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Opto 22 quick tips videos

Opto 22 Quick Tips Videos

Learn quick tips on PAC Control and more from the expert, Opto 22's Director of Training, Mary St. John.

Machine builders and Opto 22

Machine Builders and Opto 22

See how Opto 22 helps machine builders with easy-to-use software and hardware with advantages for OEMs.

Tools and protocols for Opto 22 products

Tools & Protocols for Opto 22 Products

What's your favorite automation or programming tool? Modbus, .NET, Python, HART, & so many more—see all the tools you can use.



New analog input and output modules integrate HART devices with your SNAP PAC System.

Control choices

Controller Choices

Develop your control program, then choose where to run it: standalone, rack-mounted or software-based controllers.

Pre-built enclosures for SNAP PAC System

Enclosures: Protection, Convenience

Save time and expense with these pre-built enclosures for your SNAP PAC System. Polycarbonate or metal.

High Speed Module

High Frequency SNAP I/O Modules

Meet your need for speed with these high-speed analog I/O modules, and expand your analog options for the SNAP PAC System.

SoftPAC for PC-based control

Need PC-Based Control? Check out SoftPAC

SoftPAC gives you choices: run your control program on a PC, a standalone controller, or a rack-mounted controller.

Opto 22 helps James Cameron make history


Filmmaker and explorer James Cameron makes history with a solo dive to the deepest place on earth: the Mariana Trench. We're glad we could help.



What's controlling the technologically advanced sub James Cameron took to the ocean depths? A SNAP-PAC-S2 controller! Here's what the PAC does.

PAC Checklist for your next automation project

PAC Checklist

100s of I/O types, simple integration, free software, and more—here's a PAC Checklist for your next automation project.

Opto iPAC app for SNAP PAC Systems

Mobile Meets Automation

The digital age for automation has arrived! See Opto 22's mobile apps: groov for any automation system, Opto iPAC & Opto aPAC for Opto 22 systems.

Self-Training Guide

Self-Training Guide

In five easy steps, learn about the SNAP PAC System. Then build your own system for control, monitoring, and data acquisition.

SNAP PAC System video

The SNAP PAC System

See the four components that make up the easy-to-use SNAP PAC System. Scalable and reliable, with free support and training.

PID tuner

What's a PID?

PID loops are often used in process-oriented applications to control temperature, flow, pressure, or velocity. Learn how to do PID loop control.

Opto 22 legacy mistic controllers

Guide to PACs

What's a PAC? Read about PACs and watch videos of PACs in action in industrial control and automation applications.

SNAP Ethernet-based I/O

SNAP Ethernet-based I/O

Interested in Ethernet for automation? Use SNAP Ethernet-based I/O with an Opto 22 system, with Allen-Bradley industrial PLCs, or for PC-based I/O.

SNAP PAC System integrates with many other systems

System Integration—without Fees

Modbus, Allen-Bradley, OPC, wireless, Ethernet and serial protocols, databases, legacy Opto 22 systems, and more—integrate them all with your SNAP PAC System.

Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O

Wired+Wireless™ PACs and I/O

This Engineer's Choice gives you more choices than you expect. Use wired Ethernet and wireless 802.11a,b,g networking with no change to I/O or field wiring.

PAC Project software suite

PAC Project Industrial Control Software Suite

Faster, easier development: flowchart-based control programming with scripting, full-featured HMI, robust OPC server, and bi-directional database connectivity.

PAC Project 9.0

Suite and Simple: PAC Project

PAC Project industrial control software suite is easy to use, and the basic version is free. Simplify control programming and HMI development.

Redundant controllers

Controller Redundancy

Use standard SNAP PAC controllers, I/O, and cabling to set up a system with redundant controllers.

PAPAC Project DemoC Project Demo

How can free software be any good? Download this demo and see for yourself. Integrated control programming, HMI development and runtime.

Secure strategy distribution

Secure Strategy Distribution

Keep your PAC Control strategy logic safe from unauthorized copying and alteration.

PAC Project software suite

N-TRON Industrial Ethernet Switches and Access Points

Industrial-grade N-TRON Ethernet switches and wireless access points are recommended by Opto 22. Amazingly tough!

SNAP-AIRTD-1K 1000-ohm platinum RTD analog temperature input module

RTD Analog Temperature Input

Two channels, ideal for the 1000-ohm platinum or nickel probes used in building automation HVAC systems. Factory calibrated; guaranteed for life.

SNAP-AITM-4i thermocouple or millivolt analog input module

Thermocouple/millivolt Analog Input

The flexible SNAP-AITM-4i offers four isolated points (each configurable for thermocouple or millivolt input), SNAP I/O quality, and a lifetime warranty.

SNAP analog I/O

SNAP Analog I/O

Designed for harsh environments and available in a broad range of signal types, this industrial I/O is also guaranteed for life.



Industrial I/O you can count on, from Opto 22. Analog, digital, and serial, made in the U.S.A. Each module is tested twice before it's sent to you.

SNAP mechanical power relay output module

SNAP Mechanical Relay Output Modules

This SNAP mechanical power relay output module can switch loads up to 6 amps at 250 VAC or 30 VDC. With integrated transient protection.

Opto 22 legacy mistic controllers

Migrating to Newer Opto 22 Products

Your older Opto 22 mistic and G4 systems are still reliably chugging along, but you want more. You can migrate to Ethernet and the SNAP PAC System.



The FactoryFloor Software Suite may be old, but it's still running in applications worldwide—and we still support it. Here are useful links for FactoryFloor users.

Opto 22 Integration Kits

Integration Kits

These free integration kits let your SNAP PAC System talk to other systems: Modbus, Allen-Bradley DF-1, BACnet, DNP3, Optomux, and more.

Opto 22 Modbus support

Modbus Support

You can connect Modbus systems to Opto 22 systems in several ways, including integration kits as well as I/O processors and controllers with native Modbus support.

Solid state relays

Solid State Relays (SSRs)

We invented them, and ours are still the best—reliable, guaranteed-for-life SSRs. Check out the new heat-sink models and see the cross-reference product list.


Video: What is industrial automation?

What is industrial automation?

Automation adds intelligence to a process. This animated video shows you how it works.

Automation 101 videos

Learn the basics

Choose and wire sensors, configure I/O in a control program, and get data where you need it. Learn how in these step-by-step videos.


SNAP-PAC-R1-B rack-mounted controller/brain

SNAP PAC for B-series racks

Upgrade to the SNAP PAC System and groov while keeping racks and field wiring intact. Replace legacy SNAP Ultimate & SNAP Ethernet brains.

Opto 22's 40th anniversary

Opto 22 Celebrates 40 Years!

From SSRs in 1974 to groov today, you can count on Opto 22 for innovative and reliable automation products.



Easily build mobile operator interfaces for virtually any automation system. Securely monitor and control your equipment from smartphones and tablets.

LED Dimmer

Network LED Dimmer

Our new solid-state Network LED Dimmer allows you to control low-voltage LED lamps, bulbs, strips, bars, and rope through your RS-485 serial network.


OptoEMU Energy Monitoring

OptoEMU: Energy Monitoring Made Simple

Manage your industrial energy use now. Easy-to-use OptoEMU Sensor gives you the data you need to make energy decisions.

Monitor energy use

Managing Industrial Energy Use

Data from real-time power monitoring gives you the information you need to save energy—and money.

SNAP-AIPM-3 3-phase power monitoring input module

Three-Phase Power Monitoring

Monitor 3-phase electrical power. SNAP power monitoring modules go on the rack with other I/O to measure industrial energy use.

White papers for Power and Energy Monitoring

White Papers: Power and Energy Monitoring

Read white papers on Gaining Revenue from Demand Response, and Automation and the Smart Grid.

OptoEMU Sensor Live Data

OptoEMU Sensor - Live Data

See live data from an OptoEMU Sensor at Opto 22 headquarters. Then get your own OptoEMU and start reducing energy costs.

Energy management case studies

Energy Case Studies

Mariah's utility costs threatened the plant's existence. Thomson/RCA needed detailed energy costs for billing lessees. Read these customer case studies.



Webinars on topics from energy, wireless, troubleshooting to power monitoring. Join us and learn.

5 Tips for Energy Monitoring

5 Tips for Energy Monitoring

From getting buy-in to realizing your goal, here are five tips to help you get started with energy management.

Refrigeration Energy Management

Refrigeration Energy Management

Can your refrigeration system become a money machine? Find out how you can manage energy to save money and earn revenue.


Add I/O and analog functions to MicroLogix

Expand your MicroLogix® system

Reliable, low-cost SNAP I/O is the easiest way to add remote I/O and analog functions to A-B PLCs.

CompactLogix and intelligent remote SNAP I/O

SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley systems (IO4AB)

Intelligent remote SNAP I/O gives you great options for expanding your A-B industrial PLC system without slowing throughput.

IO4AB videos

IO4AB Videos

Watch Opto 22 Engineers as they configure intelligent remote SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley industrial PLC systems, and add discrete and analog functions.


CalCA stores fresh fruits and vegetables

How do you get fresh apples in March?

California Controlled Atmosphere knows the secret: strictly controlled storage by SNAP PAC controllers.

Vista Irrigation District delivers water amid drought

Water in California's drought

Vista Irrigation District uses distributed intelligence and edge computing for 30 remote sites, 435 miles of pipeline.

Pioneer Energy turns waste into revenue

North Dakota is as bright as Chicago?

Pioneer Energy turns waste flare gas into revenue in the oil fields of North Dakota. We're glad we could help.

Three Cheers for New Belgium Brewing

Three Cheers for New Belgium Brewing

Great craft beer produced sustainably—New Belgium is Food Engineeering's Sustainable Plant of the Year for 2010! We're glad we could help.

Waterford Township wins water/wastewater treatment awards

Not your ordinary public works department

This well-kept barn houses just one of Waterford Township's award-winning water treatment plants. We're glad we could help.

Fedora Farms Food Processing case study

Food Processing Case Study Video

Grower Fedora Farms automates walnut processing and drying to meet increased demand. See Opto 22 SNAP PACs and I/O at work on the farm.

Editorial coverage and Opto 22 ads

Opto 22 in the News

Find online articles of interest to Opto 22 customers and download printable copies of recent Opto 22 ads.

Pulse Energy and Opto 22 help you reduce utility costs

Pulse Energy Helps You Reduce Utility Costs

Learn how Opto 22's OptoEMU Sensor sends energy data to Pulse's online software, so you can see your energy usage and start reducing costs.

Promote your company with a case study

Promote Your Business with a Case Study

We'll produce a written or video case study of your application using Opto 22 products. See how this free program helps promote your products or services.


B1 B2 Brain Boards

Migration Path for B1 and B2 Brain Boards

Opto 22 has designed drop-in replacements for both the B1 and B2. E1 and E2 replacement brain boards have already been field tested and work great.

Easy access links on Opto 22 website

Easy Access Links

Quick links on our website to things you want to do: get product data, register software, attend free training, build and save I/O Units and BOMs for future reference.

Recursos en Español

Recursos en Español

Para la comodidad de nuestros clientes de habla hispana, ahora ofrecemos una página la cual enlista todo el contenido disponible en español.

Visio libraries for Opto 22 products

Visio Libraries for Opto 22 Products

Build your own system architecture diagrams with these Visio 2003 libraries. Build industrial I/O racks with exact modules, add devices, link networks.

Opto 22 Product Support is free—and great

Not Only Free, But Great Support

But don't take our word for it—read what customers have to say about the help they've received from Opto 22's Product Support Group.

OptoPeople are here to help

Get More Support from Opto 22

We're here to help you—and that includes free product support, free training, and even free software with your PAC controller. See why Opto is different.

Opto 22 in Chinese

Opto 22 China

An introduction to Opto 22 industrial control and automation products, in Chinese.


Welcome, automation.com users

Welcome, Automation.com Users

If you've seen our name on Automation.com, start here to see Opto 22's products and videos, and learn more about what we can do for you.

Welcome, Globalspec users

Welcome, Globalspec Users

If you've seen our name on Globalspec, start here to see Opto 22's products and videos, and learn more about what we can do for you.

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