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SNAP I/O analog modules and digital modules

I/O you can count on

For discrete control, process control, or almost any industrial control, remote monitoring, or data acquisition task, Opto 22 has the I/O you can count on.

  • , , —we've got the you need, in stock.
  • We know it'll work, because we've tested each module—twice.
  • Optical and transformer isolation protect control electronics and reduce noise.
  • Most I/O modules for analog control and digital control are guaranteed for life.

Use SNAP I/O in three ways:

  1. As part of a complete SNAP PAC System
  2. As intelligent remote I/O for an Allen-Bradley industrial PLC system
  3. As intelligent distributed I/O for PC-based control

For all three, you get FREE product support and FREE training.

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Also see SNAP PAC on-the-rack programmable automation controllers (PACs). These compact, rack-mounted PACs provide both analog control and digital control—I/O processing, communications, and programmable control, all in one.

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