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SNAP PAC controllers

Programmable automation controllers (PACs)—Multi-function PACs based on open Internet standards give you interoperability. Distributed intelligence offers efficiency and easy system expansion or change.

Ethernet I/O—Take advantage of our experience. We introduced the first commercial Ethernet-based industrial I/O unit in 1998.

Wireless PACs and I/O—Why choose between wired and wireless when you can have both? With Wired+Wireless™, you can go wired, wireless, or both, using the same I/O and field wiring.

SNAP I/O for A-B industrial PLC systems

Energy monitoring—Start reducing your energy costs today. Easy-to-use OptoEMU Sensor monitors energy usage in real time; you view and analyze the data online.

Industrial I/O for Allen-Bradley Control Systems (IO4AB)—Expand your A-B industrial PLC system with intelligent remote I/O. Add point count and process control functions without adding stress to the system.

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Build your I/O unit using the SNAP I/O Configurator. Choose the I/O processor, I/O modules, and accessories you need, then save your configuration for a quote or future reference.

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About Opto 22

Automation engineers, OEMs, and system designers like you have used Opto 22 products for more than 35 years to monitor, acquire data from, and control all kinds of machines and devices. From SSRs to programmable automation controllers, we have what you need.

  • Reliability: most solid-state relays and industrial I/O modules are guaranteed for life.
  • Open standards: save time and money using standard wired and wireless Ethernet networks and open protocols.
  • Quality: Opto 22 products are manufactured, tested, and supported in the U.S.A.
  • Support: Product support is free.

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