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OptoEMU Sensor - Live Data

Industrial energy monitoring made simple

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Here's an example of energy usage data from an OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit.

OptoEMU sends data to an online energy monitoring service, so you can see and analyze it easily. This page shows sample data as you would see it from Pulse Energy.

Data can also be used in industrial and commercial control systems, including our SNAP PAC System and systems using Modbus/TCP, OPC, and EtherNet/IP.

Pulse Energy (Live Data)


You can view your energy data on Pulse's website or embed it on your own page, as we did here. This graph shows use during the current day, and data points are added at 15-minute intervals. Faster updates and historical views are also available from Pulse.

Move your mouse (or finger, if on a mobile device) over the graph to see actual energy use at local California time. Refresh the page to see updates.

Learn more about Pulse Energy.

About this Data

OptoEMU makes energy monitoring simple

The energy data on this page is from an OptoEMU Sensor at the Opto 22 manufacturing and headquarters building in Temecula, California, U.S.A.

When we analyzed our energy data, we were able to reduce costs almost immediately by turning off lights and equipment when they weren't needed.

Since electricity pricing in our area is tiered and based on time-of-use (TOU), we paid close attention to high energy-use equipment like the HVAC system. By improving air handler efficiency and controlling when fans run and when outdoor air is used, we significantly reduced costs, especially in the summer. (Read the Opto 22 Energy Management Case Study for more details.)

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