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Three Cheers for New Belgium Brewing

Food Engineeering's Sustainable Plant of the Year for 2010

New Belgium Brewing uses Opto 22 to brew Fat Tire Ale

What makes New Belgium Brewing so special?

First, the great craft beer they produce—like this Fat Tire Ale.

And second, their clear commitment to sustainability.

Watch the New Belgium Brewing video.
Read the Food Engineering article.

At Opto 22, we're glad we could help. Our products help New Belgium treat their wastewater, co-generate energy from methane gas, control their brewing process, and integrate with their HMI.

How can we help you?

For over 35 years, Opto 22's reliable hardware and easy-to-use software have helped customers in a wide range of industries with their industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition projects. Learn more about Opto 22.

Give us a call and ask an engineer about your application. The call is free, and we like to help.
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