something else: you get free product support from the experienced engineers in our California headquarters.

Watch the Video

SoftPAC PC-based controller video

Have a minute to spare? Watch the SoftPAC video to learn more about your choices for control.

Or read the SoftPAC data sheet.

How to Get SoftPAC

  • Purchase PAC Project Professional, which includes one SoftPAC. This way you get the controller, control programming, HMI development and runtime, OPC connectivity, and database communication all in one integrated software suite.
  • Or purchase SoftPAC separately. Then download the free PAC Project Basic software suite for control programming and HMI development and runtime.

Either way you get free Product Support, complete documentation, and even free training on PAC Project software.

Introduction to SoftPAC Webinar Archive

Did you miss the Introduction to SoftPAC webinar? This presentation covered:
- How SoftPAC compares to a hardware PAC
- What applications will benefit from a software controller

View the archived webinar.

About Opto 22

OEMs, machine builders, and system designers have used Opto 22 products for more than 35 years to monitor, acquire data from, and control all kinds of machines and devices.

  • Our field-proven solid-state relays and I/O modules are famous for their reliability, and most are guaranteed for life.
  • Opto 22 controllers communicate over standard networks using open protocols.
  • Controllers can exchange data with company databases, Allen-Bradley PLC systems, Modbus systems, OPC clients.
  • Opto 22 products are manufactured and supported in the U.S.A. Product support is free.

Learn more about Opto 22.

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