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Faster, Easier Installation

Pre-built SNAP PAC System enclosures protect I/O, save time & expense

Sturdy polycarbonate I/O enclosure from Opto 22

Polycarbonate 4-module

Protection for smaller I/O units

  • Holds I/O processor and 4 modules
  • Wall mounted
  • Includes SNAP I/O rack and power supply  
  • Transparent cover

Part number: SNAP-IT-WM4

NEMA3R metal I/O enclosure from Opto 22

NEMA3R Metal 12-module

Ideal for interior or exterior use

  • Holds I/O processor and 12 modules
  • Panel mounted
  • Includes SNAP I/O rack and power supply
  • Also includes 24 V loop power supply  

Part number: SNAP-IT-PM12

Rack-mounted I/O enclosure from Opto 22

Metal 16-module

Rack-mounted protection for I/O

  • Holds I/O processor and 16 modules
  • Rack mount or set on tabletop
  • Includes SNAP I/O rack and power supply
  • Standard 3U metal unit

Part number: SNAP-IT-RM16

Protection and Convenience

Each enclosure includes a SNAP PAC rack and power supply, already wired.

Add a SNAP PAC R-series controller or a SNAP PAC Ethernet brain for I/O processing.

Choose from our complete line of SNAP analog, digital, and serial modules.

SNAP I/O from Opto 22

Each module contains one to 32 points, and you'll find a wide variety of signal types to match whatever you need at that location.

About Opto 22

OEMs, machine builders, and system designers have used Opto 22 products for 40 years to monitor, acquire data from, and control all kinds of machines, devices, and processes.

  • Our field-proven I/O modules are famous for their reliability
  • Most I/O modules are guaranteed for life.
  • Opto 22 controllers communicate over standard networks using open protocols.
  • Opto 22 products are manufactured and supported in the U.S.A. Product support is free.

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